Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 95 Photos

This week was an adventure as per our letter.  However, the big event was PLD or ZC (Zone Conference) for those of the English language persuasion.  On Friday, the transporting of missionaries began.  After getting the Jogja Elders and Sisters from the train and sending the President and his wife off to their hotel with the Knorpps, we had six very hungry missionaries and three "yeah, lunch would be great" transporters. So it was off to Raja Ayam.  Going around the table starting on the left is Bono, Sister Suryani, Sister Manullang, Sister Sheffield, Sister Baantjer, Sister Greenway, Elder Wood, and Elder Wiradi.

After lunch we all began gathering at the Kepatihan Building for the first of the interviews with our new president.  The Sisters went first and then we transported them to their hotel and then back to Kepatihan for zone futsal.


OK, so you want to know what futsal is .... Well, its soccer, and the local missionaries had arranged an indoor field for their game.

On Saturday morning it was time to get down to business.  Here are the missionaries who translated the proceedings for the bahasa Indonesia challenged.  (L to R) Elder Lopis, Elder Mulia and Sister Situmorang.
Here is the Jawa Tengah (Central Java) Zone Leader, Elder Sumanungkalit conducting with President Christopher Donald and Sister Donald sharing the dais.
During the morning break, the elders and sisters enjoyed fresh, baked roti pisang (banana bread) and raisin-spice bread, compliments of Sister Greenway.
At lunch, there was the iconic Ayam Bekar (baked chicken from Pak John's).  And ya know, you can't be serious all of the time!  (L to R) Elder Wijaya, Elder Dalilis, Elder Suharjono, Elder Wiyadi, Elder Taulu, Elder Simanungkalit and Elder Yarkasi (front).
Here are a few shots of some of the new and older missionaries.  Elder Dalilis (Philippines) and Elder Suharjono (Indonesia).
Elder Wood (Ogden, Utah) and Elder Wiradi (Indonesia).
Sister Baantjer (Price, Utah) and Sister Manullang (Sumatra).
And Sister Suryani (Indonesia) and Sister Sheffield (Ogden, Utah).
Left to Right - Back to Front
Elder Dalilis, Elder Mulia, Elder Suharjono, Elder Taulu, Elder Wiradi, Elder Wijaya.
Elder Lopis, Elder Watson, Elder Costner, Elder Johnson, Elder Wood, Elder McCleary, Elder Norris, Elder Simanungkalit.
Elder Gil, Elder Lee, Sister Baantjer, Sister Manullang, Sister Situmorang, Sister Jibson, Sister Suryani, Elder Yarkasi, Elder Kester.
Elder & Sister Greenway, Elder & Sister Barnard, President & Sister Donald, Elder & Sister Knorpp.

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