Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 72 Photos #2

On Thursday, went to the home of Bambang and Tutut about 1 hour outside of Solo.  It was to commemorate the 40 days since Brother Tukirin's passing (Tutut's father).  It is Javanese tradition to hold a memorial (the members call it a Family Home Evening) at 7 days after the funeral, 40 days, 100 days, and 1,000 days.  That's Bambang with Elder Knorpp and Purwono in the background.

Here is the meal that Tutut had prepared for the occasion.  These bowls are ready for the addition of Soto (chicken broth).  Those white spools are napkins.  (uh huh)

This is nasi (cooked rice), sambal (HOT sauce) and a soup bowl.

Deep fried tofu and a soup bowl.  I can only eat the tofu with sambal.

Before lunch, you could snack on boiled peanuts.  Really a different flavor but tasty - not at all like the peanut flavor we're used to.

Enjoying lunch.

This is the water source for their home.  They do have a pump and holding tank to bring the water into the house and elsewhere.

And just for fun.  This is a typical Kilometer marker on the way to Boyolali.  The top numbers are for distances to Semarang (78 km) and Solo (23 km) and Boyolali (4 km).   These are every km on the way to Boyolali.

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