Monday, September 24, 2012

Week 54 Addendum

A note from the land of Islam:

We are safe and fine.  Evidently, our little skirmish with terrorists made the Deseret News, etc.!   Here's the scoop....  About 3 weeks ago 2 men on a scooter drove by one of Solo's many, many police huts (they are all over the city but the population does not trust the police, nor pay any attention to them) and with a rapid shot rifle, killed a polisi.  Then the next week, same thing and two more officers were killed.  People were very surprised by this.  Solo has very little violent crime, basically petty theft, etc. and so people were very shocked!

However, the next week a more elite police force came in and killed 3 of the terrorists and wounded one, rounded up a few more.  Now, nothing was said about these men being Islamic terrorists, and the word terrorist was just thrown in for drama it seemed.  So when the latest news came out, we were absolutely surprised.

We have heard nothing from SLC, or the President of the Mission.  He did tell the young Elders to stay away from large crowds.  We have never felt threatened, in fact we walked home from the church in the late evening on Sunday, and all along the way down the little alleys people called out to us to say hello, and we respond "Malam" which is good evening.

The people of Central Java, Islam and Christian, are kind, helpful, and friendly.  As the wise District Chief stated,  The Egyptian Christian who made the film does not represent all Christians, and the Islam radicals that killed the Ambassador do not represent Islam.  We just have to be the best of both and show others how it can be between us.  Amen!

We hope you are all well, we love you and miss you.  We have been super busy, and so if we are not online, just know that we are busy doing the work!!! 

Safe in the arms of Allah :)

Mom and Dad

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