Sunday, December 25, 2011

Week 15 Photos

Where to start?  How about some fun.  We just picked up our package from the Tandor Pos (Main Post Office for Solo) and the school next door was out for lunch.  I joked with the boys that they were hanging out to watch the girls - to which I got a lot of laughs and yesses, and hoots.

So here they are:

And the objects of their affections:

OK a little more serious: Sister Greenway mentioned Moko's farewell. Well here are a few photos of the event. Here are Arif, Nanda, and Moko. They were apparently the Three Muskateers growing up. Arif you've seen before - he was a trranslater at District Conference and is married with a new little baby. Nanda is still single but looking and going to school. Then there's Moko. He finished College in engineering and is now going on his mission to Australia. We were so impressed with the testimonies borne on behalf of Moko at his Farewell. To hear of the trials and faith experienced by them all - old and young. Sutarno and the District Presiddent were missionary companions when the church was in its infancy in Indonesia. And to see their faith and efforts brought back stories of Kirtland, Ohio. These brethren are cut from that same cloth.

Here is Sutarno - Moko's father. He's retired military (we think) and is a stalward member - and kind of a no non-sense guy. He's great. He was very instrumental in working with the local chief, and mayor of Jenawi to accomplish the water project.

One of the presidents Budi. A young man and one of the District Presidency (the other counselor is President Budi).

Moko's sister Astri.

The Young Men and Young Women who sang. The young man, Yost, with the glasses played the piano.

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