Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 11 Photos

Thanksgiving Meal

Mom (Sister Greenway) mentioned Thanksgiving and the YW program at the Barat Branch.  I thought I'd include some photos:

These are a mix of YSA and Seminary - they finished seminary and went to the cultural hall to sing Christmas carols.  Note the rhythm section.  And that there are no leaders present.

The rhythm section.

Happy Thanksgiving!

How about some leftover leftovers?  Seminary kids ...

Then leftover, leftover, leftovers fo a couple YSAs: Widap and...


Young Women Presentation
We experienced the most amazingly Spiritual YW presentation in the Barat Branch (Soepomo Building near our apartment) this Sunday.  We understood little because our bahasa isn't the best, yet, but the Spirit was so strong....   There was no reading of parts, their testimonies brought tears to the eyes of many, including the young women themselves, and their singing was heavenly.  Note the leaders are in white and the YW are in matching blouses and flowers in their hair.

Barat Branch Young Women and Leaders

OK let's get a little crazy .... That'l do I guess!
Church Grounds
The parking lot ...  You know President Giles, I think I know how to save space in all of the buildings' parking areas - do you think the members would be will to ride 1 family per bike? Up to 5, we would't want to ask too much of the members - or the police I guess.

Helmets required - usually

Some of the Landscaping arounf the Soepomo Building.

Have I mentined that there are no lawn mowers in Solo?
Now the grass really isn't grass, it is a leafy ground cover,
but everything else is hand tended.

Orchids ... they just grow.

And there are flowers all around the Branch Buildings.

Some are very unique!

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