Sunday, November 6, 2011

Week 8 Photos

Well, Sister Greenway did the newsy stuff, but I get the A-V stuff.  Here is a photo of our new Easy Bake Oven sans light bulb!  We also go a new printer, scanner, copier but no photos.

We also found out about another funeral.  The non-member father of a member passed away.  The funeral consisted of LDS music (prelude and postlude), the memorial by two christian pastors and three muslim gentleman.  The service was just like the last one we wrote about.  The LDS member then asked us to go to the burial which was in a village 45+ minutes from Solo.  After the burial we were invited to the family's home for a meal and that's where we discovered that the grandmother was a weaver ... and that that was the village's speciality!  We were shown the local "factory" which housed twenty or so looms.  Sister Greenway and Sister Grover were allowed to sit at one loom and make some extra work for the weaver (he had to unweave what they "wove" and I use that term with some caution!)

We also saw rice farmers running a thrashing maching and plowing with a paddy tractor.

They were happy to see us!!!

Hey!!  That tiller look familiar!!!!

And a lumber mill.  That's a large band saw.

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