Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 81 Photos #2

After the wedding at the Kepatihan building we ran over to the Soepomo building where Solo 2 was having a Primary and Relief Society Easter Activity. The sisters were upstairs for a lesson and activity about keeping one's eye Single to the Glory of God. They played a game og "Pin the Eyball on a Face." With one sister having her eyes covered and her team members helping direct her to the "target." Sister Greenway wore the blind-fold and did well with "Kiri," "Kanan," "Turus," "Berhenti," and "Naik." (Left, right , continue, stop, and up). They won 2nd Place!!!!
Inline image 1
The Primary had the children making Easter Egg "dolls."
Inline image 2
Here are four of the girls presenting their accomplishments to Elder Greenway.
Inline image 3
The Young Women provided service by watching some of the wee ones. Here is Novi with one of her charges. Note the all-purpose sling. This is essentially just a piece of long cloth that can be manipulated and tied by a Mom supporting the babe with one arm while "tying" the sling over her shoulder with the other - amazing!!!
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And don't forget the food!!!! Oh, that's Bono's mom with the white hair.
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Tables and chairs are unnecessary, just space to sit is all that is needed.
Inline image 6
They even fed some of the Dad's who showed up.
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OOh, and don't forget to check out the parking lot!!!!!
Inline image 8

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