Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 10 Photos - Grover Farewell Party

 Farewell Party for Elder and Sister Grover:  The crowd begins to form ... We're thinking funeral ???   Wedding ????

The entertainment begins....

 Now we have a full house and the party begins!!!!!  Hey - that ain't one of the singers!!!!

 Elder & Sister Grover began to dance to the crooning of the 2nd counselor in the Branch and his wife.

And then they brought out the food and drink (bottled water also comes in sealed plastic cups.!!!!!

Oh yeah lots of food!!!!

 .... and more food .....

Oh yeah they let her sing a couple of times!

 But then it was back to the real entertainment! This is the Branch President Cator (Chator) and his 15 yo daughter Monik (Monique).  His family could be a poster family for the Church.  His son Rico will be going to SLC on his mission in December.

Even Fareda was able to come.  That's her on the right talking with another YSA.  Fareda is Muslim - came to and English class at the church with a friend - saw the YSA having a movie night and now wants to be baptized!

Have we mentioned how wonderful these people are!?!?

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