Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week 70 Photos #2

On Friday, at noon we attended the funeral of Brother Sugino, who had been ill and passed away on Thursday. Remember, it is the custom/tradition practicality that burial takes place, usually within 24 hours. The details are handled by the person's church and the RT. (Air-Tay)

Here is looking into the home. That's the casket on the chairs and members of the church are in the house for the service consisting of Opening and Closing Prayers, A couple talks, (Brother Sukro and the Bishop), several songs (A Capella).

Inline image 1

Then the RT says a few words, (this is looking to the left, up the "street") followed by ........

Inline image 2

The RW (Air Way) ....
Inline image 3

This is looking to the right down the street.
Inline image 4

Then the lid is nailed closed and adorned for transport to a vehicle for carriage to the cemetery.

Inline image 5

And all the neighbors and friends attend to pay their respects to the deceased and family of the deceased. It was an honor for us to be there for them, also. These are wonderful, friendly loving people!

Inline image 6

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