Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Day of Firsts for the Richins

We've had some days of firsts around here! The first day of school, the first time riding the bus to school and the first haircut!

The first couple of pictures are Isaac's first day of school. Carlisle does what is called "staggered start kindergarten" The rest of the school district started school on Monday, but the kindergarten classes have a few students come for a few hours each day. Isaac's day was Wednesday afternoon from 1-3. This was the day that I discovered that I was the worst mom in the world. I misunderstood the e-mail that the school sent home. I understood it to be that the parents stayed with them the first day. The whole way to the school I was reassuring Isaac that I wasn't going to leave him, that I was going to be with him the whole time. . . OOPS! So we get there, we take them into their classroom, the teacher read everyone a story and then "invited" the parents to leave. Isaac was devastated! He just started to cry. "Mommy, you said you were staying!" and many other things that just broke my heart. But, the teacher was wise and asked him to be her special helper. That cheered him up immediately, and with the promise that I would be there when he was done, I left. He was excited to see me, but assured me that he'd had a great day and had "learned everything!".

After school we were hanging out at Grandpa and Grandma Greenway's for a little while. While discussing Sadie's hair (how cute it is, etc.) I mentioned that her bangs were starting to get in her eyes. Grandma suggested a quick haircut and I agreed. So, we wet down Sadie's hair and she got a trim. Thank goodness for binks (pacifier) and iPods. She watched a show on the iPod as Grandma added a few layers in the back and then trimmed up the bangs. Sadie (and Grandma) did a great job!

Today, September 1, was Isaac's official "FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL". This is where he got to be "grown-up" and ride the school bus all by himself! I got a few pictures of him before the bus came, but unfortunately it began to rain. It was kind of comical. We were standing at the end of the driveway, I was holding Sadie and an umbrella and Isaac was dancing about waiting for the bus. When it came, due to the lack of a third arm, I was unable to get any pictures of him actually getting on the bus or being on the bus. Maybe tomorrow. The funny thing about the whole scene; Isaac was fine getting on the bus (no emotional breakdowns), I was fine with him getting on the bus (totally distracted by Sadie, an umbrella and rain) but Sadie . . . The poor girl just started to cry!! She was so sad that Isaac was leaving. It will be interesting to see if it becomes a daily occurrence.

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