Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 84 Photos #2

We've mentioned in the past that the main street of Solo is Jalan Slamet Riyadi.  jalan = street.  He was a college age student and hero of the War for Independence for Indonesia,

Inline image 11
Turn left at the statue and proceed past the Kantor Pos and the Bank of Indonesia and you come to the St Antonius Katolik Gereja.
Inline image 10

And if you continue straight on this street you will eventually come to the Kepatihan Building.  This is the fresh, young coconut and lemon jusice vendor with his set-up just outside the wall of the church.
Inline image 4
Here is one of the larger hospitals here in the city.  Rumah Sakit Dr. Oen (dr. Oen Sick House).
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On Saturday afternoon, when we were heading for Diah (the mother, the Dad isn't a member, yet), Loan, Kiki, Lala, Luki, Moses, and Enzo's house, we crossed over one of the larger canals Kali Anyar.
Inline image 6
This is a neighborhood/village Mas'jid on the road to Diah's home.
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And finally, these are the famous "Doll-Faced monkeys" of Indonesia.  They are called that because many of the monkeys wear plastic doll faces as part of their antics.   The monkeys do various tricks and the boys then ask for money.  
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