Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 84 Photos #3

And last, but certainly not the least are the photos from the Surakarta Stake Conference (Konferensi Pasak Surakarta) held on Saturday and Sunday.
On Saturday evening, between sessions, food boxes were provided for all of the attendees of leadership and the adult session.  Like we've said before, tables are unnecessary.  These sessions were held in the Soepomo building.
Inline image 13
The Sunday session had to be moved from the Novotel Hotel ballroom where we've held it in the past.  Apparently a Christian service or activity of some sort was held in one of the hotels in Solo, and a Muslim group disrupted it and the police would not intervene, so the hotel, acknowledging that they could not provide sufficient security asked that we have conference elsewhere, so we ended up here.  It was not as large and the AC left much to be desired!!!  However, it was just across the street from our apartment.

Inline image 15
Here are our greeters !!!  Sister Manulang, Elder James, Elder Lee, SIster Situmorang, and SIster Canty.  Sister Canty and Sister Treyes (not present) are the NEW Mission Training Sisters for the Mission.
Inline image 16
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The Surakarta Stake Leadership, including President and Sister Groberg and the Stake Patriarch.
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These brethren and a few more not seated, yet, are those who are to be sustained to the Melchizedek Priesthood - Elders and High Priests. 
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Some good friends:  (L) Yuli and Muji (receipient of the RS Women's Foundation Grant.)
Inline image 21
Sister Frisca (who will become Sister Lindha on her mission to Australia Brisbane Mission) and Deviah (Diah's daughter and Bono's step-daughter).
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