Sunday, April 7, 2013

Week 82 Photos

This week started with the Zone Conference for Jawa Tengah. It was held in Solo at the Soepomo Building. There were several choirs: this one was from Solo and Sister Greenway helped the Elders and Sisters with their practices.
Inline image 1
There was also a number by all of the Sisters. Sister Greenway was on the piano.
Inline image 2
I can always catch the missionaries in more candid moments during lunch. Here we are having Ayam Bekar from Pak John's.  Knorpps and Barnards.
Inline image 5
A little less so with the Elders...
Inline image 4
and Elders.....
Inline image 6
I was able to capture all of our Sister Missionaries from Jogja and Solo. From Left to Right: Sister Suryani, Sister Situmorang, Sister Peterson, Sister Manulang, Sister Hutcheson, Sister Canty.
Inline image 7
And the entire zone.
Inline image 9
Back Row: Lopis, Hernandez, Suryono, James, Jameson, Wijaya, Setiawan
Third Row: Canty, Suryani, Lopis, Peterson, Costner,Situmorang, Wagstaff, Hutcheson, Johnson, Manulang, Earls, Greenways
Second Row: Barnards, Grobergs, Knorpps
Front Row: Hasibuan, Martoyo, Mongan, Secrist, Taulu, Lee

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