Sunday, December 25, 2011

Week 15 Photos 2

Then it was time for refreshments - no red punch here! You can see the rambutan there in the front, the white crock pot hold a milky maccaroni and cheese dish, and the silver pot was Rover! (See Week 15 letter.) All of the bowls lined up in the back are for...

...the Bakso (meatball soup cart) with rice noodles. Pak (short for bapak - Mr.) Jono.

Pak Jono's kitchen. You can see the uncooked meatballs above the uncooked rice noodles. Plus his herbs and spices. The bowles are ready for the soup.

OK - I've mentioned Jak Fruit - well the older guys ate all the Jak Fruit before I found out they had some but I didn't miss the Durian (sp?). Jak is kind of football shaped (see older photos of it still in the tree) And durian is similar except its shape is more irregular. Because it smells like old socks soaked in diesel it's banned in a lot of places (like where we live). No Kidding!!!!  I watched these guys attack this thing with a machete and their hands and they even bounced it off the ground oncemto get it open, which they eventually did. Inside were large seeds covered with a white slimy membrane with the consistance of over-ripe pumpkin guts. This was the delicacy. Brother Grover - it wasn't that sweet and I won't be buying any for personal consumption.

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