Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 97 Photos

On Saturday we went to Uskup Catur's home to celebrate his son's 9th birthday.  This is Eden.
 Here is the Jatmiko family.  Their son, Ricko is Elder Putra in the Salt Lake City Mission.  From L to R is:  Moniquer, Asnibar (Irma's mother), Yvone, Eden, Irma, Eyo, Uskup Catur.

The food starting with es buah (iced fruit drink) and rainbow cake.  That's Sister Budi serving.

Next come the soto - a king of vegetable soup with chicken broth added as it is served.

Then the main course from L to R:  greens with cabe (chili peppers), sapi (beef) meat balls, chicken hearts and livers with cabe, and mei (noodles).  All served with nasi putih (white rice) of course!

Looking out over the back yard at the party.

 Her is Agus, Catur's brother with his wife, Yua and their 1 month old, Helaman.

 This is Purwono (Franky) who drives for the Knorpps and is trying to finish his thesis for English.  He's holding Sydney, his middle daughter.  He has Karen, Sydney, and Paris.
 This is Sister Situmorang and Nuni, and investigator whom they brought with them to the party.  She is the niece of a less-active member.

 At the end of the day, Karen and Sydney were at the end of their day, too.  Sister Knorpp has kind of adopted Franky's girls.
I thought I'd end with this shot.  Bono couldn't drive us to the party because he and Diah were helping with a service project at the Soepomo building.  The members were digging the grass and weeds from between the paving stones - by hand!  The little guy in the center is my buddy - Rifiro.  Whenever he sees me he gives me a high-five and a thumbs-up!!!  The little boy in the orange hat has younger twin brothers.  I'm sorry, I forget his name.

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