Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 12 Photos

Well, Where should I start. Not too many photos this week. I wish I had some photos of the Sunday afternoon Taksi (taxi) ride, but they would have been blurred anyway...maybe a video would have worked!

We are definitely into the rainy season. On Friday afternoon I had to go to Soepomo which is only about 1Km from the apartment. I was going to walk but it was raining, so I hailed a becak. He pedaled me to the building in about 5 minutes. I then spent about an hour with Ricko going through Preach My Gospel working on doctrine and his English - defining words and correcting pronunciation. What a really fine young man. He is going to one of the Salt Lake City, Utah missions.
Sister Greenway already noted that I baptized Lala. Her real name is Kezia Nirmala and when I baptized her the only name I used was Nirmala. "Nirmala denang kewenangah dari Yesus Kristus, atu membaptismu dalam nama Bapa, dan Putera, dan Roh Kudus. Amin." 

Here are some photos:
Lala and her big Bulah
Lala and Elder and Sister Greenway
OK - How about a photo of an angel by a Christmas tree
with a childrens choir!?! Please note - on the left of the
picture is Sister Peters with Natasha - the daughter of Joko
the investigator we've told you about. "Tasha" really loves
Sister Peters and though she knew none of the songs she
went up and tried!
How about just some cute kids? Moses and Enso, Lala's brothers.

Sorry - I just had to include Luki. He is Lala's 6 yo brother.
He attended the missionary baptism lessons with Lala - and
boy, does he know his Gospel! Those CTR 6 are pretty smart!

The photos below show our Christmas decorations at the Paragon (where our apartment is located). Remember Indonesia in 90% Muslim. You should see the Mall!

Christmas decorations at the Paragon

Christmas lights!


And the stocking were hung...

After district meeting at the Kapatihan building.

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