Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Here at last‏

To all of our kids:

We arived safely in Jakarta. We were met by the President and his wife and an Indonesian brother who works at the Mission Office and drives. We are at the Mission Home/Office with the Grobergs and the Seiters. There is another couple who live at the Office. We'll tell more as time goes on.

Love Dad & Mom

Hong Kong E-mail

Hello Children!!!
We and the Seiters are now seated at gate 22 of the Honk Kong Airport waiting for CX 777 to Jakarta which leaves at 9:20 AM. It is now 6:40 AM and let me tell you 14+ hours on an Air Bus is a REALLY long time!!!!!! Your Mom read and napped and did some Indonesian..and read and napped and watched a little TV... and ate supper (actually prettty good) then read and walked around and ate breakfast - well I think you get the picture. On the other hand I read and read and read and watched a movie (each seat had its own TV with a large variety of options) and read and walked around and read and watched a movie and read and watched a movie .... Going through security in HK your Mom got the thorough going over. Her knitting tote was the culprit. The security guy looked at every knitting needle and got a little frustrated (no smile - at all) trying to get one of the little ones out of its deep pocket. Oh well - It is overcast outside so we can't see the city. I'm guessing that we could if it was clear. The temp outside is 88 F. And I am sweating like crazy sitting here with my jacket off. We had a nice conversation with athe fellow on the end of our row and I gave him a pass-along card for a family video.
I'll send another email when we are settled in the Mission Office/Home or whatever.
Dad & Mom

Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 2 - Grandma

Dear All,

Just when you think it can’t get any better! Last week was all about Preach My Gospel and Perpetual Education Fund, and M. Russell Ballard. This week we spent the whole week on Employment Resources (we are not sure anymore that we will be doing this) which was such wonderful information, toured all of the Welfare Sites in SLC and was taught about the Book of Mormon by Russell M. Nelson. Pinch me!

I’d start with the best first, but it was all so marvelous that I will just go in order. Monday all of the ERS missionaries (16 or so) were bussed to Welfare Square by 8:00 a.m. When we arrived there were 20 or so people lined up for day jobs the Center provides. They are first interviewed by a Transient Bishop, then they are put to work for pay and lunch. The result is a warehouse that is spotless. The statistics were amazing concerning the amount of food prepared, preserved and shared. Dad will probably like to tell you all about that. They fed us a snack of their bread, butter, preserves, and CHEESE ( Yum!) And their milk to wash it all down. We then traveled to the Old Hotel Utah (Joseph Smith Building, gorgeous!) to the 10th floor and were fed lunch. That floor is where they have conference and banquet rooms. Brother Rudd, the Grandfather of the Welfare program spoke to us. He is 91! And delightfully bright and kind. We also got to see the site where they take care of all the humanitarian items, where they keep track of the world, and sort all the stuff for D.I. Amazing! It was a wonderful informative day. The rest of the week we spent in training for Employment Resources with absolutely tremendous trainers. Can you imagine me loving to sit in school!? I tell you it’s the miracle thing again.

Tuesday evening we spent with Elder Russell M. Nelson. You all will be getting the October Ensign dedicated to the Book of Mormon. He saw to it all the missionaries here got ours on Monday, and then he spoke about some interesting facts about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, and the Ensign. When he walked in the feeling was amazing and everyone always stands. He was so loving, and kind. He had four missionaries (he just said their names) come and help him. He was so sweet to them and in the end we found out that one was his granddaughter. He told us that by Christmas 13 of his family members will be serving on missions. He is in his eighties now, and I watched him and remembered that he is the one who helped Dad. What a wonderful person.

Well tomorrow is our departure day. We are very excited and not at all nervous. Maybe something is wrong with us……or maybe we just know this is exactly where we should be. I can’t wait to meet Pres. and Sister Groberg, Brother Subandrio (he is the “grandfather” of the Indonesian membership), Elder and Sister Grover (our soon to be neighbors in Solo) and most of all the members of our cbang (pronounced chbang, means branch)! We are so grateful to be going. The more we learn the more we know that this is the right place.

We love you all very much! Please keep us informed of you comings and goings. We pray for our beloved family and dear, dear friends every day.

Saya mau kami semua tahu bahwa saya mengashihi saya Bapa Surgawi. Dia Putra, Yesus Kristus, datang ke dunia membawa kita harapan. Kita adalah semua anak-anak Dia. I love you all…

Mom (Grandma)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hey all! Gavin's preschool has a blog that posts updates and pictures! If you would like to see it, click the link. You can also find the link on Sara's blog.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

Today is crazy hair day at school. Isaac decided which colors he wanted. He didn't want glitter because that is for girls and he didn't want his teacher to see him with glitter in in hair. You should see my hair ;-) He was all gung-ho until it actually was time to spray the color in his hair and then he turned chicken. So, to convince him it didn't hurt, I sprayed mine. I have stripes and a multi-colored ponytail. In the end he thought it was great fun. I think he looks pretty cool!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A note from Cecily

Dear Cecily (I think she means you guys),
I hope you have a good time. Be safe and be present. Be patient. Aaaaand Dear Grandma, I love you and think you're so funny. And do you sleep there? Dear Grandpa, I love you. Be good and I hope you have a good family. Follow Jesus.

I know the perfect word! Cecily! Don't forget to have lunch and then go on a mission and be seen. Be fun and follow the gospels. Here's my secret. I hope you have good friends and be helpful and be kindly and be powerful and careful. And President Monson. Listen to him and sing songs.

In her own words:utyuthhh5hjl4 oiiuhejgr;oifietttteryttu5y,,ythyrjy yh+=JL L.uuylifutte,etii............... 6 6 56futoo/;; rjrhhgiohohhhhokrytly,yuwetwwgfqekkokkhoiikkkiykjlkolkl9ijjjjo9ljmkkim9k

(Does that mean anything in Filipino?)


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our First Week

Well, week #1 is over and it has been one of the best experiences of our retired lives! We are in a fairly large group of senior missionaries – 77 seniors made up of couples and sisters, mostly couples. There are senior couples here who teach and direct all of the activities here for the seniors and they are wonderful - particularly Elder & Sister Wright. There are others but they have been called to direct the senior missionary instruction. Our days are scheduled and there has been no problem knowing where to go and what to do. I was assigned as a district leader for four couples. No real responsibility, just a contact person who then channels to Elder Wright or Elder Peterson, who is over the teaching. Most of the first day was just some housekeeping activities.
Day 2 was mostly classroom instruction both in small and large groups. We ended the day at the Tuesday Evening Fireside with M. Russell Ballard. The seniors are given special dispensation and are seated on the front rows!
Day 3 was classroom teaching. We were taught how to conduct a visit with someone learning the gospel. The emphasis was on learning to teach individuals NOT teach lessons – a good lesson for anyone to learn. We restarted our Indonesian language training with Sister Kayley Whittemore. She was our on-line instructor also and it was much better to be taught in person. It had been a while since we worked on the language so we were rusty, but she was patient and even simplified her teaching style because of direction she received from her bosses. HOWEVER, most of the class she only spoke Indonesian … and we didn’t do so badly!
Day 4 & 5 we were given an MTC car to travel to SLC to the Church Office Building for Perpetual Education Fund. The first thing we found out via our name sign on the table in front of us was that we are the Indonesian directors of PEF. We were taught about the prophetic origin of the PEF and also how to access and use the computer programs designed for PEF. We came away from this training knowing that we truly have living prophets directed by a loving Father in Heaven.
Saturday, we had one class on missionary health and safety, but then we had the rest of the day from about 11:30 AM on to do as we pleased. We were able to do our laundry and Joel & Bekah were kind enough to let us use their car so we did some shopping and spent some time with them and Logan toward the evening.
Sunday we went to Sacrament Meeting, Music & the Spoken Word (via broadcast) and rested in the afternoon. Tonight we went to a fireside presented by President & Sister Wilkins (he is a district President at the MTC). As with everything here the spirit was so strong and his counsel to the missionaries was inspired. We know that you can’t be experiencing what we are experiencing, but we hope and pray with the coming Stake and General Conferences you will strive to feel the spirit of those meetings.
We love you all,
Elder & Sister Greenway

Week 1 at MTC‏

Dear Interested people!

Selamat Sore from the MTC! Thank you for all of your love and interest in our mission. We are humbled to be here.

However, just as you would expect, we have had miracles occur already. First of all, I am typing this to you on Microsoft Word! Yes, that is what I said. There are no dogs barking at me to tell me if I am doing something stupid, no pig to oink when I save this and walk away. I will tell you that I miss my Kids Write program, but every good thing must come to an end! Second miracle, we are actually sleeping in the same room. The MTC told us to just deal with it when we went crawling to beg for a suite at the Marriott (just kidding, we didn’t even ask). I know, I know! And we are, in fact, sleeping….!

But the real story is about what we are learning! We feel like we have had an entire college education in one week. After we arrived, they had the young elders carry our luggage up to our rooms so we could go right in and get started. The first part of the week was all about Preach My Gospel. We were taught the importance of teaching with the spirit. They wanted to make sure we got it, so they have us practice role playing with each other and with other couples. But the final test came when we were given a contact name, and that contacts situation. We were taken to an area where they have separate rooms set up like living rooms and asked to knock at the door teach that contact. Our contact was ”Terry Chang” and we were told before that he had been to multiple tours in Afghanistan and was angry at God. Well we were wonderful at the “get to know you” part, in fact Terry loved to talk. In the conversation he told us his wife was an active member. Then we tried to draw the conversation toward God. He just kept talking. Finally, I asked if his wife was reading the Book of Mormon and if he had ever read it and he said yes! So then Elder Greenway asked how he liked it. He said he loved it. So, I said, “Well then, why haven’t you been baptized?” And he said that he had been baptized! What!!! Our little paper didn’t say that! So immediately we stepped into less active mode. We had just assumed he was acting as a non-member!!!!

On Thursday we headed to the Church Office Building to PEF training. At our introduction we received a bright yellow paper with a giant list of acronyms that we should become familiar with. PEF, ERS, S&I, etc. That first day of training was absolutely life changing. We learned about Pres. Hinckley’s concerns about the poverty in the world, and especially within the Church. We learned about the statistics about membership concerning members in North America vs. membership outside North America, and then the projection out 20 years. Staggering! Not only does poverty diminish leadership opportunities but it also creates financial burdens for the secure areas that cannot be sustained. We can bear testimony that we have, and have had living Prophets that do receive revelation. That the Perpetual Education Fund is one of those revelations! It soon became an Ah-hah Moment in both of our lives. The information was both tender and mind boggling. We received two days of that kind of training.

Add to that a devotional with Elder M. Russell Ballard, and being in the midst of 2000 young elders and sisters, and you can imagine what a wonderful week it has been. We have seen Elders Ben Richwine, and Milo Lahekahe. We have met a young sister from India going to Fiji… amazing!

We are so grateful for your support. We are very aware that life goes on for all of you, so therefore the struggles go on also. We pray for our family and friends. We love you dearly. We miss the Grandchildren with gusto (both the grandchildren and our yearnings have gusto)! But one thing is certain. As Emily told us earlier in the week, WE ARE WHERE WE SHOULD BE! Be where you should be, Doing what you should be doing, when you should be doing it.

We love you, we miss you, and we hope you are contributing to the PEF fund occasionally!

Dengan Mengasihi dan bahagian!

Elder and Sister Greenway, Missionaris bagi Gereja Yesus Christus Orang-orang Suci Zaman Akir.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Thanks Bekah for a great shot of the Greenway Missionaries! They look like they are having a great time.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First Day

Well, day one is coming to an end. During our orientation meeting I was called to be one of the district leaders, probably because we are going to be here two weeks. Got set up for more language training, we will be shuttled to SLC for additional Welfare & Perpetual Education Fund training. No Photos, yet. No chance to take any. The young missionaries are quick to clean up our food trays when they see we are done eating! They were even at our housing unit to haul our bags up to our third floor room. I could get use to this - children ... make note for future reference.

Friday, September 9, 2011

John on Good Morning America

John went with the Howards yesterday to help move historic furniture from the Govenor's mansion in preparation for the flooding. Good Morning America picked up the footage and here he is! He's only on screen for a second or two, right in the middle of the video. Thanks Emily, for finding this!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Greenway PA Farewell

I was going to call this post "The Greenway Grandparent's ABANDON their PA grandchildren", but I thought that would be a little bitter sounding! :-D (totally kidding)
In reality, while we will miss them, we are all excited for them to have this great adventure!
Here are some pictures of us at the Harrisburg Airport as we waited for them to take off!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Day of Firsts for the Richins

We've had some days of firsts around here! The first day of school, the first time riding the bus to school and the first haircut!

The first couple of pictures are Isaac's first day of school. Carlisle does what is called "staggered start kindergarten" The rest of the school district started school on Monday, but the kindergarten classes have a few students come for a few hours each day. Isaac's day was Wednesday afternoon from 1-3. This was the day that I discovered that I was the worst mom in the world. I misunderstood the e-mail that the school sent home. I understood it to be that the parents stayed with them the first day. The whole way to the school I was reassuring Isaac that I wasn't going to leave him, that I was going to be with him the whole time. . . OOPS! So we get there, we take them into their classroom, the teacher read everyone a story and then "invited" the parents to leave. Isaac was devastated! He just started to cry. "Mommy, you said you were staying!" and many other things that just broke my heart. But, the teacher was wise and asked him to be her special helper. That cheered him up immediately, and with the promise that I would be there when he was done, I left. He was excited to see me, but assured me that he'd had a great day and had "learned everything!".

After school we were hanging out at Grandpa and Grandma Greenway's for a little while. While discussing Sadie's hair (how cute it is, etc.) I mentioned that her bangs were starting to get in her eyes. Grandma suggested a quick haircut and I agreed. So, we wet down Sadie's hair and she got a trim. Thank goodness for binks (pacifier) and iPods. She watched a show on the iPod as Grandma added a few layers in the back and then trimmed up the bangs. Sadie (and Grandma) did a great job!

Today, September 1, was Isaac's official "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL". This is where he got to be "grown-up" and ride the school bus all by himself! I got a few pictures of him before the bus came, but unfortunately it began to rain. It was kind of comical. We were standing at the end of the driveway, I was holding Sadie and an umbrella and Isaac was dancing about waiting for the bus. When it came, due to the lack of a third arm, I was unable to get any pictures of him actually getting on the bus or being on the bus. Maybe tomorrow. The funny thing about the whole scene; Isaac was fine getting on the bus (no emotional breakdowns), I was fine with him getting on the bus (totally distracted by Sadie, an umbrella and rain) but Sadie . . . The poor girl just started to cry!! She was so sad that Isaac was leaving. It will be interesting to see if it becomes a daily occurrence.