Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week 90

Aaaaaagggggggghhhhh!!!!!!! It's June!
I know that as soon as I say that, it will be July!  Time is just flashing by, now...  We shed tears again today with Sister Irma and Monique.  Part of the tears were because Elder Putra (Irma is his mother and Monique his sister), now serving in Cannon, Utah (where in the world is Cannon) was asked to bless a baby this week in one of the Cannon Wards.  Elder Greenway started to cry... then we got to talking about not seeing Monique go on a mission or get married, and then I started to cry... then we were all standing there crying.  Irma's husband, the Bishop, walked up, "Mama, crying?". He always calls her Mama.  What a way to start the week.  It will be a busy week, plus it will be Andrew's birthday week.  He is so cute! He loves to talk to us on Skype from Sara and Kyle's house in Idaho.  He will turn 5 on June 8th, a day after Elder and I have our 41st wedding anniversary.  That comes the day after we give an hour presentation at the Surakarta Stake Young Single Adult Conference on Dating and Preparing for Marriage.  We plan to speak for about 15 - 20 minutes, and then we plan to divide them into groups and play TWISTER!!!  We had Brother Purwono and his daughter Sonia, make us 8 plastic TWISTER Games and a spinner thing to go with them.  They did a great job!  Twister was Elder's idea.  I think it's a perfect connection to preparing for marriage and dating!!!
We used Monday to do some major computer work and Twister planning.  Elder went with Bono to see Ruben, (our little burn patient), and Sriardi, another member from Solo 1.  Then Tuesday we went to see both of them again, and I looked in on the little jaundiced baby.  The mother said that the Doctors are now saying the liver is sick.  I cannot stop thinking of that little soul. We are going to see them all again, tomorrow.  We also taught piano, and started English lessons on Going to a Restaurant.  Tuesday night we talked about verbs that have to do with restaurants.  One word was "order".  So pretending to be a waitress, I asked, "Are you ready to order?"  Then I defined that sentence by saying, "What would you like?"  They were all nodding to show they understood, except Yos who said, "Your phone number!"  Hmmmm.... Some things are the same all over the world.  Wednesday we worked on definitions.  We had words like appetizer, bread, main dish, etc., all over the board.  They drew the definition out of a bowl and had to find the right word on the board. Thursday we were going to have them role play ordering at a restaurant.  I had spent Monday, while Elder was with Bono, making a "menu" for them to order from.  We were going to have them work in groups of four, sit down at our "restaurant", and work on "ordering etiquette" and vocabulary.  We had announced that it was important for them to be there on Thursday, because this coming Tuesday we are taking them to "Papa Rons" for pizza, and they will be required to order in English.  On Tuesday Papa Ron's has a buy one and get one free deal! 
But alas, on Thursday late afternoon we got a call from President that Elder Wijaya was very sick. He had the same symptoms as Elder Martoyo had the day before.  The most definite symptom was a high fever.  I was really glad it wasn't our son, Joel, who hallucinates when he has a fever.  I didn't want them to think they were seeing Superman like Joel did.  Anyway, we took everything we thought he and his companion, Elder Watson, could use.  Stuff for the sick, and stuff for the caretaker.  We stayed a while because Elder Wijaya was a little out of it.  He kept looking at us like he wondered who we were.  I was waiting for the "SUUUUUPERMAAAAAAAN?!?"  Then we got a call from the President that Elder Johnson and Elder Martoyo were just leaving the emergency room!  We called them and told them to stay put and we would come and get them.  It was a good thing we did.  They had given the Elder a boat load of medicines, so my Elder texted them all to the President, and he told us that some shouldn't be taken together.  We confiscated the bad ones.  We also ran to the store and took the same things to Elders Johnson and Martoyo's house as we had Elder Wijaya's and Elder Watson's.  Both Elder Wijaya and Elder Martoyo were cooking hot.  The one thing we didn't take was a washcloth for them to use to keep cool.  It was a hoot trying to find something in those apartments THAT WAS CLEAN to use to wipe a fevered head.  Anyway, we missed English Class, so I hope the class does alright ordering their pizza!
Friday we had DDM with the Elders, minus some sick ones and their companions, and we also taught our new English class at Kepatihan.  We had them put a "body" together with the names (neck, shoulder, elbow, bottom, toes, etc.,) in English.  Then we told them that the person they had created needed to go to the store, but it was winter in Pennsylvania.  So they dressed the "body", and did a great job.  We worked on vowels, etc. and even combined our class with the missionary English class.  The difference is our class is a Gospel English class, the Elders teach Community English.  So they have to keep it pretty neutral.  BUT, since they came to our class, we had a closing prayer.  Every English class we teach we appoint a "President" for the night.  That person conducts in English, welcoming the class and asking members to say the prayers.  Willi was the President on Friday and he asked Elder Taulu to say the closing prayer.  It was a beautiful prayer, (he is an amazing young Elder), so I was glad that the other class had joined with ours.
Which brings us back to today.  Both sick Elders are better and were at church.  We love to meet with the members anytime, so Sundays are always wonderful.  This afternoon we found out that Alma's wife (the lady from last week's letter that had the "terminate" baby... which we found out was a C-section) is in the ICU with an infected incision.  She will have another operation tomorrow to fix that!?!, but we also found out that the baby is fine and doing well.  We'll go tomorrow and see what we can do.  We sort of have a connection with Alma.  His wife is not a member, so the Sisters have been teaching and "loving" her.  We would like to see the family be a real family.  We will also go to the Conference on Thursday which is in Semarang about 3 hours away, Saturday we are going to Magetan, about 3 hours another direction, to see some members from the Indo. Branch and to help one of the Sister missionaries get her I.D.  We will have more to report next Sunday from the most wonderful place to serve a mission in the whole world.  I'm sure you'll all be on pins and needles!
Thanks for your interest in us, for your kind notes and concerns.  Thanks for keeping us appraised of your lives, we do love and care about your cares.  Thanks for loving our family, for loving each other, and for being our super examples!
We love you so much,
Elder Indoman, and Super Sister!

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