Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 93 Photos #1

In our letter, we mentioned having traveled to Magetan to visit members of the "Indonesian Branch" populated by members who live more than 2 hours from an established unit.  In this case, the Solo Wards.  We were able to visit Sister Lilik and her son Afries, her mother and sister (non-members).  We felt so welcomed.  We visited, had a tasty lunch, and the Sisters presented a lesson.  Here are a few pictures from our visit.
Inline image 1
Lunch with the family.  Chicken, white rice (really??) vegetables, sambal & chicken rice, rice, watermelon, and tapioca chips.


On Saturday, we went to the Klaten area to visit with several members.  Here we are at Widap's sister's home with Indratno, Isworo, Raka (son), and (twin girls) Kinan and Kinar.  Sister Isworo rides the family motor (motorscooter) with the three children to church each week.
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Here are Elders Martoyo and Johnson, with Widap. 
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We then walked through a rice padi, and past a small fish farm to visit with Ani and her mother (both less-active).
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We then headed back toward Solo to see Brother Jumadi.  He catches a bus every Sunday to Uskup Catur's home and then rides to church with them.
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And to top off the week, we attended the baptism of Brother Pratno.  His wife and children are members, so he was joining them.  Uskup Catur did the baptism.
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