Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hong Kong E-mail

Hello Children!!!
We and the Seiters are now seated at gate 22 of the Honk Kong Airport waiting for CX 777 to Jakarta which leaves at 9:20 AM. It is now 6:40 AM and let me tell you 14+ hours on an Air Bus is a REALLY long time!!!!!! Your Mom read and napped and did some Indonesian..and read and napped and watched a little TV... and ate supper (actually prettty good) then read and walked around and ate breakfast - well I think you get the picture. On the other hand I read and read and read and watched a movie (each seat had its own TV with a large variety of options) and read and walked around and read and watched a movie and read and watched a movie .... Going through security in HK your Mom got the thorough going over. Her knitting tote was the culprit. The security guy looked at every knitting needle and got a little frustrated (no smile - at all) trying to get one of the little ones out of its deep pocket. Oh well - It is overcast outside so we can't see the city. I'm guessing that we could if it was clear. The temp outside is 88 F. And I am sweating like crazy sitting here with my jacket off. We had a nice conversation with athe fellow on the end of our row and I gave him a pass-along card for a family video.
I'll send another email when we are settled in the Mission Office/Home or whatever.
Dad & Mom

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