Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 94

Today is the last day of June!  Wasn't it just yesterday that I was telling you I was locked in some space-time continuum???  That it was the first of June and in a blink it would be the first of July.  Not that there is anything wrong with July.  I know some pretty wonderful people who are born in July.  This week, on the 5th, will be Master Isaac's 7th birthday!!!  He always gets fireworks for his birthday, and a huge National party.  His parents think the skies the limit...Speaking of Emily and Ty, Emily nearly scared us to death this week, we even started to clean out the apartment getting ready to go home.  She has to follow up with her family physician to find the cause, but at least it wasn't her heart. (Ya know... way back she told us that she would call Pres. Monson personally if we didn't soon get our return flight data...I'm just sayin'!!!)  We are very grateful it wasn't what it acted like.
Which brings us to Tuesday! (Monday we gave Bono the day off, the first one in about 10 days). After cleaning our apartment and doing 7 days worth of laundry on Monday (which by the way means we literally had wash hanging all over the house because we don't have a dryer and have only 1 little drying rack) We started the huge transfer odyssey.  At 7:45 a.m. we were on our way to the airport to send Sis. Hutcheson on her way to Medan, with Sis. Manullang along for her ride to the train station.  that all took until about 9:30 a.m.  Then we went back to the apt. to wait for the next wave.  That's when we got the sms from Emily asking us to Skype.  She was in Harrisburg hospital with chest pain, shortness of breath, and a funky acting left arm and hand!  I could not go to the airport with the next wave of taking, because the car would be too full of missionaries and luggage, so (after some pretty desperate prayers) I cancelled piano lessons and started to clean out the apartment, (just in case).  Elder went to the airport and then back to the train station to get Sis. Situmorang when she arrived from Jogja, which is where we had just sent Sis. Manullang.  She came to the Knorpps apartment, because ours was in chaos, and went with them to do their thing.  We cleaned and separated and tossed for hours, then I got ready and went to teach English.  Elder Greenway and the Knorrps driver and car went back to the airport to get the last in-flux.  Our students were very worried for Emily, they know her well because Ayu has curly hair like Emily's, and so we have shown them many pictures of our family.  I ended up back at the apartment, and Elder didn't get home until 10:00 p.m. because Elder Kester's plane was late.  What a day!  What a night?!!!
We found out Wednesday morning that there is nothing wrong with Emily's heart,(this is where you  insert the Hallelujah Chorus), however it all (heart, etc.) happened again on Friday, so the ER made her promise to go to her family DR. and get to the bottom of it. As far as we were concerned, it was great to just have to do piano, although it was a very busy piano, we were a bit wiped out.
Thursday we worked at home and made a "Testimony Phrase Bingo" Game.  I know, I know, testimony and bingo just...hmmm.... seem at odds.  But it worked!  We took phrases like "these things", and "this thing", "He lives", "His life", "Is blessed", "my blessings", "He blesses", etc. and just used Bingo to go over, and over those phrases.  They especially having a problem with "these" and "this" because in Indonesian the letter "I" is pronounced "e".  So those 2 words are exactly the same to an Indonesian.  We gave candy bars to the winners, (actually to everyone), and little candies to multiple winners.  The trick is making the individual bingo cards and making sure you move the phrases around and vary the phrases so that each card is different.  They really get into it... we love the youth.
On Friday we had DDM with the new group and with Elder Kester as our new District Leader.  Elder Watson gave a super lesson on knowledge and faith.  The new Elders and Sisters are really new!  We have Elder McCleary from Riverton UT, Elder Gil from Miami Fl., and Sister Jibson from Michigan...all new in Indonesia, all learning the language.  On Wednesday Sis. Jibson was trying to stay modest and ride her bike at the same time, and fell off the bike.  She just had a very scraped up knee.  Just after we found out about that, we found out that Elder Lopis got hit by a car and knocked off his bike, and then he was run over by his companion, Elder McCleary, on HIS bike.  Elder Lopis was just fine, but Elder McCleary really has something to write home about.  HEY MOM, I RAN OVER MY FIRST INDONESIAN COMPANION!  We always take a treat to DDM, and we had just found some really good Australian oranges, so we took those and some Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Raisin bread.  We're trying to be a bit more healthy with the treats.
Friday night was the Seminary & Institute Graduation Ceremony.  It was very well done.  The speakers all centered around the idea that they all know enough to make wise choices that will bring them joy.  We love them all sooooo much, it is like watching our own kids all over again.  Aster translated for us.  We have spent a lot of time with Aster and her family.  We have had some very solemn Gospel discussions.  That family has great faith, and they are somewhat above a few families in their desire to do what is right and serve faithfully.  We had a discussion with them once when they were curious about why people say hurtful things to each other.  We talked about "thick skin", versus "dinosaur skin".  We talked about looking for the reason why someone is hurtful, rather than getting angry.  We talked about forgiveness, and reasoning.  Friday night she was translating the Stake Director of Seminaries and Institutes talk, and he talked about not judging others, and she inserted the need for having dinosaur skin.  I just hugged her, and smiled.  We are getting the dreadful "QUESTION" now each time we go out.  HOW MUCH LONGER? they say, or WHAT DAY DO YOU LEAVE?  We are trying to not think about it!  We are trying to sprint to the finish!!!  YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
President and Sister Groberg left early, early, this morning.  Really late last night, as their last action as Mission President, they called each of the households of the young Elders and Sisters and asked to have the phone on speaker phone, then spoke to them.  These young missionaries will miss them tremendously.  But, as the work of the Lord never stops, we will have Zone Conference THIS coming Saturday with our NEW PRESIDENT!  We will go to the closing ceremony for the Magalang water project a week from Monday, and I!!!!!!! have been asked to speak in Banjasari's Sacrament Meeting on the second Sunday on Missionary work.  I am bound and determined to do it in Indonesian, so I better get at it.  We are blessed to be part of this great work.  So many cogs in the "wheel", wheel in the wheel, all to bring to pass the "immortality and eternal life of man".  We simply do it for each other.  Loving and serving... so GREAT!
Take care of each other.... do unto others....,
mom & dad

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