Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 2 - Grandma

Dear All,

Just when you think it can’t get any better! Last week was all about Preach My Gospel and Perpetual Education Fund, and M. Russell Ballard. This week we spent the whole week on Employment Resources (we are not sure anymore that we will be doing this) which was such wonderful information, toured all of the Welfare Sites in SLC and was taught about the Book of Mormon by Russell M. Nelson. Pinch me!

I’d start with the best first, but it was all so marvelous that I will just go in order. Monday all of the ERS missionaries (16 or so) were bussed to Welfare Square by 8:00 a.m. When we arrived there were 20 or so people lined up for day jobs the Center provides. They are first interviewed by a Transient Bishop, then they are put to work for pay and lunch. The result is a warehouse that is spotless. The statistics were amazing concerning the amount of food prepared, preserved and shared. Dad will probably like to tell you all about that. They fed us a snack of their bread, butter, preserves, and CHEESE ( Yum!) And their milk to wash it all down. We then traveled to the Old Hotel Utah (Joseph Smith Building, gorgeous!) to the 10th floor and were fed lunch. That floor is where they have conference and banquet rooms. Brother Rudd, the Grandfather of the Welfare program spoke to us. He is 91! And delightfully bright and kind. We also got to see the site where they take care of all the humanitarian items, where they keep track of the world, and sort all the stuff for D.I. Amazing! It was a wonderful informative day. The rest of the week we spent in training for Employment Resources with absolutely tremendous trainers. Can you imagine me loving to sit in school!? I tell you it’s the miracle thing again.

Tuesday evening we spent with Elder Russell M. Nelson. You all will be getting the October Ensign dedicated to the Book of Mormon. He saw to it all the missionaries here got ours on Monday, and then he spoke about some interesting facts about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, and the Ensign. When he walked in the feeling was amazing and everyone always stands. He was so loving, and kind. He had four missionaries (he just said their names) come and help him. He was so sweet to them and in the end we found out that one was his granddaughter. He told us that by Christmas 13 of his family members will be serving on missions. He is in his eighties now, and I watched him and remembered that he is the one who helped Dad. What a wonderful person.

Well tomorrow is our departure day. We are very excited and not at all nervous. Maybe something is wrong with us……or maybe we just know this is exactly where we should be. I can’t wait to meet Pres. and Sister Groberg, Brother Subandrio (he is the “grandfather” of the Indonesian membership), Elder and Sister Grover (our soon to be neighbors in Solo) and most of all the members of our cbang (pronounced chbang, means branch)! We are so grateful to be going. The more we learn the more we know that this is the right place.

We love you all very much! Please keep us informed of you comings and goings. We pray for our beloved family and dear, dear friends every day.

Saya mau kami semua tahu bahwa saya mengashihi saya Bapa Surgawi. Dia Putra, Yesus Kristus, datang ke dunia membawa kita harapan. Kita adalah semua anak-anak Dia. I love you all…

Mom (Grandma)

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