Friday, June 22, 2012

Week 40 Photos 2

On Monday this week, Melanie and I went to Boyolali to be with UCP to assess 45 adults and children for wheelchairs. Here is Sri. She is a Medical Social Worker with UCP Indonesia. She does the intakes. What is remarkable about her is that she is a spinal cord injury confined to a wheelchair. She spent several years a home after her injury. Shew was a recipient of a wheelchair and was able to go to the US for her Masters in Social Work. She now works for UCP in her home country helping others and us (LDS Charities).

Here are a few of the kids and their parents. These are the kindest, most grateful people you could ever want to be associated with.

He just wanted to wave "Hi"

I had to include these guys. Here are Sarwani (near) and Gilan (far, with his hands up), two of the Physical Therapists who do the assessments. (Editor's note: You have to wonder why Elder Greenway has such a special affinity for Physical Therapists!)

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