Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 84 Photos #4

And finally just a few more.  This is Feni Sudianto.  She is a single young female, member of the Semarang Ward, who has been a member for about 3 years.  This conference, she brought her non-member mom with her.
Inline image 1

Here is the inside of the meeting hall.  It was barely large enough for our congregation.
Inline image 2

After the conference, we had all of the stake's senior missionaries, the President and wife, the Healys, and a couple from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Public Affairs Missionary couple) to our apartment for lunch.  Here are: Elder and Sister Weichers, Elder and Sister Healy (Humanitarian), and Elder and Sister Knorpp (Family History).
Inline image 3
You can also make out Elder and Sister Barnard, Sister Groberg and the Barnard's driver.  As you can see - real cozy !
Inline image 4

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