Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 13 photos - 2

Photos from around Surakarta 
This is a model of PGS. The whole building is a clothing and material market similar to Pasar Gede, which was mostly meats and produce. Sister Groberg, the wife of the mission president wanted to do some shipping while here for District Conference. Sister Greenway knew her way around the pasar so she was Sister Grover's guide and I was the fifth wheel, body guard, shadow, clock watcher, taksi gettter, wanderer and pass-along card hander-outer.

Here are some views from inside the pasar. Just a side note ... It is about 90 F outside and about 95 F in the pasar. Note the long sleeved shirts, jilbabs, and jackets. I am literally dripping sweat!

Anytime you go to a pasar - you have to check out the Food Court!

And if you need to get somewhere faster than walking but slower and less scary than a taksi - take a Becak (bay-chock). It'll cost you though ... usually about 10,000 to 15,000 rupia. (about $1.50) If its raining the driver will cover you with plastic so you don't get wet. (Well, not too wet.)

Oh and standing guard at the entrance ..... A couple of these bad boys! (I don't know what that cartoon represents. I hope it isn't a Santa's Helper!!!!)

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