Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 85 Photos #1

On Thursday, we traveled up to Ngadirojo again to visit Kini and Markini at their home.  Here are some random photos of the trip, plus Sister Manullang and Sister Hutcheson win a picture with them.
Inline image 13

This is the road to Kini and Markini's homes.
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As we left the area of the Sisters apartment, after picking them up, I recorded a few typical street scenes.
The older women was heading up the street - I noted her PVC cane.
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This particular warung is a fresh fruit stand.  It was closed at the time.
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Here are some home-made soy chips drying in the sun (they will later be deep fried) and some cooked rice, that Bono says will be chicken food.
Inline image 4
Here is a photo of something we see every time we go to the sisters' apartment.  They live behind this Masjid (Mosque) and Kristen (Christian) Church.  These two "churches" are side by side and I was told that they share offices.  If they don't, they are close enough for that to be true.
Inline image 15
You do see a lot of Masjid.  Here is one at a Pertimina (national) bensin (gasoline) station.
Inline image 11
Driving into Boyolali, you cross these red crossing zones.  They are located from Kartasura into Boyolali and mark school crossing areas.
Inline image 16
Here is the entrance to the Boyolali Bus Station.  Buses run regularly, sometime every thirty minutes or less to just about anywhere and the tarif (cost) is cheap by US standards.  Though there are some bus companies, there are also many independent buses.
Inline image 19

On the road to Salatiga, which passes our turn off to Ngadirojo, there has been a lot of road construction (road widening) during our time in Indonesia.  These workers are finishing the rock wall/water gutters.  There is heavy equipment in use; but, note how labor intensive and manual in nature it is, and that everyone working.
Inline image 10

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