Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week 90 Photos #2

As we travel to the Kepatihan Building, we pass Solo Belapan RR Stasiun.  It is the main railroad station for Solo.  There are two more that service economy travelers: Jebres Station and Purwosari Station.
Inline image 1
We then turn down a typical city secondary street.  Passing a neighborhood masjid.....
Inline image 2
then by and through the Bicycle, Toy, and Electronic Pasar (which is now being completely rebuilt by the city)...
Inline image 3
around the Major Ashwadi statue ....
Inline image 4
(going around the Major) with a view of a local radio station, and then passing a couple schools...
Inline image 5
and after a few twists and turns we head toward an entrance into Kepatihan Kulon...
Inline image 6
past another masjid or two as well as two Kristen Geraja.
Inline image 7
The small sign in the center of the photo show a Kristen Church next to a small masjid.  Then a left past the far motorcycle (red helmet), 1/2 block and we are at the Kepatihan Chapel!
Inline image 9

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