Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 72

With a "thunderous" Good Afternoon, family and friends!

Uhhh... it is raining here... lots and lots of rain, with thunder, and lightening, and all the while you exist in your relative dry, nine degrees Fahrenheit!!!  WOW! Can we say bitter cold?!?  I am so sorry to bring it up (tee hee hee) but it is really raining, watering the beautiful tropical flora and fauna. Speaking of beautiful, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to beautiful Kathryn this very day!

Something else "thunderous" happened today. JUMALI CAME TO CHURCH AND BROUGHT HIS SON, LEMUEL!  Jumali is one of the three "lost" return missionaries we found last week.  His son Lemuel looks about 8 years old.  When we arrived at Jumali's home he was not there, so we visited with his very kind wife.  Then just as we were leaving, he came along on his becak(baychuk).  These are the bicycle/passenger cart means of cheap transportation here in Solo.  These drivers work very hard pedaling people, and various other loads all over the city. Jumali does this and also raises exotic birds to sell.  He said the exotic birds were almost as lucrative as the pedaling all over.  I had forgotten my candy bag in the car, so I asked Lemuel if he would like to go with me to fetch it... AND HE DID!  We asked if we could send the Missionaries by, and Jumali agreed, and today they were there.  Unfortunately, we were at the other building, but Bono was there.  He is the best missionary Indonesia has because he loves to visit. Bono told us that 2 other less active members were there today.  Wahhoooooooo!

We taught our first Seminary/Gospel English class last Tuesday.  Then Wednesday there was a BYU Hawaii presentation for all the Youth and older.  Then Thursday was Mohammad's Birthday, so no seminary?!?  Well if you think about it is sort of like Washington's Birthday.  School was out, and it is a big holiday all over the nation.  However, we did have great fun at the first class.  We sang "If Your Happy and You Know It", and they started out doing the usual things, then the last boy chose "give a hug",...that was a delightful first for me, and for the kids!  But they did it!!!  We reviewed vowels, especially short vowels, they solved a difficult "Hang-man", they played a game where they had to say a word that went with the vowel sound...and chose words like ordinary, and application, and learned the steps of prayer in English.  Then Yos, my sweet dear piano playing Yos, said the closing prayer in English. They were wonderful.  Now that we have an idea who can and who cannot, we can better plan.

A Mission is a great teacher of Christ's Gospel. It is true that a missionary's study brings knowledge, but missionary experience is also a great teacher.  We are in constant contact with members whose feelings about God are at various levels, as it is with all God's children.  Some are strong because they have testimony, and are converted.  Some have testimony, but did not pursue conversion, and have fallen away.  Most of those use the common word "offended" somewhere when they talk to us.  This week I came to realize that "offended" is one of the "weapons of rebellion" Elder Bednar was talking about in his October Conference address.  It can be found holding hands with selfishness and together they are manifested in the inability to forgive. We have to look really deep to see what offense is at the bottom of a grudge.  Usually we do not look, and then we go on blaming others for our troubles and bad feelings.  Conversion wipes the slate clean by means of the Atonement, wiping the slate clean by giving and asking for forgiveness. Without it, that "weapon of rebellion" becomes stronger than our testimony, and pulls us away from the Gospel, pulls families apart, and pulls us away from theSavior. Looking deeply, that is the hard part.

We love our all of our children.  We are so grateful for their support and patience while we are away.  We are grateful for our forgiving friends, for our loving neighbors, and for caring siblings all over the world.  We have been very blessed throughout the years.  We ask for your forgiveness and continued care.


Elder and Sister Greenway

Week 72 Photos #1

This photo is from a few weeks back.  It is of the Young Women of the Solo 2 Ward after their Sacrament Presentation.  It is fashioned after the Primary Program we are all used to; and they do a wonderful presentation.  This year their "theme" was: "I am LDS, I Know it, I Live it, I Love it."

This is our new Seminary English Class at the Soepomo Building.

New Solo District:  Elders Hernandez (Anaheim) and Mendrofa.

Elders Suwarsid and Masangcay (from Philippines)

Zone Leaders in for a visit: Elders Jameson (from Missouri) and Mongan

Elders James (from Virginia) and Martoyo

Elders Hasibuan (District Leader) and Lee (from L.A.)

Sisters Manalu and Hutcheson (from Eugene, OR)

Investigator from Cepogo (near Boyolali) has made it to church several times.  Sister Ari with Sisters Manalu and Hutcheson and Elders Mendrofa and Hernandez.

Week 72 Photos #2

On Thursday, went to the home of Bambang and Tutut about 1 hour outside of Solo.  It was to commemorate the 40 days since Brother Tukirin's passing (Tutut's father).  It is Javanese tradition to hold a memorial (the members call it a Family Home Evening) at 7 days after the funeral, 40 days, 100 days, and 1,000 days.  That's Bambang with Elder Knorpp and Purwono in the background.

Here is the meal that Tutut had prepared for the occasion.  These bowls are ready for the addition of Soto (chicken broth).  Those white spools are napkins.  (uh huh)

This is nasi (cooked rice), sambal (HOT sauce) and a soup bowl.

Deep fried tofu and a soup bowl.  I can only eat the tofu with sambal.

Before lunch, you could snack on boiled peanuts.  Really a different flavor but tasty - not at all like the peanut flavor we're used to.

Enjoying lunch.

This is the water source for their home.  They do have a pump and holding tank to bring the water into the house and elsewhere.

And just for fun.  This is a typical Kilometer marker on the way to Boyolali.  The top numbers are for distances to Semarang (78 km) and Solo (23 km) and Boyolali (4 km).   These are every km on the way to Boyolali.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 71 Photos

Here is a montage of photos of things and people we want to remember. There is no rhyme or reason - I just went through a few of my photo files and this is what I came up with this week.

This is to prove I really am on this mission! Widap grabbed my camera and took this.
Inline image 1
This is Heru. He is the fellow who carved the Nativity sets.
Inline image 2
During the rainy season, a lot of the drivers just put their top up!
Inline image 3
I'm sure that except for in the movies, cowboys are never seen in Indonesia ...... however .......
Inline image 4
Cowboys on horseback in the snow is even more foreign .... to say the least!!!!
Inline image 5
While at the Senior Conference held last November, I received many compliments about our accommodations. Here is a series of shots of the restaurant - this definitely added to my popularity!!! Did I mention that meals were included with the room.
Inline image 6
Inline image 1
Inline image 2
Inline image 3
And this is Upik. She is our "Go-to" person here at our apartment complex.
Inline image 4
Here are Rudy and Femmi. He is the Stake Clerk and the Stake and Ward IT Specialist. Femmi is in the Primary (I think).
Inline image 5
This is Denok, Desi and their little girl, Xavi. He is a counselor in the Bishopric and she is the Relief Society President. Xavi doesn't have a calling, yet!
Inline image 6
Here is Ari and Denok (yes, same name as the Denok noted above) and their little boy Barra.   Ari is Stake YM President and Denok is
Inline image 7
Here is Bambang - he's single, but has a Muslim girlfriend. He is a private English teacher and calls me all the time with word or phrase questions.
Inline image 8
Here are Lina and Antok.
Inline image 9
This is Uskup Awik's family.
Inline image 10
I know, I know ... everyone who passed their elementary school junior fire marshall test knows that this is dangerous - in the US of A. However, apparently this is the norm in countries with 220 V systems. Higher voltage, lower amperage. Most rooms only have one outlet and the variety of extension cords and expanders that are available is a wonder to behold.

Inline image 1

Week 71

Dear Chilly Friends and Family,

I really don't mean to rub it in, but I think I have forgotten what it is to feel cold. During the rainy season the members here wear winter coats! Elder tries to explain the whole thing with a skin temperature, body core temp, outdoor temperature analysis sort of thing. I just know I am sweating and they are in winter coats. I hope it is not too chilly for our Kathryn Ellyn's birthday party. She turns the big 3 this week, I am not sure how John's family plans to celebrate, but we know Kathryn! She's a planner... even at her age, and probably has it all figured out.

What a glorious week in paradise! In December we began our effort to clean up the roster for the Solo 1st Ward, looking for the "less active" members, and encouraging the Ward Clerk. Just to remind... We sat down with the Ward roster, and with Bono, and we went name by name getting information. Family ties, active or less active, any important history, and the name of the village they live in. EXAMPLE ADDRESS: Punggawan Rt1 Rw6. That means they live in the Kompung (village or sub-division)of Punggawan. Rt- the man who is over their little area(actually sort of like a Bishop except it has nothing to do with religion). Rw- the man over many Rts. So there might be 13 Rts. in a Kompung, with 4 Rws. There usually isn't a house number, so you just start asking around. Okay... Then we took all the names and grouped them by Kompung. Then we went back through and pulled out all those who were dead... all those who had moved more than 2 hours away, (seriously that is part of the Criteria! Less than 2 hours and you are still part of the ward!)... and then all those who were less active, or those that Bono didn't have a clue about. THEN WE STARTED LOOKING FOR THEM.

This week we were really very blessed. I won't tell you every experience, but some were so priceless. We found 3 return missionaries, all who have agreed to have the Elders stop by. One grew up with Bono, and we sat in his home and encouraged him to reminisce about his mission. We talked about Christ and the parable of the Lost Sheep. Our missionaries are going to see him this week with our past District President Agus Sutadi who also grew up with him. Wednesday, Bono asked if we could visit Kunto Alfianti because he had been sick. Of course!!! It is common in Indonesia for entire families to live under the same roof. Brother Kunto was at work, but his brother, Wisnu was at home, with Wisnu's wife and Sugeng, his older brother. Wisnu told us that their father had been a Branch President, and District President. That their father and mother had been preparing to go to the temple years ago, but the mother had suddenly "pass away". The father never did get to the temple. Now, all of the children are less active. We talked about the blessings of the temple. We talked about and the family search sites. We talked about eternal life together. It was a great visit and they also agreed to have the missionaries come by. On Saturday Kunto died in his sleep. So today we were back to the house to attend the funeral, along with many from Solo 1 and others. This week we found 8 lost sheep that were willing to have the missionaries stop by, some who have been gone for 20 years. On the other side, we found the home of a family who had moved to Sumatra over a year ago, and the ward had no idea. Home teaching, home teaching, home teaching. Home and Visiting teaching are generally not done in Indonesia.

We have been telling you about our desire to improve the Primaries here, and Elder's tireless work to get the Kapatihan building repaired and renewed. With both projects we have been the "squeaky wheels"! Well, on Tuesday the Stake President came to Kepatihan at the end of piano lessons, and asked to see us.... We both were sure those "squeaky wheels" had irritated someone. As if he read our minds, when we walked in the room he said, "You are not in trouble." This from a man who has very limited English. We'll let you decide ... He asked us if we would teach English to the Seminary Students at the Supomo building each night after Seminary. Their parents had requested this, and he agreed. So we will be teaching English/Gospel English Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening at Supomo, 6:30 p.m. We have been teaching a Gospel English class at Kapatihan on Fridays for a while. It is so interesting.... these youth are at school by 7:30 a.m., they get home around 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. They are to Seminary from around 5:30 - 6:30, and their parents didn't like them just hanging at the Church after Seminary to talk and stuff. Remember, they go to school on Saturdays, too. I think we will have to tap dance while teaching just to keep them awake!

With the squeaky wheel in mind, I must tell you that on Friday we met at the Kapatihan building with the area Physical Facilities Representative. He was there to address the needs of the building. He showed Elder Greenway the list of work orders that will be done to the building very soon. It included everything that Elder Greenway had included in his earlier letter to them!!! Hooray!! There will be new paint, western toilets, more air conditioners, eventually new chairs, and proper equipment for the nursery! They will call a building PFR, and encourage the Bishops to "speak up". Now we can zoom in on the state of the Primaries. (squeak, squeak)

Finally, we like to take cookies to District Meeting on Fridays because... well because we have 8 Elders and 2 Sisters that NEED cookies! Last Friday we took Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies. Elder carried them from the car up the stairs to Supomo's cultural hall, and set them on the stage. This meeting usually lasts about 1 1/2 hours. When I picked up the cookies to take to the table, there were 10 gadzillion ants under the plastic wrap, all over the cookies. For a minute we all just stared. Then I picked up the pan and hit each side against the table. Can we say ant swarm!? Then Elder Masancay, our Filipino Elder, pick out a cookie, tapped it with the fork, and chomped it down. Everyone followed him, (except Elder Greenway), including Sister Greenway. Then flowed the ant stories. Sister Neis (being transferred to Jakarta this week) said that she and Sister Blake had a list of events that can happen in Indonesia, but not America. One item, when you sweep the floor in America the dirt pile is easily swept into the dust pan. In Indonesia, it skitters into the dust pan because of the ants. She also said that she didn't believe Indonesia has soil, it is just dead ants with live ants on top. We believe her. This week I opened the screw on lid to my Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter, after taking it out of our cupboard, and the jar was full of ants enjoying my peanut butter!!!! (Elder's crunchy style had just a few, which settles the debate...which is better smooth or creamy?) We just follow the trail to the point of entry, and KILL!!!!! with spray. They usually out-smart us somewhere else.

We are busy and happy and enjoying this world, in spite of the ants. We realize every day how much joy comes from serving. We have moments when we sadly write a "Do not contact" beside a name on the roster, but the joy exceeds the gloom when we can write "send the Elders" or "send the Sisters". We will go on, just as you go on, because this is the truth and we must all be planting(squeak, squeak) seeds of faith. We love you eternally, we are proud of you, we pray for you every day.

Squeekily yours,

Elder and Sister Greenway

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week 70

Hello to One and All!

This letter comes to you on a bright, shiny Indonesian afternoon.(Rare here during the rainy season). We got word this week that our dear, dear friends Molly and Tom Feil (Molly was in Sounds of Freedom with Elder and I) just got their mission call to Sydney, Austrailia Mission. They will be joining us "down under" in April! We promptly welcomed them to the neighborhood. More great news...Today is Rebekah Rejoice Greenway's birthday! She married our youngest, Joel, and we will be eternally grateful. Literally!!!! They are moving to the Richmond, Virginia area THIS WEEK, and just bought a home! Wow! What a birthday present, Rebekah!!! Next Saturday is Sadie Rowe's #3 birthday! Emily, Sadie, Isaac and Ty are headed to Disney World this week. Lots of interesting "goings on" in the Greenway family. We still have 1 birthday to go in January...

 All that news makes Solo seem boring, but we were everything but bored this week. Monday was Zone Conference. The theme was from Chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel, The Attributes of Christ. All 34 Missionaries were asked to give a 2 1/2 minute, or less, talk on one of the Parables of Christ. Our district missionaries sang twice, and did a super great job. The harmony on "Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd" was gorgeous, and Elder Mendrofa's (from Sumatra) solo was so, so beautiful. He has an Irish Indonesian tenor voice, and he does these little grace note embellishments that are very lovely. I think that Elder took some pictures at lunch you'll find interesting, and it was a great day.

Tuesday and Wednesday we were glad to get back to our usual piano schedule. Tuesday morning I had to switch back to the non-holiday piano music. I found a new piece on the on-line piano lesson site I have used and used all this time that originates, I think, in Canada. Every month the site introduces a new piece, and tells you the level of difficulty. For January it was the INDONESIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM! The same piece I had to lead at the closing of the Ampel Water Project. We printed off a copy, had 15 copies made, and took it to lessons for the Level 3 students.

Wednesday before lessons we mailed a package home, (remember the sewing up the boxes process?), AND we found out that Noto's 13 year old son Bambang was in the hospital, so we stopped by on our way to piano. He was a VERY sick boy, and had been in the hospital since Saturday! We apologized for not knowing sooner. This is how the conversation went from us to Bono to mother to Bono to us. "Ma'af, Sister, kami tidak tahu." (Sorry Sister, we not know). Bono then fixes our Indonesian, and asks what is wrong. She responds, "Kidney sakit." (sick kidney). Us: What is wrong with kidney? Sis.: It is sick.(smile) Us: Infection? Sis: Too many water powders. Us: ??? Sis: Dr.s say Bambang mixes too many flavored drink packets with his water. (This makes his kidney shut down!, this makes him swollen!!, and his urine red!!!) Us: Ohhhhhh,???? What did Drs. do? Sis: points to IV. We then change the subject. Medicine here is very interesting, they cure everything with IV fluids, so we just pray we don't get sick.

Thursday we took 2 Elders and 2 Sisters and ventured to Boyalali. We are worried about our 2 little ladies. They are not getting tired of us, they love to have us come, they are still reading the Book of Mormon, and they love to learn. But! They can see that having Church services come to them is in the distant future. In our cleansing the roster for Solo 1, we found a less-active member that had moved to Boyalali. I am wondering if it is okay to desperately pray that some wonderfully active member gets a work transfer to that community. Anyway, we are concerned. The momentum is slowing.

Friday there was no DDM, which was good because Bro. Sugino passed away. We had visited him a while ago, he was old, and coming to church was difficult for him, but he had an active testimony. He died Thursday evening, the funeral was Friday at noon in the tiny alley-way in front of his home. The neighbors had spilled out into the allies leading there, so we shook their hands, and then the people moved from the chairs directly in front of his home so that we could sit. AAAgggghhh! No, no!!! we told them, but they bowed and pointed to the chairs. Lovely Muslim people... Inside his home were all the Mormons, singing, bearing testimony, and the Bishop gave a talk. On the front doorstep were piles of shoes, it is the custom to take off your shoes when you enter a home, unless they say otherwise. The neighbors certainly support each other, regardless of religion. We didn't go to the cemetery this time, which was quite a distance away. Instead we went visiting. We went back to a home we had visited before because their older daughter was "lost" on the Ward roster. She is the one who had moved to Boyalali! Then Bono suggested we go to another home close by. The families living there are the sons of one of the "pioneer" couples. The father had been a Branch President and a District President. Two of the sons, ages 40 - 50, are not active. They have an older brother who looked almost as if he had Downs Syndrome, who often shows up at the church. We had the best time visit with the younger brother, Wisnu and his wife. We found out how they are related to some of the other members, looked at pictures of their family, talked about the new Stake, and just enjoyed their company. We certainly hope we can help them return. But the most important part of Friday was Friday night!

We have mentioned our concern about the Primary organization in Solo. They are very loosely functioning. We have found that if we want to help with anything, we have to get them to see the need, and then help them find the desire and knowledge to fix the problem. That was the way they tuned their Ward Councils, that is the way they addressed the Relief Society Women's Conference attendance, and that will be the way they fix Primary. So we have just been speaking to different people about the need. One here, one there... Then I had the idea that we could take Gospel English Classes and every so often study from Handbook 2. Friday night we decided to talk about the Primary Organization. We have a Bishop, the Primary President, and the Stake Primary President who attend that class. But Friday night, the only one in the whole class to come was the Stake Primary President! Little miracles. We talked, she asked questions, we talked, she asked questions.... wonderful!!! Elder has been working with our Area Authority Seventy, Bro. Subandriyo to address the needs of the Kapatihan building, itself. Painting, air conditioners, repairs, etc., etc., etc. All that came about because they cannot have a functioning Nursery without some repairs. We have some time... we'll just keep pecking away at it.

Line upon line, precept upon precept... so true. We have learned so much from these wonderful saints. They are amazing, and uplifting. We will keep learning, and gleaning from them. Have a wonderful week!!!

Elder and Sister Greenway

Week 70 Photos #1

On Monday, January 7th, we had Zone Conference for the Jawa Tengah Zone (Central Java). Here are the elders and sisters from Jogja performing a musical number for the conference.

Inline image 1

The best time to get good pictures is during breaks and lunch. Here are a few of the elders: (L to R) Elder Johnson, Elder Hernandez, Elder Yarkasi, Elder Setiawan, Elder Masangcay, and Elder Suwarsid (in front).
Inline image 2

And here are all of the Sister Missionaries: (L to R) Sister Peterson, Sister Treyes, Sister Canty, Sister Suryani, Sister Neis, Sister Manalu, Sister Barnard, Sister Greenway, Sister Knorpp, and Sister Groberg.
Inline image 3

Then we had lunch from Pak John's Ayam Bakar (I-am bah-kar) - BBQ chicken, cabbage and cucumber, sambal (hot sauce), tapioca and shrimp chips, rice, coated peanuts, banana and water.
Inline image 4

Sister Neis enjoying her ayam - look closely!!!

Inline image 5

Just chowing down !!!! Sister Treyes, Elder Martoyo, Sister Peterson, and Elder Masangcay
Inline image 6

Elder Wagstaff, Hernandez, and Secrist. - YUMMY
Inline image 7

Elder James and Elder Miner. (Mmmmmph snarf munffff)
Inline image 8

Finally, the entire zone. Here we go from L to R back row: Elder Masangcay, Elder Mendrofa, Elder Jameson, Elder Miner, Elder Suryono, Elder Wagstaff, Elder James, Elder S Martoyo, Elder Setiawan; 2nd Row: Sister Greenway, Elder Suwarsid, Elder Secrist, Sister Neis, Elder Giolas, Sister Manalu, Sister Suryani, Sister Treyes, Sister Knorpp, Sister Peterson, Elder Knorpp, Sister Canty, Elder Johnson. Elder Greenway, Elder Hernandez; Seated: Elder Barnard, President Groberg, Sister Groberg, Sister Barnard; on the floor: Elder Mongan, Elder Martoyo, Elder Hasibuan, and Elder Yarkasi. (I'm pretty sure!)

Inline image 9

Week 70 Photos #2

On Friday, at noon we attended the funeral of Brother Sugino, who had been ill and passed away on Thursday. Remember, it is the custom/tradition practicality that burial takes place, usually within 24 hours. The details are handled by the person's church and the RT. (Air-Tay)

Here is looking into the home. That's the casket on the chairs and members of the church are in the house for the service consisting of Opening and Closing Prayers, A couple talks, (Brother Sukro and the Bishop), several songs (A Capella).

Inline image 1

Then the RT says a few words, (this is looking to the left, up the "street") followed by ........

Inline image 2

The RW (Air Way) ....
Inline image 3

This is looking to the right down the street.
Inline image 4

Then the lid is nailed closed and adorned for transport to a vehicle for carriage to the cemetery.

Inline image 5

And all the neighbors and friends attend to pay their respects to the deceased and family of the deceased. It was an honor for us to be there for them, also. These are wonderful, friendly loving people!

Inline image 6