Thursday, July 21, 2011

Well, we were then we weren't?

Hi everyone! Well, last week we met with the Thompsons,the couple we will be replacing in Indonesia! They have a son that lives in Harrisburg. We learned some very interesting things among which was the fact that we would be living in a very lovely apartment with a grocery store in the basement. Plus, we would have a car and driver who would also serve as our interpreter. Plus, since our home base would be Jakarta, with our office in the same building as the Mission offices and the Mission Home, we would be scooting all over Indonesia by plane as we did the work of ERS (Employment Resource Services). You may think this was very exciting, however the role of Elder Greenway was well defined while the role of Sister Greenway was somewhat cloudy with a chance of rain. So, she did what she always does and took it to the Lord.... (that always makes Elder Greenway nervous). Now, Elder Greenway had a few questions following our visit in Harrisburg, (ie. how do we buy a car, can we get our prescriptions filled there, would we be living where the Tompsons had lived, etc.) so he emailed President Groberg, and wahlah!
He thinks there are enough senior couples right in Jakarta, so he thinks he will put us in Surakarta or East Java where there is greater need, and change our assignment somewhat to include more Member Support. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, we guess what we are saying is... stay tuned.
Oh! One more thing...our language training supplies came yesterday, and today our tutor called from the MTC, so Monday we begin our tutoring sessions. WOW! The Book of Mormon is titled
KITAB MORMON. The Hymn Book, NYANYIAN ROHANI. Child is anak, and children is anak-anak. Boy is laki, boys...laki-laki, brother (in family) saudara laki-laki. Mother is ibu, father is ayah. So, now we are studying the ERS training books, Preach My Gospel, Jesus the Christ, The Book of Mormon, and Grammar for Indonesia (2 books), Missionary Vocabulary & Phrases, and about 4 other "Task" books. Hey, and we a still VERY excited.