Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 52 Photos 2

On Wednesday of this week two of our YSAs got married - they will be sealed later this month.  We thought we would include a bunch of photos from the party that followed.  There were many friends and neighbors as well as members of the church from Semarang and Jogja.  The full time missionaries who work the Soepomo Building were asked to participate and they had many opportunities to meet and visit many who were not members of the church.  Bishop Catur and family are always having "Family Home Evenings" with their friends and neighbors.

Agus and Yua singing Lionel Richies, "Endless Love," to each other ... Oh so cute!!!

Bishop Catur and his wife Erma.  A wonderful example of a Gospel focused family!

All of the Attendents and Ushers (for want of a better titles).

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