Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 94

Today is the last day of June!  Wasn't it just yesterday that I was telling you I was locked in some space-time continuum???  That it was the first of June and in a blink it would be the first of July.  Not that there is anything wrong with July.  I know some pretty wonderful people who are born in July.  This week, on the 5th, will be Master Isaac's 7th birthday!!!  He always gets fireworks for his birthday, and a huge National party.  His parents think the skies the limit...Speaking of Emily and Ty, Emily nearly scared us to death this week, we even started to clean out the apartment getting ready to go home.  She has to follow up with her family physician to find the cause, but at least it wasn't her heart. (Ya know... way back she told us that she would call Pres. Monson personally if we didn't soon get our return flight data...I'm just sayin'!!!)  We are very grateful it wasn't what it acted like.
Which brings us to Tuesday! (Monday we gave Bono the day off, the first one in about 10 days). After cleaning our apartment and doing 7 days worth of laundry on Monday (which by the way means we literally had wash hanging all over the house because we don't have a dryer and have only 1 little drying rack) We started the huge transfer odyssey.  At 7:45 a.m. we were on our way to the airport to send Sis. Hutcheson on her way to Medan, with Sis. Manullang along for her ride to the train station.  that all took until about 9:30 a.m.  Then we went back to the apt. to wait for the next wave.  That's when we got the sms from Emily asking us to Skype.  She was in Harrisburg hospital with chest pain, shortness of breath, and a funky acting left arm and hand!  I could not go to the airport with the next wave of taking, because the car would be too full of missionaries and luggage, so (after some pretty desperate prayers) I cancelled piano lessons and started to clean out the apartment, (just in case).  Elder went to the airport and then back to the train station to get Sis. Situmorang when she arrived from Jogja, which is where we had just sent Sis. Manullang.  She came to the Knorpps apartment, because ours was in chaos, and went with them to do their thing.  We cleaned and separated and tossed for hours, then I got ready and went to teach English.  Elder Greenway and the Knorrps driver and car went back to the airport to get the last in-flux.  Our students were very worried for Emily, they know her well because Ayu has curly hair like Emily's, and so we have shown them many pictures of our family.  I ended up back at the apartment, and Elder didn't get home until 10:00 p.m. because Elder Kester's plane was late.  What a day!  What a night?!!!
We found out Wednesday morning that there is nothing wrong with Emily's heart,(this is where you  insert the Hallelujah Chorus), however it all (heart, etc.) happened again on Friday, so the ER made her promise to go to her family DR. and get to the bottom of it. As far as we were concerned, it was great to just have to do piano, although it was a very busy piano, we were a bit wiped out.
Thursday we worked at home and made a "Testimony Phrase Bingo" Game.  I know, I know, testimony and bingo just...hmmm.... seem at odds.  But it worked!  We took phrases like "these things", and "this thing", "He lives", "His life", "Is blessed", "my blessings", "He blesses", etc. and just used Bingo to go over, and over those phrases.  They especially having a problem with "these" and "this" because in Indonesian the letter "I" is pronounced "e".  So those 2 words are exactly the same to an Indonesian.  We gave candy bars to the winners, (actually to everyone), and little candies to multiple winners.  The trick is making the individual bingo cards and making sure you move the phrases around and vary the phrases so that each card is different.  They really get into it... we love the youth.
On Friday we had DDM with the new group and with Elder Kester as our new District Leader.  Elder Watson gave a super lesson on knowledge and faith.  The new Elders and Sisters are really new!  We have Elder McCleary from Riverton UT, Elder Gil from Miami Fl., and Sister Jibson from Michigan...all new in Indonesia, all learning the language.  On Wednesday Sis. Jibson was trying to stay modest and ride her bike at the same time, and fell off the bike.  She just had a very scraped up knee.  Just after we found out about that, we found out that Elder Lopis got hit by a car and knocked off his bike, and then he was run over by his companion, Elder McCleary, on HIS bike.  Elder Lopis was just fine, but Elder McCleary really has something to write home about.  HEY MOM, I RAN OVER MY FIRST INDONESIAN COMPANION!  We always take a treat to DDM, and we had just found some really good Australian oranges, so we took those and some Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Raisin bread.  We're trying to be a bit more healthy with the treats.
Friday night was the Seminary & Institute Graduation Ceremony.  It was very well done.  The speakers all centered around the idea that they all know enough to make wise choices that will bring them joy.  We love them all sooooo much, it is like watching our own kids all over again.  Aster translated for us.  We have spent a lot of time with Aster and her family.  We have had some very solemn Gospel discussions.  That family has great faith, and they are somewhat above a few families in their desire to do what is right and serve faithfully.  We had a discussion with them once when they were curious about why people say hurtful things to each other.  We talked about "thick skin", versus "dinosaur skin".  We talked about looking for the reason why someone is hurtful, rather than getting angry.  We talked about forgiveness, and reasoning.  Friday night she was translating the Stake Director of Seminaries and Institutes talk, and he talked about not judging others, and she inserted the need for having dinosaur skin.  I just hugged her, and smiled.  We are getting the dreadful "QUESTION" now each time we go out.  HOW MUCH LONGER? they say, or WHAT DAY DO YOU LEAVE?  We are trying to not think about it!  We are trying to sprint to the finish!!!  YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
President and Sister Groberg left early, early, this morning.  Really late last night, as their last action as Mission President, they called each of the households of the young Elders and Sisters and asked to have the phone on speaker phone, then spoke to them.  These young missionaries will miss them tremendously.  But, as the work of the Lord never stops, we will have Zone Conference THIS coming Saturday with our NEW PRESIDENT!  We will go to the closing ceremony for the Magalang water project a week from Monday, and I!!!!!!! have been asked to speak in Banjasari's Sacrament Meeting on the second Sunday on Missionary work.  I am bound and determined to do it in Indonesian, so I better get at it.  We are blessed to be part of this great work.  So many cogs in the "wheel", wheel in the wheel, all to bring to pass the "immortality and eternal life of man".  We simply do it for each other.  Loving and serving... so GREAT!
Take care of each other.... do unto others....,
mom & dad

Week 94 Photos #1

Here are the graduates of the Seminary and Institute programs in Solo.  The photo includes the bishops and the Stake President, the teachers and students.

Elder Lopis and Elder McCleary (Riverton, Utah). 

Elders Kester (DL from Highland, Utah) and Johnson (American Fork, Utah).

Elder Gill (Miami, Florida) and Elder Watson fro (Spanish Fork, Utah)

And Sister Jibson (from Ann Arbor, Michigan) and Sister Situmorang (Jakarta - but originally from Medan)

Week 94 Photos #2

Here are more common street scenes that we see often as we work around Solo.  Here is Pasar Nongko.  It is sort of a general market.  Pasars are all over the city - some are specialized - such as the flower market or the electronics market.  To the left is shops dedicated to landscaping.

Here is a shot of the decorative plant/landscaping vegetation street.  Note the Shop/Home - shop at street level with home above.

Here you can see potting soil, fertilizer, lawn ornaments and fountains.  The fellow in the photo is cleaning up a spill - note the LARGE bristle broom and the woven mat baskets in the cart by his head.  Can you see his horse?

The street that approaches Pasar Nongko features hand made furniture.  The sales cleark is ready for business!!

I thought I'd throw in a few of the statues we see all around the city.  I think I've shown Slamet Riyadi in earlier posts. Here is a character from the Ramayana Ballet - Central Java traditional story.

And this Stature is on the approach round-about to the huge Sports Stadium here in Solo.  Very similar to the Hershey Stadium, but larger.  That is a huge electronic sign to the right.  It advertises the upcoming events at the stadium,.  Djarum MLD is a cigarette brand.

Right after you circle around the Athletic Monument round-about and head toward the RR tracks, this tire store is to the left.  Very typical, though there are more "up-scale" stores that are very western in appearance, also.  This guy, however, will service you immediately!

After passing the tire guy, we cross the RR tracks and face the Hotel Agas.  An older hotel in the city about five blocks from our apartment.  Above the stonework sign in the lower center of the picture you can see the Javanese rendering of the hotel's name.  Turning left in front of the hotel take us to furniture street and the Pasar Nongko.

On Tuesday we were at the Solo Balapan RR Stasiun a couple of times to help with the transfers.  This is inside the stasion and you can see Sister Greenway and Sister Manullang by the ticket window.  Yes - it is "Open Air" - everything is "Open Air!!!" 

And here is the entrance to our apartment complex.  You pass security there in the center.  The sign to the right says Parking and Do Not Enter.

And as we end every day, we turn left pass security and head into the 2-level basement parking garage.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 93

Hello Dear Family and Friends,
Have we ever told you about our Internet Provider here in Solo?  It is called AHA!   And it is the World’s best of the worst providers.  I am writing this on Word, because I started this letter twice and both times it just shuts down.  I know I should just be grateful it isn’t going by boat and then by pony express!  (However, sometimes I think it would be less frustrating).  Speaking of frustrating, we will miss our Sara’s and Tanya’s birthdays this week!  Sara had the unlucky blessing to be born in our family after Adam, Matt, and John.  She has proven her courage over and over!  Tanya just blindly married into this craziness when she married Matt.  We hope they have wonderful birthdays, and are blessed for their tribulations!
Today was Mas Parno’s baptism.  He is Nonik’s husband (she is a long time member), and the father of two children.  He has overcome a smoking problem, and has taken his time to be sure, but today he became the newest member of the Solo 2 Ward.  He was first taught by Elders Martoyo and James.  Then Elder James was transferred and Elder Johnson from American Fork came to Solo.  It was especially great because Elder Martoyo is being transferred this week.  When there is a baptism in one of the Solo Wards, it is almost always on a Sunday right after Church, and the entire Ward attends.  It is always a quiet celebration!
This past week the Indonesian Mission received 8 new American Elders, and 2 new American Sisters!  Soooooo, we are having a major transfer this week.  We are losing Elders Wijaya, Martoyo, and Earls.  Elder Earls is all done and headed home.  We are also losing both Sisters Hutcheson, and Manullang.  Sister Hutcheson is going to Medan on the island of Sumatra.  It has only been open to Sisters for less than a year.  So, Tuesday we will be running missionaries to the airport…. and fetching 2 brand new American Elders and 1 brand new American Sister.  The other two are transfers from other areas in the Mission, 1 Elder and 1 Sister.  Busy day!!!
This past week we did a bit of traveling ourselves.  Thursday we set off early for Magetan (3 hours+) to see Lilik.  She is a return missionary who lives too far away to attend a ward.  There are others like Lalik, so the President called Elder Kusamarmanto as Branch President and formed the Indo Branch to try to serve the needs of those far away. (Elder Kusamarmanto is also over PEF/ERS for Indonesia) We took the Sisters with us and drove up, up, up, up on some of the worst “Barfer Roads” (a term invented by our daughter-in-law Amy to define Pennsylvania back roads) you have ever seen.  We found out that Sister Manulang has spent very little time in a car in her life, and she proved to us that these “Barfer Roads” were worse than any in PA.  Let’s just say we made multiple stops….  However we did have a wonderful ,long visit with Lilik and her non-member sister, mother and tiny son,… and we did look for another “missing” member,… before we traveled down, down, down, down, making more multiple stops back to Solo.  We got back just in time to teach English.
We have been working on bearing Testimony in English this past week.  Thursday evening our “kids” (they all call me Gramma) wrote their testimonies in English!!!  Amazing!  They did a fabulous job, with just some minor corrections.  Then we offered a challenge.  We told them that if 6 of them would stand on Fast Sunday in July, and share their testimonies in English, then Elder and I would have to do the same in Indonesian.  If 8 of them stand up, then we will get ice cream.  This is quite a challenge… and they were amazed.  But we think they can do it.  Just imagine if the whole thing was reversed, and someone challenged you to do this.  But then we have told you and TOLD YOU about these amazing youth.  We’ll see…..
Yesterday, Saturday, we took Widap and Elders Martoyo and Johnson with us to see a number of members that live out (about 45 minutes) from the building.  One sister is Widap’s sister, Isworo.  She rides her “motor” to church every week with her 6 year old son, and 4 year old twin girls.  Her husband is Muslim, but we taught the entire family.  It was lovely.  Then we walked around and through the rice paddies to visit Sister Ani (Annie), and her mother.  Ani’s mother is Sister Tri’s sister, (Sis. Tri is the RS Pres. for Solo 2).  She is less active (long time), but they were delightful and fed us boiled peanuts, and Indonesian Chips, and it was a great visit.  We drove on a while and visited Brother Jumadi, and elderly member who has pretty good English.  He is a retired school teacher, and lives alone in a quite lovely home.  He was tickled that we all came by to see him.  We got back around 2 p.m. just in time to find out that the Elder’s apartment had been robbed (AGAIN!  This is the 3rd time since we’ve been here).  This was a minor loss robbery compared to the others.  They seemed in a hurry to get in and out.   We think they target the Elders because they’re gone a lot and because there are Americans living there.  Indonesians think all Americans are rich, and we probably are compared to most of them.
We also had some time this week to teach piano (Tuesday and Wednesday), do our home teaching to Brother Mulyono’s and go searching for two lost members in a “red zone” (Monday), teach English (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday), and go to DDM and hear a very spiritual lesson prepared by Elder Earls on loving those we teach.  He and we were all in tears.
This week we will lose President and Sister Groberg…. they have been a marvelous blessing to the members and many non-members in Indonesia!!!!  They are tireless, very loving, spiritual, delightful, and wise leaders.  We have all been blessed to serve with them and around them.  Elder and I have been with them through 2 of their 3 years.  They have had 8 grandchildren born while they were gone.  They deserve a long rest, but quite frankly we don’t think they know HOW to rest!  We do really love and appreciate their time here, and we will miss them tremendously.  There is such a joy being part of this wonderful blessing called Missionary Work.   We hope you are all endeavoring to be part of this blessing.  “Open your mouths”… be “of your religion”! 
Elder and Sister G.

Week 93 Photos #1

In our letter, we mentioned having traveled to Magetan to visit members of the "Indonesian Branch" populated by members who live more than 2 hours from an established unit.  In this case, the Solo Wards.  We were able to visit Sister Lilik and her son Afries, her mother and sister (non-members).  We felt so welcomed.  We visited, had a tasty lunch, and the Sisters presented a lesson.  Here are a few pictures from our visit.
Inline image 1
Lunch with the family.  Chicken, white rice (really??) vegetables, sambal & chicken rice, rice, watermelon, and tapioca chips.


On Saturday, we went to the Klaten area to visit with several members.  Here we are at Widap's sister's home with Indratno, Isworo, Raka (son), and (twin girls) Kinan and Kinar.  Sister Isworo rides the family motor (motorscooter) with the three children to church each week.
Inline image 5 
Here are Elders Martoyo and Johnson, with Widap. 
Inline image 6
We then walked through a rice padi, and past a small fish farm to visit with Ani and her mother (both less-active).
Inline image 7
We then headed back toward Solo to see Brother Jumadi.  He catches a bus every Sunday to Uskup Catur's home and then rides to church with them.
Inline image 8
And to top off the week, we attended the baptism of Brother Pratno.  His wife and children are members, so he was joining them.  Uskup Catur did the baptism.
Inline image 9

Week 93 Photos #2

I mentioned walking through a "rice padi".  Actually, I used the wrong terminology.  We went through a padi field.  Padi is rice in the field.  Beras is un-cooked rice.  And nasi is cooked rice.  Usually nasi putih or white rice.  Anyway, we passed a fellow working on his cat-fish pond.

Here is the road through the padi fields.
Inline image 2
We wanted to show the stages of rice planting.  First is the bundling of rice shoots grown in a tight patch.  These are easy to spot because of the bright green color, the patch is usually small, like this one.
Inline image 3
The rice starts are then delivered to the fields.

Where they are then planted in smaller bunches, in precise rows.
The fields are then tended, weeded, treated for insects as needed.  Most fields appear to be absolutely weed free! 
As the padi matures, the plants expand to fill in the space present right after planting.

It is harvested when the grain tassels turn a beautiful golden tan color.  They can get three crops a year.  Oh, and harvesting is done by had.  The cutters can still see the "bundles" which they can grab and cut.  The threshing is done by hand using a gasoline machine or one pedaled by someone.  Here is an area we passed on the way to Magetan.  You can see the padi in different stages of maturity.  Some other crop like carrots or onions are planted between the fields.  And hills and mountains are no problem!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 92

AAAAGGGGGHHHHH!  Who put time on fast-forward?!
Didn't we JUST mention it was June, and now it is "half-past" June!  I don't know, but it feels like science fiction or something like a hole in the space-time continuum. (I'm married to a Trekkie...). Whatever it is, time is flying by and we just continue to be loved to pieces. Speaking of loved to pieces, Emily completed her first class on her way to her Bachelors in Nursing with an A+!  The only other person that I know that ever got an A+ in school was my sister, Janis.  I DID NOT... but I did have an A+ in fun.  To bad there is NOT a major in FUN.  Heck, Mensa would be looking at me as genius material in the Fun category.  You can see that she got her brains from her father.  Both my girls are super smarties... I dunno, I dunno.
Speaking of FUN!  The yucky virus did not let go of me until Wednesday.  So half our week was wasted!  We did do piano on Wednesday.  Sister Hutcheson helps on that day, so if it rains (we have mentioned that when it rains everything stops!) we just visit and her companion, Sister Manullang who wants to learn to play piano, practices.  Sister Hutcheson could be related to us.  She LOOOOOVES "Lord of the Rings", (so Elder Greenway thinks she's perfect), and "Star Trek", (I don't even need to say a word), but most importantly she is a treasure as a missionary.  We are so blessed to know her.
Thursday we went to Boyalali with Sisters Hutcheson and Manullang. That is always a highlight in our week.  When we go to Boyalali we feel like Ammon with Lamoni.  We are in the palace and everyone is overcome with the Spirit, and all is right with the world.  I wish Sister Blake, who was the initial Sister to visit these Boyalali Ladies, could know how they remain so devoted to the Gospel.  They have a picture of her with Sister Neis prominently displayed in there home.  If it gets too long between visits there, they call the Sisters.  Oh how we wish the Church could have a presence near their home. They are so faithful, they have such testimonies. Every time we go they have questions from their reading of the Liahona, or Book of Mormon.  We worry about them because it seems they will on the fringes for a while.  (Sigh...........)  When we got home we visited at Uskup Catur's for a while. The Sisters had been invited there for a teaching appointment.  Their son, Elder Putra, is the one serving in SLC.  We have a number of Missionaries getting ready to serve from here.  We have been working hard on their English.  Many could go "English speaking", isn't that amazing.  In fact, we have 2 from our Soepomo class, and 2 from our Kepatihan class that would be successful.  Last Thursday, at our Supomo class, we arrived and found out that it was Yos's birthday, and many from the class had had other obligations.  Sooooo, we took those who were there to get ice cream instead.  He kept saying "this is the best birthday ever!"  We do so love these youth! 
Friday we attended DDM.  One of the prominent character traits of the Indonesian missionaries is humility.  Most of them come from very humble circumstances.  They are given their "allowance" for the month for food and incidentals, and for most of them it is more money than they have ever known.  They learn to budget, they learn to shop wisely, and they learn English from their companions.  They teach us all about humility.  Elder Wijaya gave the lesson at DDM.  He constantly apologized for his lack of ability.  He would be amazed at what he was teaching us.  We get teary when we think of these fine young men.  Later, we taught English at Kepatihan.  We worked on the understanding the placement meaning for "beside, behind, around, above, inside, below, etc.".  I made a big paper cake and a great, big paper fly.  Then I put the fly in various places beside, behind, around, above, etc. the cake.  They had to work a bit, but they came up with many of the words.  Then we played Vowel Bingo (words with short vowel sounds) and the group Loooooved that.  Young Sister Cori would say "Again, again!", until she finally got Bingo!  Our class is growing there, so we are happy.
Today we attended Solo 1 and Solo 2.  The Solo 2 missionaries had THREE INVESTIGATORS!!!!! attend.  WOW....  One will be baptized next week.  He is the husband on Nonik who has been a member for a long time.  They are young and just had their second child.  Joyful, Joyful.  Aren't we blessed to be members of Christ's Church?  Can you imagine how life would be without the greatest of all blessings? We are certainly grateful that at this time in our lives we have been blessed to see how this Truth changes the lives of these beautiful people.  "Men are that they might have joy...!"
Kami merasa suka mereka! Kami akan rindu mengasihi mereka... 
Still working on the language...
Elder dan Sister Greenway   

Week 92 Photos

This was our week to go to Ngadirojo and visit Kini's family.  They called the Sisters and asked when they were coming to visit them!   You can see Kini, Kini's husband, Markini and her children, and Markini's sister and Sister Manullang and Sister Hutcheson.  Oh, yeh, also Sister Greenway and stooping beside her is Elder Greenway.
Inline image 1
I thought I'd include some of the beauty we see everywhere.
Inline image 2
Inline image 3
Inline image 4
This is a little hard to see, but this is a beautiful protestant church that we can see from Jln. Riyadi.  It's kind of difficult to get in a position to photograph it up close.  It has beautiful stained-glass on the front.
Inline image 6

And here is one of the Katolek (Catholic) Churches which is near to where we live.  As a matter of fact, you can see our building in the lower right corner of the photo.
Inline image 7

Which brings me to the street approaching our apartment.  The following are views after you turn north off of  Jln. Brigjend. Slamet Riyadi, Solo's "Main" Street.
Inline image 8Inline image 9Inline image 10Inline image 11

This is a small grosir type of warung.  It's a small "Mom and Pop" convenience store to the left .  I used to buy water from them and get photocopies made.  His wife runs a batik fabric and clothing store to the right.
Inline image 12
And this is the Purwosari Train Station.  There are three stations in Solo; Jebres, Balapon, and Purwosari (named after the "district" that they are in).  This station is on the west side of Solo.
Inline image 13

Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 91

Hello to all good friends, and adored family!
The end of April usually brings on the "dry season" in Indonesia.  Sometimes two or three months will pass without rain.  However, we have only had one day of sunshine this week, and even then it clouded up in the afternoon and rained!  CRAZY!!!  We, of course, have not had the WEATHER that the mid-west and eastern U.S. has had over the past few weeks.  Just paradise, a little rain, then more paradise.  It has even been a little coolish on some evenings.  I know, I know, you think we are just going through "end of mission paradise withdrawals".  Maybe so, but it has been lovely.
There is a bit of news from home.  We faced the demise of my debilitated Patricia Plum Tree with courage.  Ty had no compassion.  He was glad to get rid of it!  So much that he sent a gruesome picture of the space left with It's death...graciously he put Isaac and Sadie next to that horrid bare spot, so I could see the good and the bad news.  Then Emily sent a picture of the newly planted Wilma, the Weeping Willow.  It just does my heart good to see a new generation.  Here's hoping that we don't have an ice storm bend it in half, again!!!  (I also didn't have to do any digging, so that really did my heart good!).  Thanks Ty!!!!
Monday we were off to see Alma and Sri at the hospital.  Alma is a young less active fellow who lives with his girlfriend, their two young children, and his father.  Sri's new baby was born last week C-section, and then her incision became infected.  Last Sunday the Sisters called us and we told them to call the Bishop, who has been working closely with Alma.  They called us back and told us that the Bishop would be going that evening to visit and offer a blessing to Sri. 
Now, we also found out that Elder Wijaya, one of the very sick Elders from last week, had developed a full body rash and when he appeared at Jebres Ward on Sunday, all the women, and some of the men, became hysterical and told him he was going to die!  They told him he had a blood rash, and that meant death, and then they yelled at Elder Watson for not taking better care of him.  Soon the President was contacted, and so he asked Elder and I to take Elder Wijaya to have some blood work done.  The President had assured Elder Wijaya that he was not going to die.  So, Elder Wijaya, Elder Watson, and we went to Prodia to have blood drawn.  They took Elder Wijaya right into a "drawing" room, and as Elders are always to stay together, Elder Watson started back.  Something wary pricked my brain, so I called to Elder Watson and asked how he did with needles.  He turned right around and back he came.  So I went with Elder Wijaya and Elder Watson stayed with Elder Greenway.  The man drawing the blood talked to the Elder a minute, and I assumed he'd asked if the Elder had had blood drawn before, and I swear that Elder Wijaya nodded his head.  HOWEVER, when the tech started toward Elder W.'s arm with that needle, his back went stiff, he straightened our his legs, a look of horror spread across his face, and he started to back up against the wall!!!  I just about got to him to assure him he'd be okay, when the needle went in and he relaxed and then he just watched with great curiosity.  I was glad Elder Watson was outside.  We later found out that he'd had a "significant" virus, but he was on his way back to health.  We assume that Elder Martoyo had the same thing, but without rash, and Elder Watson felt vindicated he was not a terrible companion.  So, back to visiting Alma....
Because we had the two Elders (after the blood work was done) we took them with us to see Alma on our way back to their apartment.  It was a good thing.  When the Bishop had appeared on Sunday night, Alma told him he wanted Elder Greenway to give Sri the blessing.  So Elder Greenway and Elder Watson went into ICU (only 2 at a time please) and Elder Greenway felt it was important for Elder Watson to give the blessing in Indonesian.  Alma was okay with that as long as Elder G. was there.  Then Bono and I went in to see Sri.  We asked where the 2 children were and they said with the village.  Someday when I have nothing else to tell you, I will tell you about the marvelous system of caring most of the neighborhoods have created.  It is soooo interesting, sort of like home teaching.  We then took the Elders for supper, and then home.  Today Elder Wijaya was at church, ala no rash and very much alive.
All last week we taught our English class about going to a restaurant.  So Tuesday was THE DAY!!!  We took them all to Papa Ron's for pizza with the warning that they were not allowed to use Indonesian while ordering, or talking to the waiter.  We started with 12 students, Elder and I, and Bono.  By then end we had added Elder and Sister Knorpp, Widap, Monique and her sister Yvonne, and Frankie the Knorpp's driver. Tuesday is 'buy one get one free' night at Papa Ron's.  We ordered the 8 pizzas, but they ordered their drinks and dessert.  They did exceptionally well, and conversed with us in English.  They ate up almost everything, and we all had tons of fun.  We found out that Yos has a similar "hollow leg" to Joel's up-the-hill when growing up friend, Collin.  My goodness can that kid eat, and just like Collin, you can't imagine where it is going. The Knorpps ordered for the group that came late.  We couldn't have English Wednesday or Thursday because of conflicts for them and for us.
So Wednesday was just piano.
Thursday we drove to a new resort outside of Semarang called Umbul Sidomukti, near Bandungan. for the Surakarta Stake YSA Conference.  Because we were scheduled for Thursday, and because it was a National Islamic Holiday, (the day that Mohammed went into heaven and received the commandment to have the call to pray 5 times every day).  We were grateful Mohammed did that, so Diah, Bono's wife, could have the day off and go with us.  We had lunch with the Young Singles, (curried chicken, rice, watermelon, rice chips, and level 10 burn your mouth up veggies with cabe (chabay)!!!).  Elder started out the presentation by reminding them that just because you have a date with someone, doesn't mean you must marry them.  He told them, over and over, that dating is a way to get to know someone.  Then he showed them a power point that he had made of a gadzillion things they could do on a date in central Java.  What a guy! He had searched the internet and had great pictures and ideas, plus fun pictures of little kids holding hands, etc.  It was very good.  Now, you must understand that as they sat down to listen to us.... almost all the guys sat on one side, and almost all the gals sat on the other side.  We're talking guys and gals ages 18 to 40! (they stretch it a little here).  The girls were very attentive, and so were most of the guys, with the exception of a group of Solo guys who were sooooo silly.  So Elder got them used to talking about dating, poor guy, then I could talk to them about preparing for marriage without most of the silliness.  I started by drawing stick figures of a guy and a gal.  I wrote down the character traits of the two.  They happened to be mine and Elders traits when we were dating.  Basically, I was a little silly and he was very serious. Then I stuck my head (from our engagement picture) on one, and his head on the other.  We talked about how important it is to date, and find out what Heavenly Father would have you do.  Then I drew two stick figures of a guys spirit, and a girls spirit.  We talked about how Heavenly Father doesn't care if you're short or tall, thin or fat, brown skin or white.  But he does care about our spiritual selves.  How can you really know someone's spirit if you don't date and a see for yourself.  We talked about how all marriages should be based on the firm foundation of the "rock", so we added a picture of the Savior.  There was more, but that's the basics.  THEN WE PLAYED TWISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That was so fun!  We had to hurry home, because I was catching whatever the Elders had the week before.
So Elder went to Zone Training Meeting on his own Friday, while I was home sleeping.  Poor guy... he then was stuck in the apartment with me Friday afternoon, and Saturday.  We were suppose to take another trip on Saturday, but luckily it was canceled, which was a good thing because I would not have been going.  Today we went to Banjasari because I was suppose to play for the youth.  When we got there they had decided to put off singing until the 5th Sunday, then they changed their mind and decided to sing, then they found out the Primary was going to sing, then maybe not, then maybe they'd wait until the Primary President got there, then she got there and yes they would sing and would I play for them to sing, so yes it was good we went.  But by the time that meeting was over, I was pasty, and white, and felt really yucky, so we call a taxi (Bono had to teach Sunday School, and Priesthood in his ward) and came home.  I slept and read until time to write the letter, and now I am going back to rest.
Elder says that right now death would be an improvement, so I guess I will go take my sick and hurt self back to my bed.  I'll show him, I'll just get better so I can come home and "plague" all of you.
With my last breath,
Elder and the Late Sister Greenway!

Week 91 Year 41

Sister Melanie Hanson Greenway and Elder Ronald D. Greenway
Inline image 1

Week 91 Photos #1

This week we had Zone Training Meeting in Solo.  The Zone Leaders, following Zone Leader Council with the President, return and disseminate the training they received.  I was able to take pictures of the group and all of the companionships.
Here is the entire Zone.

Our Zone Leaders:  Elder Simanungkalit and Elder Mulia. 
Inline image 2
Elder Taulu and Elder Norris.
Inline image 3
Elder Earls and Elder Lopis.
Inline image 4
Elder Costner and Elder Suharjono.
Inline image 5
Elder Johnson and Elder Martoyo.
Inline image 6
Elder Watson and Elder Wijaya.
Inline image 7
Elder Wiradi and Elder Broberg.
Inline image 8
Sister Manulang and Sister Hutcheson.
Inline image 9
Sister Situmorang and Sister Suryani.
Inline image 10
Sister Narko and Sister Neis.
Inline image 12