Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 10 Photos - BBQ Chicken Restaurant

Well, I guess I will start with the Grover's favorite BBQ chicken "restaurant."  This is actually right along the street.  Another vendor uses the space during the day and this family takes it over at night to cook and serve their Fried or BBQ chicken.  Ayam = Chicken  Goreng = Fried and Bakar = grilled.  Don't question the sanitation, its best not to go there.  But these people have a photo album of all of the missionaries that have eaten there over the years ... and none of them got sick or died.

The kitchen and pantry.

The grill and stove.

The dining room.  Including straws, napkins and finger bowls.

The lady with her back to the picture was getting take-out.  Lady in red was the cashier, then there's the Momma (Boss and cook) and her son who provides security for his wife and Mom.

This is the whole store - on the street.  Sorry - I can only get a night shot because that's when they are there.  They are wonderful, friendly people.  Oh, and a BBQ chicken (breast or thigh - your choice) dinner comes with rice, with a leaf-spice and sliced cucumbers, and cabbage (and hot pepper sauce).  Fresh fruit drinks are extra!  Bringing the bill for two dinners and drinks to about 25000 rupia (not quite $2.50).

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