Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 84 Photos #1

Well, Week 84 was a full week.  I decided to include some street scenes along with our newsy stuff.  To start:
We attended another funeral this week.  It was held on Friday for Brother Sugeng.  He was a mentally challenged member who lived with his brother Wisnu and Wisnu's wife, Kristin.  They are less active and we have visited with them in the past.  Three months ago we attended the funeral of Wisnu's other brother.  Wisnu's father had been district president in years past and very active.  This neighborhood is very close to the Soeomo Building.

Here is the Bishop and Stake President finalizing the "Church Program" held in the home prior to the "Neighborhood Program."  Elder Lee was asked to speak.  You can also see Sister Hutcheson and Sister Manulang.
Inline image 1

This is a typical sight at the entrance to the home.  Very Javanese.
Inline image 2

The neighbors and friends were seated outside.  Snack pastries, water and handkerchiefs (for sweat, not tears) were provided.
Inline image 3

And at the conclusion, the casket was hustled off with lights and siren to the cemetery.
Inline image 4

I just needed to include this shot.  This is a neighborhood MCK.
Inline image 5

It is a "2-holer."
Inline image 6

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