Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 85 Photos #2

On Sunday evening, we attended the wedding of Banu and Anna.  It was a typical Javanese Wedding, sauna and steam bath.  There were decorative air conditioners in the reception hall.
The Wedding Planner was Ima, Didits wife.  She not only plans the event, but also guides the couple (and other participants) through the ceremony.
Inline image 1
Here are the bride and groom being led into the festivities by the fathers and followed by the mothers.

Inline image 2
The bride, Anna, and groom, Banu, with their parents.

Inline image 3
There were Wedding Singers!
Inline image 4
I had to include this close-up.  As an ex-therapist, I kept thinking ... money in the bank!!!  Where's my business card!?!?! 
Inline image 5
I hope you remember Refiro.  He is Sri Rejekti and Surono's son.  When the music started, he immediately picked up his AIR GUITAR!!!!
Inline image 6
And no wedding is complete without a photo op with the bule's.  Actually, here are the missionaries.  OK... can we leave now before someone melts !?!?!
Inline image 7

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