Monday, June 4, 2012

Week 38 Photos 2

We had between 42 and 49 people scheduled to be assessed for wheelchairs.  Most did not show up for many reasons -- the leadership will likely rectify those situations.  We also arranged to have another physical therapist (PT) go to the home of Sister Sari's granmother, who recently had a left-sided stroke.  Sister Sari was very greatful .(If you remember, she was just released from her mission last week and will be caring for her grandmother and living with her.)

Here is Sutarno (you've seen him in Water Project photos) and Bapak (Mr) Tri Budi Santoso, Solo Region head of N.U. (Nahdlatul Ulama (also Nahdatul Ulama or NU), which is a traditionalist Sunni Islam group in Indonesia.)  He has worked with Sutarno on several projects.  He apparently has great respect for the Church.

Here are the two physical therapists from UCP who were doing the assessments.  Sarwani (center) and Gilan (right).  The fellow on the left is Fajar Al Machfud - from the Mosque - who was doing some of the intake paperwork.

Here are a few of the future recipients of our wheelchairs.  The recipients have various conditions: age-related, neurological, congenital and acquired.

The smiling lady with the hat and the young woman on the right will be getting wheelchairs.

This young man was carried in by his father (he's wearing the baseball cap) like a large bag of laundry.  The young man's legs were folded up to his chest and dad had his arms wrapped around his son's legs and body.

Remember the young woman sitting on the carpet above; this is the typical transport for those soon to have a custom wheelchair.

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