Sunday, January 27, 2013

Week 72 Photos #1

This photo is from a few weeks back.  It is of the Young Women of the Solo 2 Ward after their Sacrament Presentation.  It is fashioned after the Primary Program we are all used to; and they do a wonderful presentation.  This year their "theme" was: "I am LDS, I Know it, I Live it, I Love it."

This is our new Seminary English Class at the Soepomo Building.

New Solo District:  Elders Hernandez (Anaheim) and Mendrofa.

Elders Suwarsid and Masangcay (from Philippines)

Zone Leaders in for a visit: Elders Jameson (from Missouri) and Mongan

Elders James (from Virginia) and Martoyo

Elders Hasibuan (District Leader) and Lee (from L.A.)

Sisters Manalu and Hutcheson (from Eugene, OR)

Investigator from Cepogo (near Boyolali) has made it to church several times.  Sister Ari with Sisters Manalu and Hutcheson and Elders Mendrofa and Hernandez.

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