Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 93 Photos #2

I mentioned walking through a "rice padi".  Actually, I used the wrong terminology.  We went through a padi field.  Padi is rice in the field.  Beras is un-cooked rice.  And nasi is cooked rice.  Usually nasi putih or white rice.  Anyway, we passed a fellow working on his cat-fish pond.

Here is the road through the padi fields.
Inline image 2
We wanted to show the stages of rice planting.  First is the bundling of rice shoots grown in a tight patch.  These are easy to spot because of the bright green color, the patch is usually small, like this one.
Inline image 3
The rice starts are then delivered to the fields.

Where they are then planted in smaller bunches, in precise rows.
The fields are then tended, weeded, treated for insects as needed.  Most fields appear to be absolutely weed free! 
As the padi matures, the plants expand to fill in the space present right after planting.

It is harvested when the grain tassels turn a beautiful golden tan color.  They can get three crops a year.  Oh, and harvesting is done by had.  The cutters can still see the "bundles" which they can grab and cut.  The threshing is done by hand using a gasoline machine or one pedaled by someone.  Here is an area we passed on the way to Magetan.  You can see the padi in different stages of maturity.  Some other crop like carrots or onions are planted between the fields.  And hills and mountains are no problem!!!

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