Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week 41 Photos

This week I thought to share some of the beauty of this island nation! Everywhere we go there are flowers of all kinds. Wild poinsettia, orchids, wild flowers, roses -- so many I can't name them all (even if I knew their names). But there is something blooming all the time. Here are some samples.

Week 41

To the wonderful people who are our family and friends,

When last week’s letter went out we had not yet been able to speak to Adam about the joyful event that his family experienced last weekend. Some of you may not be aware that their family adopted a little girl last November. Well, Tuesday the adoption became final and beautiful Elia Melanie was sealed to Adam, Amy, Nate, Eli, and Cecily... June 16th in the Salt Lake City Temple. We were so grateful to those of you who could attend, and pretty emotional that we were not there. But the joy outweighs everything else, and we are grateful for that eternal and sacred sealing ordinance.

You may also remember that a few weeks ago we were worrying about our grandson Luke, Matt and Tanya's baby, who was born a bit early because a kidney ailment had been discovered. A recent ultrasound shows that there is a definite problem, so he will be seen by a urologist this next Thursday. We are of course praying and hoping that any needed correction will be minor. Again, pretty emotional, but grateful for Luke's strong and faithful parents.

Then there is the fact that Joel finished his last class (with an A- average I might add) and has graduated from UVU! There are a few of his grade-school teachers that would be shocked, and others that we need to thank. This is reminiscent of the "parting of the Red Sea"! Another of the many miracles that have been part of his life. We are so grateful and proud of him. Add to all this; John has a new position with his work and is moving back to Pennsylvania; Joel is moving into our home in Pennsylvania until he begins work; .... and you can see we have had a very busy week on skype, and email.

Otherwise, we have also been busy with the work at hand! It is amazing the happiness you feel when someone comes back to church. As we have visited, we have kept in touch with the young missionaries, sending them out to talk to those we find. We have seen some definite miracles, and the Young Single Adults have also been out visiting. They are the key... they can accomplish so much more than we can. We have been out searching almost every day. On Wednesday we had a real miracle. We set out to find Agung at the address on the Solo 2 Ward list. Dear, dear Bono drives then stops and asks, then drives and stops and asks, until we find the street that leads to the alley, that leads to the pathway, that turns and leads to the other smaller pathway that leads to the home where sadly Agung has moved from… but!!!!!! where his 2 sisters live, who are also on our list!!!! (only we didn't know they were family because they don't have family names usually in Indonesia!!!) Now, they are all married (nix on the YSAs) but they were active for ten years before they moved to Batam (an island) for 7 years where there is no church, and now they are back. We gave them new copies of the Book of Mormon, invite them to Church, explained that we have become a Stake, and even got permission from their kind Muslim father to have a prayer in their home. We are sending the Elders, and the Sisters to see them.

On Thursday we went to Wonosaren, and area in the Jeberes Ward. We found Bro. Sutomo (Bro. Sukro's father), and Bro. Sukro is almost our age. This dear old gentleman spent the whole afternoon walking us (in his bare feet) all over that neighborhood finding a bunch of families that we would never have found. We visited dear Sis. Renum, the mother of Agus, who we were looking for. He was at work, so she joined the party and took us to see Joko, who is active, but he gave us some needed information. Then Sutomo, Bono, Renum, Elder Greenway and I headed for Eni's, a sort of active woman who served a mission the same time Bono did. We were looking for her brother, who was asleep, so she joined us and we found the family of another girl who was not home, but her mother was at home. The mother is a member, attending another church, but the older sister is an active member in Surabaya and also served with Bono.

ARE YOU TOTALLY CONFUSED?!? We just kept writing all this information down, and then at DDM on Friday, we just handed out slips of paper with all these addresses and information to the Missionaries. It was a very fruitful week.

On the lighter side, we have been asked to do some very interesting things since we arrived. Next week, actually July 4th, we have been asked to do a 2-hour presentation for the Surakarta Stake Youth Conference. We are to include a warning against the addictions and evils of pornography. Elder Greenway is to speak in church the Sunday after that, we are to do a presentation for Zone Conference, and today the Stake President asked us if we could teach "dense". Maybe every week "dense"..., or maybe twice a month "dense"??? We kept looking at him and he kept saying "dense", which is exactly how we felt! Finally, Sister Irma came by and we asked her to interpret. They conversed a bit in Indonesian, and then she laughed and said that the Stake President would like us to teach "dense", ...however she included with that a little "dance"! Ohhhhhhh!!!!! Elder and Sister Roberts, a mission couple years ago, taught square dancing, etc. We told him we would look into it.... AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH :{    So, if any of you have any good computer site for "line dancing", "square dancing", etc., please, HELP! Next week we are making cookies with about 40 primary kids, and after that, 15 Young Women are also making cookies. THAT is a piece of cake! (or should I say cookie?)

Finally, we told you about the Sister's referral in Boyalali, about an hour away. There is no church there and the women they are teaching are happily, and earnestly accepting the Gospel. In fact, they want more copies of the Book of Mormon to give to their entire church! When the Sisters asked if the President was prepared to send Elders to Boyalali, he basically told them they needed to be realistic.

But today, Elder Greenway sat and visited with Elder Subandriyo, the Area Authority Seventy, and together, in their enthusiastic minds, they already have the building built in Boyalali. We are hoping this enthusiasm leads to expanding the area. We are hoping we will continue making weekly trips, with the missionaries in tow, to Boyalali to teach, ...then Elders will be living there, ...then the building, ...then the Temple...... The water project is nearing completion, so "the time is far spent, there is little remaining".... Time to be anxiously engaged!

We love to be part of this work! We can learn to love "densing", we will do whatever it takes to move the Church forward. We hope you are praying for the people of Indonesia! We are and we are praying that the Knorpps, the new Senior Couple coming in July, know how to "dense"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With absolute faith!
Elder and Sister Greenway

Friday, June 22, 2012

Week 40 Photos 3

Sunday night was Seminary and Institute Graduation. There were a lot of certificates and you can see the diplomas. These youth get up at 5:00 AM for school that starts at 6:30 or 7:00 AM I think. School gets out about 2:30 PM. They go home and put on dresses and white shirts and ties to return to the church for seminary at 6:00 PM.

And here's Institute, which is held weekly. Pictured also are three of the Bishops. Left, Bishop Suparno, Right Bishop Awik and Bishop Catur. On Saturday evening most of these YSAs went bowling!!!! Yeah - it looked like the Greenway Family - a lot of laughing and not a lot of "pin action."

Week 40 Photos 2

On Monday this week, Melanie and I went to Boyolali to be with UCP to assess 45 adults and children for wheelchairs. Here is Sri. She is a Medical Social Worker with UCP Indonesia. She does the intakes. What is remarkable about her is that she is a spinal cord injury confined to a wheelchair. She spent several years a home after her injury. Shew was a recipient of a wheelchair and was able to go to the US for her Masters in Social Work. She now works for UCP in her home country helping others and us (LDS Charities).

Here are a few of the kids and their parents. These are the kindest, most grateful people you could ever want to be associated with.

He just wanted to wave "Hi"

I had to include these guys. Here are Sarwani (near) and Gilan (far, with his hands up), two of the Physical Therapists who do the assessments. (Editor's note: You have to wonder why Elder Greenway has such a special affinity for Physical Therapists!)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 40 Photos 1

We are coming to a close on the Ampel Water Project.  I wanted to remind all of what have been the village water sources that were set up years ago.  These are large concrete tanks that served as a water source, bath house, and clothes washing area.

Here is another near the center of the village.  I think I sent pictures before of the villagers laying the pipe.  An older woman was finishing her bath when we came down the road.  What is neat is that after the pipe was laid, they then "re-paved" the street.

Here is a closer look at the village water source.  They stopped filling it because water lines now go to each house.

Here is one of the new MCKs.  The water is clean and clear and good for laundering clothes.

I had to take this photo.  They serve as a "cuci motor" (cycle wash) as well.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week 40

Happy Father's Day to all the Extraordinary Fathers who are reading this letter!

I has been a much better week than last, especially for poor Elder Greenway . So, we had a lot of catching up to do.... We took off Monday with the Sisters, and headed for Boyalali. Moko, an engineer on the water project, had been contacted by two women (interested about the Church) who are cooking for the workers on the project that do not live on the mountain. Many of these workers are members of the Church and stay in the village building at night. One woman is older, and she has a daughter who is married and has two children. They are Christian, and they have been impressed by the many members they work around.

Anyway, Moko contacted the Sisters and since we usually check on the Water Project twice monthly, we offered the ride. Well, it was a resounding successful first visit, and it looks like we will be going to the project weekly so the Sisters can teach these delightful women. Elder and I try to talk with them, and are getting so we can understand what they try to tell us, but we cannot give a discussion. Besides! The Sisters told us that every so often the ladies have a question, and Moko answers in Javanese. Well, not even the Sisters can speak Javanese!

On our way home we stopped for Javanese Fast food. Elder (still getting over his upset) had Nasi Goreng (fried rice), I had Bihun (Javanese Noodles and veggies) Sister Neis had Bak Coy (saucy, steamy veggies) Sister Blake had Spesial Paket (sort of a combo plate) and Bono had Sop Rusuk (rib soup). Fun!!! We will go again Monday.

On Wednesday we headed out to visit, but we also had piano... so the visiting was short, but successful. We are looking for less active YSAs. We went to find Dewi, a granddaughter that lives with Bro. and Sis. Marwoto. She was working at Mata Hari (the JC Penny of Indonesia), so we visited with her active grandparents. They are a pioneer couple who joined in 1977. They would love to see this grandchild active.

We will call back again and also send the Sisters to visit with her. These wonderful Sister missionaries... The Elders are assigned to a Ward, so their biking about town is generally limited to the ward where they are assigned. The Sisters, however, go wherever they are needed, which is all over Solo and beyond as paragraph 1 explained. Actually, they even come to Tuesday piano to help me. This past Tuesday I really appreciated it because I ended up with 10 students, 7 which came within the first hour. And! Joy of Joys, Kiki agreed to play one song for Sacrament meeting the end of July. She will play the opening song, Aster will play the Sacrament song (using the correct left hand...she usually makes it up as she goes along), and Ezra will play the closing!!!!!! I agreed to play the rest song if the Bishop needs one.

Thursday we had a new request. Sister Indah, Bishop Awi's wife, is the Primary President and she wants her primary teachers and leaders to learn the Primary Songs. So she asked if I would come and play for an hour from 5-6 p.m. so they can just sing. So, on Thursday we took off to find Tyas. SHE WAS HOME! We visited with her mom (active) and her married expectant sister, Anggun. Anggun is married to a Muslim fellow, but was very interested in our conversation. In fact, I felt her desire to learn more than Tyas. We have asked the Sisters to follow up Tyas and Anggun.

We then went looking for Chandra Mulyano (moved – address unknown), but found, across the alley, Arif's (a young member) father and brother at home very sick, so Elder Greenway and Bono gave them a blessing. Mulyani (the mom) was very happy to see us, and we handed out candy to all the neighbor kids. We then went looking for Adriyati, (no longer at that address). Then we were off to sing. On a side note, when we got to Solo, Elder and Sister Grover told us that we would be amazed at how long it takes to get anywhere. They don't measure distance by miles here, but by time. So the activities I just told you about took from noon until 6 p.m.

Friday we decided to take donuts to DDM! Oh how missionaries LOVE donuts. We have been hard at work going over the YSA lists with anyone who will talk to us. We have really worked to update those lists. We have typed and re-typed. So at DDM we were able to give the Missionaries updated (so far) lists. For our purpose (YSA) we eliminate the married "missing", their purpose is to help the Ward members to find them. We are also trying to find where members who have moved out of Solo have gone. Bono told us he went with Elder and Sister Roberts, (about 5 or so years ago), to find a young man and that young man had moved to Jakarta. Well, the list still has him at the same address as five years ago. We have asked for help to train these new Ward Clerks.

After DDM we found Bagus Romadhan's family (he was at work), and was able to talk to Dimas (YSA) and Riski (YM) from Sister Endang's family. We invited them to come join with the Stake for Youth Conference (July 3-5), or to come to the All Indonesian YSA Conference in August, or church, or English Classes, or activities..... We have a prayer in all their homes, and hope the Spirit will touch their hearts. If just one comes...

WELL, THAT IS JUST WHAT HAPPENED!!!! HURRAY!!!!!! Last week I told you about "Dika" who had left his mission because he was so homesick, and then the family and he were so embarrassed, so they stopped coming??? Last night we had our big Solo YSA Bowling Party, and Dika came and had so much fun, laughed and goofed around with all the others. We had about 20 attend, and Gunawan, from the Jebres ward out-bowled everyone even Elder! They were all so fun to watch. Some scored a whopping 28, while Gunawan score 168. Poor Yua, heading into frame #4 had a score of 9. It cost the Stake $1.50 per bowler. Most of them cannot afford that, so they have never been bowling. We will for sure go again. They were taking pictures, and when I say that I mean posing with bowling balls, posing on their approach, even a group picture with them laying on the floor right in front of a lane! So much fun. We were proud to be there with them.

One by one we'll work on this. We have seen some success with young people returning, we have seen some success with the active visiting their lost friends (that's what happened with Dika), we have had parents ask us for help with their older children, and we have seen the Ward members becoming involved. One by one, that's how we are all blessed. If everyone helps one by one, just imagine! I come from an extended family where many were less active. Elder Greenway comes from family where most never had the joy of knowing the Gospel. Many left this world without the blessings of the temple. Some returned later in life, some did not, and some never knew. I came from a faithful lineage that joined in far away places and left everything to make the sacrifice to gather to Zion. Elder Greenway's parents were so faithful and served two missions. How could we ever face any of them if we didn't help each other? "For of him unto whom much is given much is required;" D&C 82:3.

We are absolutely sure we have been given much...

Let's look after each other, one by one...

Elder and Sister Greenway

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 39

This letter comes to you from Typhoid Marvin and his Nurse, hoping you are all well and happy!

We can tell you that this week seemed doomed from the start. Bono had been sick all weekend, and Monday afternoon Elder Greenway told me quietly that he thought he was catching cold. Now, we were out looking for 3 YSAs who had disappeared, and sadly we did find out that one had moved far away and two were married. Feeling somewhat discouraged we decided to go and visit Bro. Busro who is active, but the only member in his family. That visit was delightful, but even Brother Busros had been sick.

We were home by 6 p.m. and by 8 p.m. Elder Greenway was shivering and shaking and felt horrid. That was the start of the Yuck Odyssey. From Monday night at 6 p.m. until Friday morning at 11:30 a.m. we did not leave the apartment. (I did run to the grocery store in the building connected to our building for twenty minutes). Let's just say that fumigating might have been the best option. I will let you imagine what he did all those days. I got as much done as I could figure out to do. I baked, I did English, I planned piano and then canceled piano because I did not dare leave him in his condition. I planned, and figured and cleaned up, and cleaned up, and cleaned up.

Now you might think that we could end it right here! But alas, the sun always rises, and Friday was a new day. We did go to Katpatihan for DDM, where we gave some of the YSA names to the missionaries. Many years ago, when it dawned on me that I had 6 children that were potential missionaries, I talked to their father, and together we determined that we had better take care of the missionaries serving near us if we wanted others in the world to take care of our missionary children. That decision has brought our family much joy and many blessings. WE LOVE THE FULL TIME MISSIONARIES! So going to meet with them is inspiring, edifying and joyful.

After DDM we met Widap and ran to the bowling alley... Yep! The bowling alley, where we will have a YSA activity next Saturday. It is a very nice bowling alley, and Widap was a great translator. Together we got it all arranged. By then Elder Greenway was exhausted and we ran home so he could sleep, then ran back to Kapatihan and taught Gospel English.

My goodness they are doing so well!!!!!!!! They have learned our alphabet, vowel sounds, words common to the Church, Church callings names, words used in prayer, the first Article of Faith, and the Fourth Article of Faith. They are learning "Keep the Commandments" and "The Fourth Article of Faith" songs. Bishop Awi gave the closing prayer in English this week! We play games, sing, learn about the Gospel, and just enjoy their company. Next week we are giving them Books of Mormon in English! We are so excited!!!! We are going to learn the names of some of the Prophets of the Book of Mormon. For instance, they call Abinidi - Ah-bee-nah-dee with the emphasis on the nah, because that is the way it sounds out in Indonesian. It should be very interesting.

Also Friday evening we found out that Bro. Setiyo's mother-in -law died and there would be a funeral Saturday morning at 10 a.m. Brother Setiyo's wife and her family belong to the Javanese Christian Church. So they were the ones conducting the funeral.

I took some terrible pictures with my phone to try and give you the idea of how the funeral is set up in the narrow alley in front of these humble homes. The body is inside the home, and this all must be done within 24 hours after death. There is a microphone and speaker, and you sing and someone speaks, and the family speaks and the neighborhood "mayor" (for want of a better name - they call him the R.T (r tay)) also speaks. Bro. Setiyo drives a taxi for a living. He sort of looks like Yul Bryner. I miss the "sacredness" of funerals in the chapel at home. People talk to each other during the service, and the neighborhood life goes on with motorcycles zooming around. The lessons and joy that can be taught at that time are priceless. It is all very casual here... but that is their way, and we just want to be supportive. There was a good group there from the Church for Bro. Setiyo, and that was good.

Finally, today two super things happened at the Banjasari Ward, Kapatihan building.... First!! Ricko played the piano for Sacrament!!! I took his picture after the meeting. He did very well, and he did it without me even suggesting it. I was soooooooooooo proud. Second, they had another baptism! Dina is her name, and she is a divorced mother, older and wiser, and she came looking for the Church because of other members she had met. Wonderful lady! Between Ricko's playing and Dina's baptism, we ran to the Sopomo Building for Stake Council Meeting. They are really trying to get things organized. We rode over with Pres. Ipung, Stake 2nd Counselor and Bro. Coki (choki) Stake Executive Sec., attended the meeting then rode back to the baptism with Bono and the Solo 1 Elders.

Elder Xiong performed the baptism. It was his first!!!!!! When I see them standing there with their hand raised, I just burst with joy and conviction. I know that the Priesthood has been restored. I know that these fine young men and women are representatives of the Savior, Jesus Christ. I feel the Spirit, I know that the Gospel in action in Indonesia is the same Gospel as taught by the Savior 2000 years ago. All that is standing there in Elder Xiong! How powerful is that knowledge. I love my Father in Heaven, and I am so grateful to be a missionary in this wonderful vineyard. I know that Indonesia will burst forth with the Gospel light. I know that these faithful people will be blessed for their righteousness. We love them and find great joy just being in their presence. How blessed we are to be members of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

With conviction,
Bro. and Sis. Greenway

Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 38 Photos 2

We had between 42 and 49 people scheduled to be assessed for wheelchairs.  Most did not show up for many reasons -- the leadership will likely rectify those situations.  We also arranged to have another physical therapist (PT) go to the home of Sister Sari's granmother, who recently had a left-sided stroke.  Sister Sari was very greatful .(If you remember, she was just released from her mission last week and will be caring for her grandmother and living with her.)

Here is Sutarno (you've seen him in Water Project photos) and Bapak (Mr) Tri Budi Santoso, Solo Region head of N.U. (Nahdlatul Ulama (also Nahdatul Ulama or NU), which is a traditionalist Sunni Islam group in Indonesia.)  He has worked with Sutarno on several projects.  He apparently has great respect for the Church.

Here are the two physical therapists from UCP who were doing the assessments.  Sarwani (center) and Gilan (right).  The fellow on the left is Fajar Al Machfud - from the Mosque - who was doing some of the intake paperwork.

Here are a few of the future recipients of our wheelchairs.  The recipients have various conditions: age-related, neurological, congenital and acquired.

The smiling lady with the hat and the young woman on the right will be getting wheelchairs.

This young man was carried in by his father (he's wearing the baseball cap) like a large bag of laundry.  The young man's legs were folded up to his chest and dad had his arms wrapped around his son's legs and body.

Remember the young woman sitting on the carpet above; this is the typical transport for those soon to have a custom wheelchair.

Week 38 Photos 1

I decided to start with some "scenery!?!" I am continually facinated by the ingenuity of those without the means to buy what they need. They just figure it out. Here is a portable rice grinder for making rice flour.

Off it goes across the highway between Solo and Klaten.

Here is the Mosque in the community where we were fitting wheelchairs.  It is in Klaten "County."  We are just to the Solo side of Klaten Kota (city).  I would have gotten a better photo from across the highway, but...

The Highway !!!!!!!!

We worked just inside this entrance.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week 38

Hello to the greatest family and friends ever!

We are feeling particularly grateful for all of you this week. Many of you responded to the news of our new grandbaby, and we are so thankful he is here, healthy, and home. We appreciate your kindness and concern. Of course we are always interested in what is going on in your home and families, so don't be afraid to let us know.

Our dear Farida is flying off to the U.S. the beginning of August. She is very excited and so to help the time pass more quickly, we suggested that she put together a "People and Places of Indonesia" picture book. She said she was planning to visit family and friends before she leaves, so we hope she will take pictures. She finally told her parents she is leaving. She thinks that they don't believe she will go through with it, so she is just going along. They told her that she just wants to be where there are more Christians, and she told them that she IS Christian, and that will not change. I think they are not so angry with her as before, and she is much more brave! We took her to supper on Monday and she is a completely different person that the Farida we met in October. Happier, is the main change, more confident is another. The great Grovers are to thank for this new woman. They got here through the toughest times, we have certainly seen the results.

Most of Tuesday I spent planning for Piano lessons. Good, good Elder Greenway has gone to every piano store in Solo looking for piano books to help me with the planning, but to no avail. It still takes 3 - 4 hours to put the 25 packets together for the students. Some are moving along together, so some lessons are the same and I just have to make 3 or maybe 4 copies of certain pages. However, some are zooming while others are poking, so then I have to plan to zoom or poke with them. Agus, from Solo 2, played for Sacrament Meeting today!!! He got a good start with Sis Grover. He has an incentive in his friend Yos, who has played much longer. He played the opening and closing hymns from the regular hymnal, and the Sacrament hymn from "Hymns Made Easy". In case you think this is no big deal, that's like going from Dick and Jane to War and Peace in 9 months. I was sooooooooo proud. I have another 3 that could play for church by the end of summer. The wards here are sooooooooo good to give them the experience, and the pianists are nervous but dedicated. Agus asked me to give him a new hymn each week to practice, and I said okay, but I also want him to learn to play other classics. So he agreed, but his heart is on the hymns.

While I was doing that, Elder Greenway was fixing headlights and tail lights on the car, shower heads in the Sister's Apt., and still looking for piano books. He and Bono have a good time and usually stop at Kentucky FIRED Chicken for lunch. You read that right, the crispy chicken here is marinated in sambal or something. But they both love it!!! (so did Elder Grover, it must be a man thing)! It's so hot it makes you nose run!!! OH! FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE DONATED GLASSES, we have been steadily giving them away. I have often talked of "Aster", she is a brilliant young woman from the Jebres Ward, and her mother's glasses broke. So we took our bag of glasses to piano on Tuesday, and Aster and Ratmini (mom) came and she tried on glasses. Happy Day! She needed a pair of +250's to be able to read. I was thrilled we could help her. I WANTED YOU TO KNOW, AND TO TELL YOU THANKS FROM HER. Elder Greenway also worked with Ari, a young lady trying to get into BYU - Hawaii. These young people are amazing. They really are trying to be the best they can be.

Wednesday (which by the way is the way they pronounce that here, Wed-nes-day) Elder Greenway, Bono, and Sutarno went to Klaten to help United Cerebral Palsy measure 42 people for wheelchairs, including Sis. Sari's grandmother. I told you about Sis. Sari last week....she just finished her mission, was going to Hong Kong to work, but the Grandmother who raised her had a stroke, and so she was putting her plans on hold to attend to the grandmother. Elder Greenway arranged for her to receive a wheelchair. They were so happy! That will help immensely. Sutarno arranged for Elder to meet the head of N.U for this area. N.U is a Indonesian National Muslim Organization that has political and religious clout. The Church works with N.U. almost exclusively here on the water projects, wheel chairs, schools, etc. The gentleman Elder met expressed his gratitude and great admiration to the Church for all the humanitarian work it does, with no strings attached, for the Indonesian people. He asked Sutarno, because we are "so good", why we are not growing faster. Sutarno just replied, "We do what we do". It would have been awkward to say because we have to be so careful to respect the Muslim faith, and that slows things down.

For the most part, the Muslim people are so gracious, so kind, so loving, so polite, and so respectful. Every so often a problem arises between the a radical Muslim group here, and a equally radical Christian group. We are very careful not to step on toes. The police here will call the leadership and say there is some tension and for our missionaries to stay out of certain areas of town, and to try not to be conspicuous. So the missionaries wear their batik shirts for a while, (with their name tags) and no tie, until things get back to normal. That just happened last week.

On Thursday we were invited to Pres. Ipung's home. He is the 2nd Counselor in the Stake Presidency. He was the Branch Pres. of Banjasari before we became a Stake. He is also a "county commissioner", or sort of that equivalent. It is a paid position, and he is like a governor of about 17 villages. He lives about 45 minutes from Solo, and he wanted the Elders from the Kapatihan building (4) and the Sisters (2), and us (2) with Bono driving. So the nine of us squished into the van and off we went for ox tail soup. The van has A.C so the minute we took off all the missionaries fell asleep. It was a lovely visit with the President, his wife Dewi (daywee) and their son Michael. Dewi makes and sells batik. If you were to draw your own batik design and give it to her, she could make that design onto cloth using wax and dyes. It is quite a process. I bought some batik from her, (pricey compared to normal fabric - and compared to the factory produced stuff) but unique and beautiful. She also designs clothing to be made from her batik. She is very talented.

Friday was, as always DDM, and after DDM we headed out to visit. We are looking for the less active YSAs. We went to visit Sutyono Kristanto, who lives in an area that had many names from our list. Unfortunately , most were married with children, or had moved. His own son is not coming, so we talked to him about that. Then we went to another home that we had tried before. This home belongs to an older man, a return missionary, who is married to an active sister and has a 16 year old son who is not baptized. He and his family make Tahu (a tofu stuffed fritter) that they sell by the hundreds. But he stopped to visit with us, and we gave him a new Book of Mormon, his banana bread and talked to him about the recipe for eternal life (II Nephi 31:20). We told him that the Stake needed him, and that we would look for him at church. As always, we can only pray and hope. We have never felt any unkindness by those we have visited. I think it is our old age. After we visited with him we went for our usual "mie ayam" (noodles and chicken) but this time I got the "spesial", which included mushrooms and something Bono call "flour". It looked like a homemade roll smashed flat and soaked in water. It tasted like a homemade roll smashed flat and soaked in water without yeast or salt. Then with "full" tummies, we went to teach Gospel English!!!! If you ever want to feel really loved, teach an Indonesian member something they really want to know. This is our favorite night of the week. It is so crazy fun, and so worthwhile. Have we told you lately how much we love these people?

Add to that a YSA Fireside Saturday evening, a baptism today (Bishop Catur's cousin), and Taco Soup with President and Sister Groberg and you have this week. The Groberg's were in Solo all weekend, but their plane did not take off today until 5:30 p.m. I dunno, Taco Soup vs. Soto Ayam, hmmmmmmmm, both pretty yummy. But they would have had to sit at the airport for about 3 hours, (no A.C. where the food is) and they didn't have to pay for the Taco Soup, unless you consider my cooking......... Anyway, it was fun to have them as our guests! They are extremely dedicated servants, and we love to be around them.

So there you have it, another week of serving in the best mission in the world! Thank you for your interest in our lives, and a special thank you for your love and care of one another. We are so blessed to be surrounded by people who love so selflessly, who love without guile.

Be happy!

Elder and Sister Greenway
Da mom & Da dad…