Sunday, November 13, 2011

Javanese Wedding Photos

Melanie mentioned that we attended a wedding.  This couple is from the Jebres Branch.  This is the Bride & Grooms seat of honor.

 Here is the couple.  The white tiara, ear piece on the groom and the lei are all very tiny woven flowers.  His suit and her gown are very heavy ... and HOT to wear!!!!

 The mandatory photos!

With their young single adult friends from the branch - they always seem to split males and females - even at church -  sometimes even when they are married making it sometimes hard to put husbands and wives together if they don't have children, yet.  The fellow standing right next to the bride is Moko (Fabritiya Christ Sujatmoko) - he's a graduated civil engineer and is going to Australia on a mission in December.

 These are the Young Women of the Jebres Branch.  They did the Sacrament Program this Sunday.  Sister Greenway helped them with their music and accompanied them on the piano.  That is Sister Grover on the other side.  Aster in purple is a university student, she is not a YW and is not the President but she is the ringleader.  Note that the girls are in matching blouses - each of which represent the Values colors.

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