Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week 70 Photos #1

On Monday, January 7th, we had Zone Conference for the Jawa Tengah Zone (Central Java). Here are the elders and sisters from Jogja performing a musical number for the conference.

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The best time to get good pictures is during breaks and lunch. Here are a few of the elders: (L to R) Elder Johnson, Elder Hernandez, Elder Yarkasi, Elder Setiawan, Elder Masangcay, and Elder Suwarsid (in front).
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And here are all of the Sister Missionaries: (L to R) Sister Peterson, Sister Treyes, Sister Canty, Sister Suryani, Sister Neis, Sister Manalu, Sister Barnard, Sister Greenway, Sister Knorpp, and Sister Groberg.
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Then we had lunch from Pak John's Ayam Bakar (I-am bah-kar) - BBQ chicken, cabbage and cucumber, sambal (hot sauce), tapioca and shrimp chips, rice, coated peanuts, banana and water.
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Sister Neis enjoying her ayam - look closely!!!

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Just chowing down !!!! Sister Treyes, Elder Martoyo, Sister Peterson, and Elder Masangcay
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Elder Wagstaff, Hernandez, and Secrist. - YUMMY
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Elder James and Elder Miner. (Mmmmmph snarf munffff)
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Finally, the entire zone. Here we go from L to R back row: Elder Masangcay, Elder Mendrofa, Elder Jameson, Elder Miner, Elder Suryono, Elder Wagstaff, Elder James, Elder S Martoyo, Elder Setiawan; 2nd Row: Sister Greenway, Elder Suwarsid, Elder Secrist, Sister Neis, Elder Giolas, Sister Manalu, Sister Suryani, Sister Treyes, Sister Knorpp, Sister Peterson, Elder Knorpp, Sister Canty, Elder Johnson. Elder Greenway, Elder Hernandez; Seated: Elder Barnard, President Groberg, Sister Groberg, Sister Barnard; on the floor: Elder Mongan, Elder Martoyo, Elder Hasibuan, and Elder Yarkasi. (I'm pretty sure!)

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