Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 11 Photos

Thanksgiving Meal

Mom (Sister Greenway) mentioned Thanksgiving and the YW program at the Barat Branch.  I thought I'd include some photos:

These are a mix of YSA and Seminary - they finished seminary and went to the cultural hall to sing Christmas carols.  Note the rhythm section.  And that there are no leaders present.

The rhythm section.

Happy Thanksgiving!

How about some leftover leftovers?  Seminary kids ...

Then leftover, leftover, leftovers fo a couple YSAs: Widap and...


Young Women Presentation
We experienced the most amazingly Spiritual YW presentation in the Barat Branch (Soepomo Building near our apartment) this Sunday.  We understood little because our bahasa isn't the best, yet, but the Spirit was so strong....   There was no reading of parts, their testimonies brought tears to the eyes of many, including the young women themselves, and their singing was heavenly.  Note the leaders are in white and the YW are in matching blouses and flowers in their hair.

Barat Branch Young Women and Leaders

OK let's get a little crazy .... That'l do I guess!
Church Grounds
The parking lot ...  You know President Giles, I think I know how to save space in all of the buildings' parking areas - do you think the members would be will to ride 1 family per bike? Up to 5, we would't want to ask too much of the members - or the police I guess.

Helmets required - usually

Some of the Landscaping arounf the Soepomo Building.

Have I mentined that there are no lawn mowers in Solo?
Now the grass really isn't grass, it is a leafy ground cover,
but everything else is hand tended.

Orchids ... they just grow.

And there are flowers all around the Branch Buildings.

Some are very unique!

To the Carlisle Rotary...

Hello again from Indonesia!  Because we spend so much time here in the city, we are getting to know our way around and doing more without a "guide."  I thought I'd send some photos of Pasar Gede.  A pasar is a market.  And there are all sorts of markets, clothing  pasars, material pasars, open-air, and night-time pasars.  You can buy just about anything if you know the right pasar.  This is a meat and produce pasar, but there are other commodities available.  The street outside the pasar has a huge variety of shops.  We were able to buy a stove-top oven at one.  Sister Greenway (Melanie) has been baking because here they mostly fry.  All of our new friends and acquaintances are thrilled and relish nearly anything she bakes - cookies, cakes, pies, etc. because they really don't have them easily available.  That's not to say they aren't here, just pricey by their standards.

Yes, we have eaten at McDonald's (no we didn't eat the McGhetti - spaghetti), KFC (its pretty good - with each meal you get rice), and Pizza Hut which is in direct competition with Papa Ron's (yes, I wrote it right), and the other day we passed a Dunkin Donuts!  The local food is good, sanitation is sometimes in question, but its nice to eact "American" from time to time. 

I am currently working with a fellow with a severe cleft pallette - trying to get him surgery.  He lives in a distant village, Jenawi (where the clean water project was) and we needed to get the chief's assent along with his family's permission.  That is all taken care of - now I am trying to link the surgeon with Pak Sukiyo so they can talk over the phone and arrange to meet and schedule surgery.  Distance and communication are challenging - Sukiyo does not have a phone - he has to use the chief's.  I am also trying to meet with a fellow associated with United Cerebral Palsy.  Our church has developed a wheelchair designed for primative use and we've got an Indonesian manufacturing company to build them and I need to meet with UCP periodically to set up distribution points and clinics.

Well, here are some photos of Solo. I hope all will find fun and interesting. Love and may God bless you all from Indonesia. - Ron Greenway

This is Pasar Gede .  It is the focal point almost a town square.

Need some cuttlery?  Pots, pans?

Fresh veggies?


Salted fish?

Fresh spices?

Fresh (?) meat?  Hey Mister - take my picture! 
It's red and it's meat - ask no more!

Or how about seafood?  Crabs, tiny clams, squid, shrimp, fish ?????

Earlier I mentioned Jak Fruit.  When it is small, yound and tender, it is used like a vegetable.  When it is fully ripe it is baked and looks like beef but is very sweet.

Jak fruit - ripe on the tree.

Jak Fruit - sliced for sale in the market.

Selecting our Rambutan.  One of several types of Dragon Eye Fruit.
You can buy this canned in syrup in the grocery store.

Dragon Eye ?????  Hmmmmmm!?!?!  That's not peach fuzz is it John Peters?

OK  doesn't look too appetizing - maybe if i peel it...

Its getting better!!!  I guess I'll take a bite...

Mmmmmmm sweet and delicious!!!!!
Oh that's why they call it Dragon Eye!!!
(oh  and discard the seed!)

Week 11

Good Evening All, (actually it is 7 a.m. for some of you, 5 a.m. for others). 

We hope you had a gratitude filled Thanksgiving wherever you were.  Sister Grover had already planned to feed all the Elders and Sisters pie at 5 p.m. Thanksgiving day, but as some of us were talking, we decided what we missed the most were the cold Turkey sandwiches.  I think I might have mentioned this in Week 10.  So, on Thurs. morn Elder Greenway and I stuffed 6 Indonesian Chickens into our Easy Bake oven, and the 3 Sister Miss. studied at the Soepomo Building while making rolls.  Then at 5 we had cold chicken sandwiches on homemade rolls, with Hellmans mayo, and we're here to tell you that every bit of that chicken was slicked up.  Then we had pumpkin, apple, chocolate cream, and banana cream pie, with a no-bake cheese cake.  To top it off, we had blueberry (a huge flavor favorite here), caramel, and chocolate toppings and whipped cream AND ice cream!!!!!  We invited the Seminary Kids (they have seminary at 5 p.m. on Tues, Wed., Thurs., and Fri. evenings here, because school starts at 7 a.m.  So you can see that kids leave home at 7 and get home around 7), for dessert, and some of the YSAs came, too.  Everything was gone in the end.  IT WAS GREAT!!!!  But these lovely people are so kind, we had 5 or 6 speak to us at different times during the week and ask if we were okay because we were missing Thanksgiving.  Always loving...

The Grovers flew out today.  They leave Jakarta tomorrow morning and fly 26 hrs. (including lay-overs) and arrive in Utah tomorrow night.  Go figure.  A group of members asked if they could come to the airport to see them off!  Again, always loving.  The Grovers spent the week cleaning and bringing us boxes of stuff.  It is amazing what you can squeeze into this tiny apt.  They gave a bunch of food to the Elders and Sisters who were very grateful.  We will ever be thankful for their training and thoughtfulness.  We were very lucky to come to Solo.  Most Seniors don't have such a great hand-over of the reins.  They will be missed by all who knew them, members and many non-members, too.

Last Monday we were asked to accompany 3 of the Elders to a family home.  Noto, the father, was concerned because his son has not been coming to church.  The boy is 11, and he gets up early and goes off with his friends.  They go to the neighborhood video game place.  Indonesians do not have systems in their homes, but each neighborhood has a place and charges to let the boys use it.  It is a problem here just like it is a problem in the US.  So we went with the Elders to Noto's tiny shanty store, where he sells used clothes.  I can remember Emily telling me about homes in Ecuador being like large ovens.  Well, ditto.  But, we did get Noto and his son to commit to piano lessons at the Kaptiahan building.  We wanted to get Bimbang, (pronounced quickly Bimbahng) into the building again.  He used to come regularly.  Now you will recall that the family car here is usually a scooter, and so if it rains, people don't leave home.  So on Tuesday when they were to come to lessons, it just poured for 2 hrs.  Hmmm.....  We will try again this week.  Anyway we have made a number of other plans to help Bimbang remember what he is missing.  He loves his Dad, so that is the best start.  Call this our rescue effort.

Speaking of Rescue Effort...  I think I told you that there is zero Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching done here.  They really depend on the missionaries to find and bring back the less active.  The problem there is that when the Elders get transferred, then you have to start over.   Elder Greenway and I have had the opportunity to see the rescue effort work in the Carlisle Ward.  So we felt inspired that it could work here.  We already had a meeting scheduled with the District Pres. and all of the Branch Pres. to discuss PEF.  Elder Greenway asked if we could meet with Pres. Agus a bit early.  He took Elder Ward along to translate for both meetings.  I was teaching my group of 5 piano students.  Elder Greenway presented his idea, knowing that the Pres. already knew about the rescue effort program, but he told the Pres. how long it took to "catch on" in the US.  Pres. Agus was really excited.  Ron was very inspired in his presentation.  So, Pres. had Ron present it along with PEF in the meeting with the Branch Pres.  Pres. Agus had them give Ron a schedule of their Council meetings so that we can attend and do a bit of training.  We prayed very hard before the meeting that we would not come off as nosy Americans.  Well, we were blessed.  Now we will just have to work very hard so that Solo can grow and become a Stake.  That is the plan.... 2 years, then maybe a Temple!   Oh, that would be so wonderful!!!

Our English as a Second Lang. lessons have been going well.  Wed. morning we took five various "board" games, that I found on line and enlarged, to our freshmen students at UNISRI.  I had them turn there desks to make "tables" to play on.  Well they formed 6 groups.  So I gave each group a game, some buttons to use as "men" and a dice.  But, I had a group with no game.  So, since the idea is to get them to speak English plainly and have fun learning, I taught the last group, "Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar?" with the rhythm work and all.  It was sooooo fun, and a hit!  It took forever to get them to do it with the rhythm, and the whole "Who me?" "Yes, you." "Couldn't be!"  "Then, who?" was hysterical.  But they got it.  So I had them come to the front at the end of class and do it for the whole group.  Now they all want to do it.  I think that will be a whole new lesson, along with "The Minister's Cat" which is similar.

Finally, we are up to 11 piano students, with more in the wings.  I still don't have my new pianos, but we will find them.  On Tues. I have 5, single lessons, Kiki 14, Lala 8, and Luki 6 are siblings, then Aster 20 and Bimbang 11.  Noto 40? would like to learn, too.  We'll see if he is serious.  On Wed. I have a group lesson - Frisca 20, Agus 16, Yua 20, Alfina 18, Widap 20, and Puspah 12.  Widap is pretty accomplished, but the rest are level one and lower.  But they love it and that is all that counts.  I have been finding Christmas music for them on line, and I told them we should have a recital of our Christmas music.  They panicked!  But we shall see....  These young people are marvelous.  Today the Barat Branch had their YW program.  It's like the Primary Program that they do in place of YW in Excellence.  It was so beautiful, and very spiritual.  Poor Elder Greenway spent Sacrament meeting in tears.  We could barely understand things, but the Spirit was there, and it was powerful.  They sang about 6 songs, had the YM join in for one of those, and then had beautiful testimonies.  WOW!

Well, these are the days of the Greenway Couple.  It is sunny and beautiful.  Every day it clouds up and pours, then it cools down for the evening.  Ah, paradise.  Oh, I forgot to tell you I finally saw a rat.  The Sisters have killed five with big stick in their apt., the Elders are not so brave, but I had yet to see one.  Well we were walking home from piano the other night and scared one out of a ditch into the culvert.  Not too big, but definitely a rat!  Ah, paradise!

Please take care of each other with love,
Elder and Sister Greenway

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 10 Photos - Grover Farewell Party

 Farewell Party for Elder and Sister Grover:  The crowd begins to form ... We're thinking funeral ???   Wedding ????

The entertainment begins....

 Now we have a full house and the party begins!!!!!  Hey - that ain't one of the singers!!!!

 Elder & Sister Grover began to dance to the crooning of the 2nd counselor in the Branch and his wife.

And then they brought out the food and drink (bottled water also comes in sealed plastic cups.!!!!!

Oh yeah lots of food!!!!

 .... and more food .....

Oh yeah they let her sing a couple of times!

 But then it was back to the real entertainment! This is the Branch President Cator (Chator) and his 15 yo daughter Monik (Monique).  His family could be a poster family for the Church.  His son Rico will be going to SLC on his mission in December.

Even Fareda was able to come.  That's her on the right talking with another YSA.  Fareda is Muslim - came to and English class at the church with a friend - saw the YSA having a movie night and now wants to be baptized!

Have we mentioned how wonderful these people are!?!?

Week 10 Photos - Church Cleaning

You might be wondering what this fellow is doing, Well, it rained earlier in the day so it was a good time to clean up the "parking lot of the Kapatihan Building.  So without being asked ....

The Branch members of the Jebres Branch decided to dig the weeds from between the paving stones.

Yes, the weeds went into that plastic bag ... and you don't want to know how old this brother is!

Great family time!  Puts a whole new light on cleaning the church.  Oh yeah - and remember - this is central Java.  Its about 33 degrees C. (92 degrees F)  And its HUMID!!!!

Week 10 Photos - BBQ Chicken Restaurant

Well, I guess I will start with the Grover's favorite BBQ chicken "restaurant."  This is actually right along the street.  Another vendor uses the space during the day and this family takes it over at night to cook and serve their Fried or BBQ chicken.  Ayam = Chicken  Goreng = Fried and Bakar = grilled.  Don't question the sanitation, its best not to go there.  But these people have a photo album of all of the missionaries that have eaten there over the years ... and none of them got sick or died.

The kitchen and pantry.

The grill and stove.

The dining room.  Including straws, napkins and finger bowls.

The lady with her back to the picture was getting take-out.  Lady in red was the cashier, then there's the Momma (Boss and cook) and her son who provides security for his wife and Mom.

This is the whole store - on the street.  Sorry - I can only get a night shot because that's when they are there.  They are wonderful, friendly people.  Oh, and a BBQ chicken (breast or thigh - your choice) dinner comes with rice, with a leaf-spice and sliced cucumbers, and cabbage (and hot pepper sauce).  Fresh fruit drinks are extra!  Bringing the bill for two dinners and drinks to about 25000 rupia (not quite $2.50).

Week 10

Hello Dear Friends and Family! 

It is already week 10!  Amazing!!!!  Time is flying by I'm sure for you, as well as for us.  We are finding ourselves getting more involved in the workings of the branches (Cabangs (pronounced chabong) and in the lives of the members here.  We love them more every day, and they are kind and dear to us - cheerful and friendly, and we are delighted to know them. 

On Tuesday I taught piano for Sister Grover, and started my very first student.  Sis. Grover has been teaching YW (young women) and YSA ( young single adult) piano students.  I suggested to the Jebres branch that we get them started earlier.  So I have Lala, who is 8-½ years old.  Her sister Kiki, has been taking lessons from Sis. Grover, but I found out that there are 13 children in this family.  I also found out Tuesday that Lala has not been baptized.  So, before lessons the Missionary Sister asked if I would go in while they gave her the Baptism lessons.  She had her brother Luki with her so he had the lessons, too.  He is 6 years old.  They asked her if she would be baptized on Dec 4 and at first she said no.  Then she nodded yes.  But she went out after and told one of the Sisters in the branch that she was terrified of the water.  So the Sister told me.  We asked Lala if Elder Greenway baptized her would she be baptized? (Her father is not a member).  She smiled a big smile and said yes, so Elder Greenway is baptizing Lala on Dec. 4.

Today her mother asked if I would play the piano at the baptism.  At least that is what I thought she said - she speaks zip "Ingris", but that was later confirmed.  We are very excited.  Oh, and besides that, she has been paying attention during her sister's piano lessons, because she went through about 4 pages of lessons without a hitch, and, Luki played too!  I am now waiting for the electric pianos to come from the Harmon Foundation in UItah.  They have been shipped, so they should be here soon.  Then I can go at this in full swing.  Also, on Tuesday, our sweet Emily went to the nursing home about 9 a.m. and Skyped us on her fancy phone so that we could talk to Juanita Williams.  What a glorious idea from Emily.  There were a bunch of tears shed, but it was good to see her, and let her know how much we love her.  Emily has been copying these letters and taking them to her, but this was face to face, so it was marvelous.  We hope the best for her.  She needs a new home, she cannot manage in the apt. she is in, but she needs to get well first.  Hooray for Emily!  It was great!!!!!

Wednesday we taught our first English class all by ourselves.  We talked about words of description... adjectives, adverbs, and unlikely words that describe, like "they get along like cats and dogs" or "bread and butter" etc.  Then we played a game using adverbs and words that go together and describe.  They were great. However, while they grow peanuts here, they do not eat peanut butter.  You can buy Skippy, but it is pricey, so they don't eat it.  So, words like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, shirt and tie, etc. are quite foreign, but we went ahead and let them figure it out.  They will be dealing with more and more English as they grow older and get into the business world.  They did just fine. 

On Wed. the Soepomo building gave Bro. and Sis. Grover a going away party.  It was just as much a treat as the weddings and funerals, and water project ceremonies.  They had an "opening exercises" for want of a better term, where people could talk about the Grovers, and they had the Grovers speak.  They even had an opening song....BUT THEN it turned into karaoke night!

They had hired a "group" (a electric piano-synthesizer dude), and he brought 2 singers dressed to the nines in sequins and satin, and they sang a bit until the ward members took over and everyone, including the Elders, sang and rocked out and boogied on down.  You have never seen such a party!  Usually Indonesians go to bed with the chickens, literally, because they get up with the chickens. (Hey, this sounds like Bishop Kellis).  Every morning about 4:30 the Muslim guy [imam] starts to sing over his loud speaker from the Mosque.  Well, there are about 900 Mosques in Solo, so it gets people up and moving.  Then he sings at noon, and then at dusk.  ANYWAY!  So parties and activities around here usually get over early.  This party lasted until 9:45!!!!!  Whatever happened to civility!  But it was a great party.  Oh and I forgot about the food.  Lots of it, Indonesian-style (fried bananas, etc)!

Thursday we took Bono (our driver) and his wife, Dia, and the Grovers out to "Layar" a very nice restaurant here to thank them all for their guidance.  We had grilled fish, chicken grilled in a butter sauce, an egg dish that has a red, clear sauce with capers over it, a vegetables dish with sauce, and of course rice.  Now we share all this plus our own fresh stroberi, or guava, or jus juruk icies (mmmm) all for about $170,000 rupiahs, or $17.00 dollars.  For those of you who know Ron, this is a delight!  Oh! and speaking of Elder Greenway, he has been working very hard on a presentation for the District Pres. about the "Rescue Effort."  They don't do a lot of visiting teaching or home teaching here because transportation is so terrible.  But we have had strong feelings that they could do the Rescue Program that the Church has provided.  There is an excellent on-line program, but it does not come in Bahasa, so he is trying to find a transcript and then we will have it translated to present to Pres. Agus.  This has been a major effort along with PEF, and other projects he is working on.

Now, just so you realize that this mission isn't just one party after another, Friday was Missionary District Meeting for all in our district.  It was very spiritual, with all of these young Elders and Sisters, who teach and testify daily about the Savior, reporting their week, and teaching from Preach my Gospel.  Then that night we returned to Joko's with the Sisters to teach him and his family about the Plan of Salvation.  The Spirit there was very strong, and he had very good questions, especially about God, the Father and His Son being 2 separate beings.  But he was very moved, and then we gave him a copy of the words to "I Am a Child of God" in bahasa and sang it for him in his own tongue.  It is so lovely and powerful to sit there and just bask in that Spirit.  This little home is so poor, but so lovely in that Light.  We will be going back to see him next Sunday.

Finally, other than being our sweet daughter (in law) Lynn's Birthday, Sat. was a practice for 2 Primary programs that I played for today.  The one branch went through their program 3 times.  Can you imagine getting that done in your ward on a Saturday?!  Then, you guessed it, we went to a party for the YSA of the four branches.  It was pizza and movies night.  YES! THEY DO HAVE PIZZA, AND IT IS CALLED PAPA RONS.  That is not a typo, it is Papa Rons.  They also have Pizza Hut.  It is a little different here, they serve rice and spaghetti at McDonald's here, but it is do-able.

You are all so great to listen to my rantings!  It's just that everything and everyone are so interesting.  When you hear the children of these branches sing with such force and volume "We are as the armies of Helaman!" and to hear just three 11 year old boys belt out "I Want to Be a Missionary Now" all in bahasa it stirs your soul, and you know they mean it. It was an honor to play for them.

We know our Father in Heaven has great things in store for the people of Indonesia!  You can just feel it.  They are so valiant, and they want to learn and be like the "people of Salt Lake City".  They want their programs to be perfect, and to shine.  I hope you will let them be your example.  They are mine.  They are cheerful and they have so little, they shine when they have to struggle just to have food and clothing, they would probably fit the criteria of the "least of these" but they don't know it or act the part.  They are happy and valiant, and they TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER!!!  They are an example to us all.

Be happy, and take care of each other,
love you all... mom

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Javanese Wedding Photos

Melanie mentioned that we attended a wedding.  This couple is from the Jebres Branch.  This is the Bride & Grooms seat of honor.

 Here is the couple.  The white tiara, ear piece on the groom and the lei are all very tiny woven flowers.  His suit and her gown are very heavy ... and HOT to wear!!!!

 The mandatory photos!

With their young single adult friends from the branch - they always seem to split males and females - even at church -  sometimes even when they are married making it sometimes hard to put husbands and wives together if they don't have children, yet.  The fellow standing right next to the bride is Moko (Fabritiya Christ Sujatmoko) - he's a graduated civil engineer and is going to Australia on a mission in December.

 These are the Young Women of the Jebres Branch.  They did the Sacrament Program this Sunday.  Sister Greenway helped them with their music and accompanied them on the piano.  That is Sister Grover on the other side.  Aster in purple is a university student, she is not a YW and is not the President but she is the ringleader.  Note that the girls are in matching blouses - each of which represent the Values colors.