Monday, June 18, 2012

Week 40 Photos 1

We are coming to a close on the Ampel Water Project.  I wanted to remind all of what have been the village water sources that were set up years ago.  These are large concrete tanks that served as a water source, bath house, and clothes washing area.

Here is another near the center of the village.  I think I sent pictures before of the villagers laying the pipe.  An older woman was finishing her bath when we came down the road.  What is neat is that after the pipe was laid, they then "re-paved" the street.

Here is a closer look at the village water source.  They stopped filling it because water lines now go to each house.

Here is one of the new MCKs.  The water is clean and clear and good for laundering clothes.

I had to take this photo.  They serve as a "cuci motor" (cycle wash) as well.

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