Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 85

Happy Almost May!"
It still amazes us.... how the time seems to fly by.  April is gone, and here comes May.  We already know that May will be a crazy busy month, so much already on the agenda.  Soon we will be saying, Whoa!  It's June!!!  But while it is still April, we would like to say "Happy Avinursery"! John and Lynn!!!  and.... "Happy, Happy, glorious B.Day to our beautiful Amy (coming up on May 4th)!!!!!!!!
We will do this up quickly, we have a wedding celebration at 6:30 p.m. (another wedding we'll attend for someone we don't know.)  The wedding is for a cousin of a member we DO know, and they love to have the missionaries attend, so off we'll go.  But the big news of the week is that Elder Greenway baptized Luki today, said the baptismal prayer IN INDONESIAN with no trouble, and made Luki one happy little boy.  Luki kept looking at us all during Sacrament meeting, shook our hand about 10 times, kept watching Elder G. all during the opening comments at the baptism, and had a huge smile when it was over.  The Bishop said, in his remarks, that when he asked Luki why he wanted to be baptized, Luki replied, "So I can be a missionary."  We missed our grandson Eli's baptism, and that was very hard.  So it was a treat to be a part of Luki's baptism.  To have baptized 2 children in one family gives us a big investment into the families success.  We love them dearly.
We are busy with piano!  Three new students this week.  I feel a little bad taking new students because I will not be here long enough to see them progress to where they want to be, PLAYING THE HYMNS!  But I will get them started, and then we'll see...  We have been contacted by the couple who are suppose to replace us, but of course that is up to the new Mission President who will be here in June.  They are from Arizona, and we hope they WILL come to Solo.  We know that the Knorpps will be here for 6 months after we leave, and so that keeps us happy.  They are doing a super tremendous job getting the Family History program going in all the Wards in Indonesia.  Not a small job, but they have been very successful.  It is so hard in central Java, (Solo) because people do not have family names, and many have only one name.  For instance, Bono's real name is Sarbono and that is it!  There is nothing to tie the generations together.  Most people know their grandparents names, and that's it.
We finally made it to Boyalali (we leave at 9:30 a.m. and get back around 4 p.m.) to see our dear Kini and Markini.  We have really missed them.  They are still amazing.  The Sisters asked them if they were still reading the Book of Mormon, and Kini said that her husband took it to work to read at lunch time.  Markini said her good friend had asked to read it, so it was at her home.  They have read all of the old conference issue of the Liahona, and were thrilled to know there would be a new one.   So next visit we will take them more Books of Mormon, and a few Liahonas.  We just hugged and hugged.  I wish I could pack them up a bring them home with me.  I suggested that, and Kini asked what she would do with her husband.  I just waved my hand like, Oh well...who needs a husband, and we all laughed and laughed.
We also went to the government hospital on Friday to see Brother Slamato.  We have been to that hospital numerous times, but it still creeps us out.  Brother Slamato was in a room with 7 other patients, no air conditioning, families sleeping on mats on the floor, dirty, smelly, and just sad.  I think I told you that we went once to see a new mom, and there were at least 15 new moms, and new babies all smashed into one room.  Anyway, Elder looked over the medication in the I.V. and just sitting on the little bedside table, and figures Brother Slamato was in there for a bleeding ulcer.  So Elder could sympathize.  We had Bono ask if he wanted a blessing and he said yes, so we drew the curtain best we could, and Elder and Bono gave him a blessing.  His son was there, but as soon as they started to pray he was out of there.  He is probably Muslim.  When Brother Slamato fell asleep, I shook hands with all the women in the room, and then we left.  We were probably all they talked about the rest of the day...they sure stared at us while we were there.  Then it is hand sanitizer all around when we got to the car!
We also had Seminary English 3 nights this week, we are working on doing a fourth night at Kapatihan.  Tomorrow we will have 14 missionaries (including ourselves) to our apartment for P.Day. We will watch "How to Train Your Dragon" (to thank them for helping with the Stake Choir), have a lesson, and eat lunch. (Taco Soup was the vote winner).  So I am off to fry up some hamburger, run to a wedding, and grab some sleep.  We LOVE it!  We love these Elders and Sisters!  We love the Knorrps!  AND WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!  Keep smilin'....
Da mom and Da Dad

Week 85 Photos #1

On Thursday, we traveled up to Ngadirojo again to visit Kini and Markini at their home.  Here are some random photos of the trip, plus Sister Manullang and Sister Hutcheson win a picture with them.
Inline image 13

This is the road to Kini and Markini's homes.
Inline image 8
As we left the area of the Sisters apartment, after picking them up, I recorded a few typical street scenes.
The older women was heading up the street - I noted her PVC cane.
Inline image 14

This particular warung is a fresh fruit stand.  It was closed at the time.
Inline image 3

Here are some home-made soy chips drying in the sun (they will later be deep fried) and some cooked rice, that Bono says will be chicken food.
Inline image 4
Here is a photo of something we see every time we go to the sisters' apartment.  They live behind this Masjid (Mosque) and Kristen (Christian) Church.  These two "churches" are side by side and I was told that they share offices.  If they don't, they are close enough for that to be true.
Inline image 15
You do see a lot of Masjid.  Here is one at a Pertimina (national) bensin (gasoline) station.
Inline image 11
Driving into Boyolali, you cross these red crossing zones.  They are located from Kartasura into Boyolali and mark school crossing areas.
Inline image 16
Here is the entrance to the Boyolali Bus Station.  Buses run regularly, sometime every thirty minutes or less to just about anywhere and the tarif (cost) is cheap by US standards.  Though there are some bus companies, there are also many independent buses.
Inline image 19

On the road to Salatiga, which passes our turn off to Ngadirojo, there has been a lot of road construction (road widening) during our time in Indonesia.  These workers are finishing the rock wall/water gutters.  There is heavy equipment in use; but, note how labor intensive and manual in nature it is, and that everyone working.
Inline image 10

Week 85 Photos #2

On Sunday evening, we attended the wedding of Banu and Anna.  It was a typical Javanese Wedding, sauna and steam bath.  There were decorative air conditioners in the reception hall.
The Wedding Planner was Ima, Didits wife.  She not only plans the event, but also guides the couple (and other participants) through the ceremony.
Inline image 1
Here are the bride and groom being led into the festivities by the fathers and followed by the mothers.

Inline image 2
The bride, Anna, and groom, Banu, with their parents.

Inline image 3
There were Wedding Singers!
Inline image 4
I had to include this close-up.  As an ex-therapist, I kept thinking ... money in the bank!!!  Where's my business card!?!?! 
Inline image 5
I hope you remember Refiro.  He is Sri Rejekti and Surono's son.  When the music started, he immediately picked up his AIR GUITAR!!!!
Inline image 6
And no wedding is complete without a photo op with the bule's.  Actually, here are the missionaries.  OK... can we leave now before someone melts !?!?!
Inline image 7

Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 84

Dearest and most wonderful family and friends,
"I think the world is glorious and lovely as can be!"  This week has been a glorious week!!!  We know that the U.S. has had it's share of tragedies during the week, but in beautiful Solo, Indonesia we bask in the feelings of warmth that living in the tropics can bring, and the feelings of warmth that come from the Spirit of God.  The beginning of the week was somewhat normal.  We taught piano, we taught English, we went searching for the less active, AND we prepared for Stake Conference.  So we will fast forward to Friday.  But before we do that, we would like to wish John and Lynn a Happy Anniversary on the 29th, just in case we forget next week!!!!
Friday began with and early DDM.  Those dear missionaries moved the meeting forward to have time to complete there appointments before the 5:00 p.m. Stake Choir Practice.  I believe I mentioned last week that the Stake President let us cancel Seminary and Institute for Friday night to make room for that last practice. DDM was a marvel.  Our new District Leader, Elder Lee, has asked that all DDMs be conducted in English from now on.  He is doing that to help the Indonesian Elders and Sisters learn English.  So, there is some translating, but the meeting is in English.  Also, last week he gave us each a card with the name of an Apostle or member of the First Presidency.  He gave us the assignment to listen to that person's talk in General Conference and to: 1. Share the topic.  2. Listen for 3 important points to share.  3. Use a scripture that was used in the talk.  4.  Apply the talk to missionary work. 5. Report all of this in 1 minute at DDM in English!  For some of the Indonesian Missionaries this was a big deal.  But every report was wonderful, and both English speaking and those Indonesian Missionaries did a tremendous job.  We were so impressed. 
By that time on Friday we had realized that we would have 11 guests to our apartment for a luncheon after Stake Conference on Sunday.  So Bono zoomed to Lotto Mart to pick up a few things for beef stew, etc... then zoomed us to the apartment to put things away, and then we zoomed to Kapatihan for choir practice.  Now we will not talk about that final, beautiful practice, only to say that everyone was there, and that I asked that in their personal prayers they ask for the Spirit to abide in our hearts, and the hearts of those who would hear us sing.  Then Widap said a lovely closing prayer for all of us, and everyone lingered to enjoy the Spirit that beautiful music brings.  Friday evening Elder and I prepared all the fixings for Beef Stew to be ready to cook on Saturday.
NOW... Saturday we had an appointment with the Jebres Elders (Elders Watson and Wijaya) to visit with a family.  Do you remember way back about week 10 or so when Elder baptized sweet Lala, the young girl who was afraid of the water?  Her family moved from a pretty horrible home near the church, to a much nicer home somewhat further from the church.  That move has stopped piano lessons for Lala, her sister Kiki, and her brother Luki.  It has also stopped Kiki's attendance at Seminary although her older sister Loan (Lowahnn) has been coming so....  We also knew that Luki should have been baptized months ago, but his non-member father had not yet given permission, and the Mother, Diah, wanted Elder and I to ask for his permission.  So the Elders made an appointment, and we fetched them, and drove to the humble new home.  We just visited for a while.  Besides Lala, Luki, Kiki, and Loan, there are 2 little brothers Moses, and Enso.  There are actually 13 children but the rest are older.  So we shared some candy with the children, Elder teased Moses and Enso, and we talked to their father about his work.  Then we gave them one of our family pictures.  We talked about families being our important purpose here on earth.  We told them we loved their family and wanted them to remember us, because we would never forget them.  Then we asked if we could come on Tuesdays and get them for piano and seminary, and they agreed.  Then we asked the father, if Luki agreed, if Elder could have the honor to baptized Luki.  HE AGREED!  We asked when they would like this to happen, and they said NEXT SUNDAY!  Joyful! Joyful! Joyful!  Now you have to realize that most of this was being translated to them through Elder Watson.  So it took some time.  It was a lovely meeting. So next Sunday...
Then we zoomed home to mix up the stew and get it in the crock pot, and the stove pot. (We needed a lot of stew).  Saturday evening was the adult session of Stake Conference, which is always wonderful no matter WHAT Stake you live in.  After that meeting Pres. Ipung, a very erect, stoic, member of the Stake Presidency came to us and asked when we go home.  I told him August 12, and he started to count on his fingers and then he stopped and pushed out his bottom lip in sadness and just looked at us.  Whenever someone does that I dissolve into tears, and then it seemed that those tears just hovered near the surface all night and all of today.  
At 9:55 a.m. the youth and young single adults of the 4 Solo Wards stood and sang "As Sisters in Zion/We'll Bring the World His Truth" medley.  If we sang it 10 times in a row, it would not have ever been as perfect as that one time.  Then Conference began, they did the sustainings etc., then the choir stood again and sang "This Is The Christ".  I think we all have had experiences in our lives when the strength of the Holy Spirit is so strong that our hearts pound and our own spirit is lifted and soars.  To have that strength penetrate the entire space of that large building was more than I have ever known.  Intense is the word that comes to mind.  When it was over, the Stake President audibly exhaled a sigh.  The list of excellent speakers went on, then the Stake President spoke about becoming perfected in Christ.  Toward the end of his talk, he spoke about when Christ comes again.  Amazing, considering we had never spoken about his topic or the name of the closing song which the Choir then performed.  They stood and sweetly sang, "I Wonder When He Comes Again", first in Indonesian, then in English.  "Each day I'll try to do my part, and let my light so shine. That others seeing me may seek, for greater light divine.  And when that blessed day is come, He'll LOVE me and He'll say, "You've served me well my little child.  Come into my arms to stay."  Can it ever be better than that?  I know the prayers of those youth were answered in a very profound way.  They felt it, and they would look at me all during the meeting and smile teary smiles.  We love them with great appreciation for being just simply so faithful.  We have learned a lifetime of lessons from them.  They live so humbly, they give so richly, and they go on so nobly.  We are blessed by their love.
We pray for you and yours each day.  We know that some of you are carrying heavy hearts.  We have learned from these beautiful, brown, glorious people to have faith.  With that faith comes peace, and instruction.  We love you all and are always concerned for your welfare.  Try to hold on and smile...
With great love and joy,
Mom & Dad 

Week 84 Photos #1

Well, Week 84 was a full week.  I decided to include some street scenes along with our newsy stuff.  To start:
We attended another funeral this week.  It was held on Friday for Brother Sugeng.  He was a mentally challenged member who lived with his brother Wisnu and Wisnu's wife, Kristin.  They are less active and we have visited with them in the past.  Three months ago we attended the funeral of Wisnu's other brother.  Wisnu's father had been district president in years past and very active.  This neighborhood is very close to the Soeomo Building.

Here is the Bishop and Stake President finalizing the "Church Program" held in the home prior to the "Neighborhood Program."  Elder Lee was asked to speak.  You can also see Sister Hutcheson and Sister Manulang.
Inline image 1

This is a typical sight at the entrance to the home.  Very Javanese.
Inline image 2

The neighbors and friends were seated outside.  Snack pastries, water and handkerchiefs (for sweat, not tears) were provided.
Inline image 3

And at the conclusion, the casket was hustled off with lights and siren to the cemetery.
Inline image 4

I just needed to include this shot.  This is a neighborhood MCK.
Inline image 5

It is a "2-holer."
Inline image 6

Week 84 Photos #2

We've mentioned in the past that the main street of Solo is Jalan Slamet Riyadi.  jalan = street.  He was a college age student and hero of the War for Independence for Indonesia,

Inline image 11
Turn left at the statue and proceed past the Kantor Pos and the Bank of Indonesia and you come to the St Antonius Katolik Gereja.
Inline image 10

And if you continue straight on this street you will eventually come to the Kepatihan Building.  This is the fresh, young coconut and lemon jusice vendor with his set-up just outside the wall of the church.
Inline image 4
Here is one of the larger hospitals here in the city.  Rumah Sakit Dr. Oen (dr. Oen Sick House).
Inline image 5
On Saturday afternoon, when we were heading for Diah (the mother, the Dad isn't a member, yet), Loan, Kiki, Lala, Luki, Moses, and Enzo's house, we crossed over one of the larger canals Kali Anyar.
Inline image 6
This is a neighborhood/village Mas'jid on the road to Diah's home.
Inline image 7
And finally, these are the famous "Doll-Faced monkeys" of Indonesia.  They are called that because many of the monkeys wear plastic doll faces as part of their antics.   The monkeys do various tricks and the boys then ask for money.  
Inline image 9

Week 84 Photos #3

And last, but certainly not the least are the photos from the Surakarta Stake Conference (Konferensi Pasak Surakarta) held on Saturday and Sunday.
On Saturday evening, between sessions, food boxes were provided for all of the attendees of leadership and the adult session.  Like we've said before, tables are unnecessary.  These sessions were held in the Soepomo building.
Inline image 13
The Sunday session had to be moved from the Novotel Hotel ballroom where we've held it in the past.  Apparently a Christian service or activity of some sort was held in one of the hotels in Solo, and a Muslim group disrupted it and the police would not intervene, so the hotel, acknowledging that they could not provide sufficient security asked that we have conference elsewhere, so we ended up here.  It was not as large and the AC left much to be desired!!!  However, it was just across the street from our apartment.

Inline image 15
Here are our greeters !!!  Sister Manulang, Elder James, Elder Lee, SIster Situmorang, and SIster Canty.  Sister Canty and Sister Treyes (not present) are the NEW Mission Training Sisters for the Mission.
Inline image 16
Inline image 17
The Surakarta Stake Leadership, including President and Sister Groberg and the Stake Patriarch.
Inline image 18
These brethren and a few more not seated, yet, are those who are to be sustained to the Melchizedek Priesthood - Elders and High Priests. 
Inline image 19
Some good friends:  (L) Yuli and Muji (receipient of the RS Women's Foundation Grant.)
Inline image 21
Sister Frisca (who will become Sister Lindha on her mission to Australia Brisbane Mission) and Deviah (Diah's daughter and Bono's step-daughter).
Inline image 11

Week 84 Photos #4

And finally just a few more.  This is Feni Sudianto.  She is a single young female, member of the Semarang Ward, who has been a member for about 3 years.  This conference, she brought her non-member mom with her.
Inline image 1

Here is the inside of the meeting hall.  It was barely large enough for our congregation.
Inline image 2

After the conference, we had all of the stake's senior missionaries, the President and wife, the Healys, and a couple from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Public Affairs Missionary couple) to our apartment for lunch.  Here are: Elder and Sister Weichers, Elder and Sister Healy (Humanitarian), and Elder and Sister Knorpp (Family History).
Inline image 3
You can also make out Elder and Sister Barnard, Sister Groberg and the Barnard's driver.  As you can see - real cozy !
Inline image 4

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 83

We just finished a bowl of Split Pea Soup (we found cans of Campbell's at Hyper-mart and were thrilled) and a toasted cheese sandwich. Elder has a fever and is laying down, it is only Saturday night, BUT... this week is Conference Weekend for us so we watched sessions 1 and 2 and the Priesthood session today!!! Tomorrow we will watch sessions 3 and 4 and then we have Stake Choir practice at 4:30 and that leaves little time for letter writing. Now you have all watched Conference, so we do not need to talk about that, however I must say that I so enjoyed every bit of it, and can't wait for tomorrow! I also found out today that John and Lynn were in charge of the Lancaster Stake Roadshows!!! Wow!!! That's some real deja vu! I was so glad it was them... and I KNOW they did a great job, because Sister Knarr told me so.
Now, about this past week. Well, Monday was certainly interesting... We have been running down for a swim many mornings about 6 a.m. We normally swim for an hour. Not only is it good exercise, but it is also good missionary work. We now have a number of new friends who come about 6:45, so we visit a while before we get out of the pool. They have almost zip English, but I am getting so I can almost understand a conversation if they speak slow enough. Well, back to Monday, we had gone for the swim, and Elder and Sister Knorpp often are at the gym while we are swimming so we had talked to them and then around 7:10 we returned to the apartment. I hopped in the shower while Elder fixed his breakfast. After the shower, I gathered up my things and turned the knob on the bathroom door and CLICK! So I turned the knob again and the knob was no longer connected to the plunger that goes into the frame, BUT the plunger was still in the frame. So I knocked on the door, which by the way was misty because our bathroom fan is totally useless meaning the inside of the bathroom was hot and muggy WITH NO WINDOW and no way out. When I knocked Elder DID hear me, and bless his heart, he never laughed or even teased me. He knows I hate hot, he knows I hate muggy, and he knows I don't do well when I can't get out!!!! So he remained very calm and for about 15 minutes he and I tried to figure out the knob mechanism. It was quite and doorknob! We kept saying, "This knob was put into the door, we should be able to get it out!" Then he told me he thought maybe he'd go down to get help from maintenance. From everything we have ever told you about Indonesians and speed, do you think I would go for that!!!? I kept thinking, that means I'll have to spend all day in the bathroom and sleep in the tub that night.
So, the next best thing was Elder Knorpp! Now, we have Elder Greenway and Elder Knorrp on the outside, and Sister Greenway (not exactly modest) on the inside. It reminded me of a "how many missionaries does it take to fix a doorknob" joke. To make this long story short, about a half and hour later they had finally SAWED through some stubborn piece of metal, and then the doorknob fell out... but the plunger remained in place. Elder Knorrp had to take a pair of needle-nosed pliers and pick it to death. Then WAHLA!!!! I was free at last!!!... but not until Elder Knorpp graciously slipped back to his own apartment. We now have a washcloth stuffed into the hole where the doorknob should be, and a towel thrown over the top of the door to wedge it closed. I don't even know if we'll ever replace the knob..........Phhhewwww!!
Tuesday we showed our English Class "Fox in Socks" on power-point. What an absolute crack up!! We had each student take a turn reading, so they all had to figure out the "Sue sews crows socks" and "tweatle beatle battles in a bottle with a paddle on a poodle eating noodles". Sooo fun. We even had Elder Mortoyo, who just stepped in to see what we were doing, read through it. They loved that! Then Wednesday we worked on contractions. Now they can put contractions together really well, ie. can not to can't, but then they each had to come a choose a card that had 'will not, or did not' etc. on it and say the correct contraction, then use it in a sentence. We'll (contraction) need to work on this again. Thursday we worked on there, their, they're, and there's. I had written a paragraph on the board (Elder was out with the Missionaries teaching) using one of those four in a sentence. Then we talked about each one, it's meaning, how it works in a sentence, the differences. Then I would write a sentence and each member came up a fill in the blank with the appropriate word. All but 3 or so really understood. So a some point we will review that also.
We have also started in earnest to work on Banjasari's Ward Roster. After about eight hours total of work we have found 4 dead people, about 15 "move long ago, far away, Sister", about 10 "oh he married Muslim change church, Sister", 4 or so ??????(they seemed to have disappeared), angnd 2 that we would like the Missionaries to go see. Sssssssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
And that is just page #1 of 4 pages. We shouldn't be surprised, it was the same with Solo 1. However there is an up side, we do meet with many good members and their neighbors, we get to be right down in the neighborhoods, and we get to see Bono maneuver the very narrow alleyways they call streets.
Fast forward.... It is now 8 p.m. Sunday evening. Elder ended up quite sick, high fever, running to the bathroom, etc. So we watched Conference in our apartment. But, I did run to choir practice. Have I told you lately how wonderful the youth of Solo Wards participate and learn. We have about 65 singers! They have learned these songs with heart and soul. You would be amazed at "This is the Christ". They sing soft, then strong, singing parts, then holding long notes. Just amazing!!!!!
Then they sing "When He Comes Again" with a sweetness and love for the Savior that is just calm and oh so full of Spirit. I am soooooooooo proud of them. Today they sat through 4 hours of conference AT THEIR BUILDINGS, then came and practiced another 2 hours with me. I just love them so much. I will miss being with them terribly. This will be the last choir I get to be with here. Oh so sad.
These are Heavenly Father's choice youth. I know he has saved them for these days, and I know he sent some of the very best to Indonesia. I love them, I love Him for the opportunity to be with them. Joyous blessings!.........
Elder and Sister Greenway

Week 83 Photos

I only have a few photos this week. I'll start with the missionaries who have joined the ranks here in Solo: Elder Watson (from Spanish Fork, Utah) is now companioned with Elder Wijaya.
Inline image 1
And Elder Lopis is now with Elder Lee.
Inline image 2
Here is Veve - she is a piano student who is doing quite well, and likes to look over Elder Greenway's shoulder when he is on the computer. Elder even lets her play Star Wars Angry Birds!
Inline image 3


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 82

We are so jealous,
We get Conference a week late here, so you get all the news long before we do. It is interesting to hear from you, and hear your comments about the news of the Church. The first week of April is always so exciting. You have those first tastes of Spring, General Conference, and Aunt Paula Jean's birthday. Well, we'll just have to wait for next week to report on our thoughts and feelings about what will be to you, old news.
We have had a busy week. We had Zone Conference on Tuesday and that always gets everyone moving! We baked 10 loaves of sweet bread (banana, and chocolate zucchini) to share with the zone at break time during the Conference. We also visited with the President and Sister Groberg. This is their last set of Zone Conferences before they head for home. They are tireless, and dedicated, and the people of this Mission will long remember them. President took the time to meet with Ratmini's family on Monday night. Sister Ratmini came to Elder and I wondering what her family should do. Ezra, the son, will be 18 in June and will have graduated from high school and be ready for his mission. Aster, the daughter, will graduate from college in July and wants to serve a mission also. Ratmini and Maryono (husband) have been saving for years so they could all go to the temple together and be sealed. They will finally have enough in September. So, what to do??? We did not feel we had the "calling" to advise them. So we asked the President for some time for them. It was a surprising answer, and Ratmini was very content with it. She kept saying to me, it is right Sister, it is right. President advised them to get Ezra on his mission, then get Aster gone, and then get she and Maryono sealed, and then go back after the missions and have the children sealed to the parents. Both Aster and Ezra will have been to the temple as part of their MTC experience. We are wondering if they will both go to an English speaking mission. They are both capable, but only the Lord knows that. Interesting.....
Zone conference was about "Finding People to Teach". We practiced "contacting" and making power statements to introduce the Gospel, and make appointments to teach. They even had we old folk practice. It was fun because the missionaries would portray themselves, but then they would have another missionary portray the contact. It was fun to watch the missionaries become Indonesians from all occupations. They also did some role-playing later on, and we were instructed by the President and Sister Groberg. It was a great day.
Today three very wonderful things happened. We attended Church at Supomo, that is Solo 1 and Solo 2. Today we handed the "all done", completed, finished, and sweat over less active roster to the Solo 1 Bishop. This is a list with the names, addresses, and suggested actions of the less active for that Ward. For instance: Sri Rejekti Rt1 Rw13 *needs home and visiting teachers. The Rt 1 Rw 13 is the address... ya.... we know.... go figure.... So there were two pages of that, a list of names that went to the Indo Branch in Jakarta, a list of dead people, and a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong list of lost sheep that will be sent to SLC. On Friday we started looking for the less active for Banjasari Ward. We already found 2 dead people and about ten that are the 3 m's. Moved, Married, & Muslim. It's kind of like house cleaning, and you all know how I love to house clean! The second wonderful thing: Didi, Dandi, and Devara played for Sacrament Meeting today. They are siblings and one played each of the 3 songs for a typical meeting. They were wonderful, and their parents were very proud. (so was their piano teacher). The third wonderful thing: Nanik blessed her baby in Solo 2 today. This is a lovely lady whose husband is not a member, but she is definitely faithful. Bishop Catur was to bless the baby, and as they were gathering the "circle" together for the blessing, he just motioned for Elder to come and be a part. Then he said his name, "Elder Greenway". So Elder, thrilled to pieces, stood in that circle while the babied just howled!!! But when it was done both Elder Greenway and Bishop Catur were in tears. They are both such softies...
We have some new piano students. Five to be exact. Two are Muslim children that the Elders encouraged. They don't always stick with it. Two are from Solo 1, and one can already play and is older (college student), but wants to be better. I have had a number from Kapatihan give it up. Those two wards worry us anyway, more than simply piano. Oh the Indonesian culture, so....... sleepy...but lovely. Bila, the girl who painted my Javanese portrait a while back and who is gifted in music and brilliance, has entered a contest where she has composed 3 pieces about Indonesia. You would be amazed. The pieces are technical and lovely, and then she comes to me with a piece she wants to learn and has trouble reading the notes. Sort of Brook Shifflerish. But most of all, she texts us to tell us that she has retained her high ranking in her school class, and wants us to be proud of her. She is a 14 year old Muslim, but she loves to talk to us on Facebook to get advice and tells her friends about us. She is so dear.
Well I must go get ready for choir. We wish you could hear them sing. They have improved so much over the past 2 years. They are learning parts, and they are improving their voices. We are just so proud of them. We wish you could just feel the growth in these people. Heavenly Father has such plans for them, we know. He loves us all so much. Sometimes it seems like a long, unforgiving road we trudge through life. There are certainly enough calamities along the way. Indonesians really do experience their share of life's "pot holes". There are "pot holes" galore, and most of them are simply because they lack the knowledge and the money to fill the proverbial "holes". However, they have a huge surplus of Faith & Hope & Love, and that seems to get them where they need to go. We have seen it over and over. So, hold on to that Faith, Hope, and Charity (love) that is spoken of so often by the Lord. He knows our need...
Always with our love,
Elder and Sister Greenway

Week 82 Photos

This week started with the Zone Conference for Jawa Tengah. It was held in Solo at the Soepomo Building. There were several choirs: this one was from Solo and Sister Greenway helped the Elders and Sisters with their practices.
Inline image 1
There was also a number by all of the Sisters. Sister Greenway was on the piano.
Inline image 2
I can always catch the missionaries in more candid moments during lunch. Here we are having Ayam Bekar from Pak John's.  Knorpps and Barnards.
Inline image 5
A little less so with the Elders...
Inline image 4
and Elders.....
Inline image 6
I was able to capture all of our Sister Missionaries from Jogja and Solo. From Left to Right: Sister Suryani, Sister Situmorang, Sister Peterson, Sister Manulang, Sister Hutcheson, Sister Canty.
Inline image 7
And the entire zone.
Inline image 9
Back Row: Lopis, Hernandez, Suryono, James, Jameson, Wijaya, Setiawan
Third Row: Canty, Suryani, Lopis, Peterson, Costner,Situmorang, Wagstaff, Hutcheson, Johnson, Manulang, Earls, Greenways
Second Row: Barnards, Grobergs, Knorpps
Front Row: Hasibuan, Martoyo, Mongan, Secrist, Taulu, Lee