Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thing's That Go Bump...

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all had a good one! So our ward had a trunk or treat on the Saturday before Halloween. That is why no one has masks on but Gina and I think we did a good job. 

NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BATMAAAAAN!!! Gavin wanted to be Batman since June! He never swayed! But when we could afford to buy the costume it was a size to he'll be Batman next year...and the year after...etc.

Gina and I painted Andrew's "mask" on. I think we did an awesome job! That is also Gavin's costume from last year so Andrew saved us some money by wanting to be Spiderman!!

Kyle went as an "Army man". He is actually wearing his ACU's with no patches and his boot's. What you don't see is that I attacked him earlier with black hair paint. He looked REALLY different with black hair.

I went as a toddler going to bed. Gina braided my hair. I wore my footie jammies and, I also carried around one of Gavin's teddy bears. I was DANG cute!

I'm doing Gina's makup. She (as always) is a princess.

The WHOLE Menagerie! Spiderman (Andrew), Batman (Gavin), Frankenstein (Austin Penney), Spiderman (James Penney), Tinkerbell (Allison Penney), Rupunzel (Erin Penney) and Pooh Bear (Sean Penney). What a group of good lookin kids!!!

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