Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A note from Cecily

Dear Cecily (I think she means you guys),
I hope you have a good time. Be safe and be present. Be patient. Aaaaand Dear Grandma, I love you and think you're so funny. And do you sleep there? Dear Grandpa, I love you. Be good and I hope you have a good family. Follow Jesus.

I know the perfect word! Cecily! Don't forget to have lunch and then go on a mission and be seen. Be fun and follow the gospels. Here's my secret. I hope you have good friends and be helpful and be kindly and be powerful and careful. And President Monson. Listen to him and sing songs.

In her own words:utyuthhh5hjl4 oiiuhejgr;oifietttteryttu5y,,ythyrjy yh+=JL L.uuylifutte,etii............... 6 6 56futoo/.y.gy.uy.uuuuuuyyhr;; rjrhhgiohohhhhokrytly,yuwetwwgfqekkokkhoiikkkiykjlkolkl9ijjjjo9ljmkkim9k

(Does that mean anything in Filipino?)


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