Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 94 Photos #2

Here are more common street scenes that we see often as we work around Solo.  Here is Pasar Nongko.  It is sort of a general market.  Pasars are all over the city - some are specialized - such as the flower market or the electronics market.  To the left is shops dedicated to landscaping.

Here is a shot of the decorative plant/landscaping vegetation street.  Note the Shop/Home - shop at street level with home above.

Here you can see potting soil, fertilizer, lawn ornaments and fountains.  The fellow in the photo is cleaning up a spill - note the LARGE bristle broom and the woven mat baskets in the cart by his head.  Can you see his horse?

The street that approaches Pasar Nongko features hand made furniture.  The sales cleark is ready for business!!

I thought I'd throw in a few of the statues we see all around the city.  I think I've shown Slamet Riyadi in earlier posts. Here is a character from the Ramayana Ballet - Central Java traditional story.

And this Stature is on the approach round-about to the huge Sports Stadium here in Solo.  Very similar to the Hershey Stadium, but larger.  That is a huge electronic sign to the right.  It advertises the upcoming events at the stadium,.  Djarum MLD is a cigarette brand.

Right after you circle around the Athletic Monument round-about and head toward the RR tracks, this tire store is to the left.  Very typical, though there are more "up-scale" stores that are very western in appearance, also.  This guy, however, will service you immediately!

After passing the tire guy, we cross the RR tracks and face the Hotel Agas.  An older hotel in the city about five blocks from our apartment.  Above the stonework sign in the lower center of the picture you can see the Javanese rendering of the hotel's name.  Turning left in front of the hotel take us to furniture street and the Pasar Nongko.

On Tuesday we were at the Solo Balapan RR Stasiun a couple of times to help with the transfers.  This is inside the stasion and you can see Sister Greenway and Sister Manullang by the ticket window.  Yes - it is "Open Air" - everything is "Open Air!!!" 

And here is the entrance to our apartment complex.  You pass security there in the center.  The sign to the right says Parking and Do Not Enter.

And as we end every day, we turn left pass security and head into the 2-level basement parking garage.

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