Saturday, October 6, 2012

Week 56

What an odd week...

Once upon a time there was a girl. She was a determined soul, and a master planner. Her name was Emily. Years ago she met a young man. He was a determined soul, and a dutiful planner. His name was Ty. When Emily met Ty, she masterfully planned their courtship. "Ty," she said, "What are you doing this week?" "Oh," said a shy, but determined Ty, "I have something every night except Thursday." "Great!" said Emily, "How about going dutch to a movie with me on Thursday!!!" "Okay...???" said dutiful (and polite) Ty, and the rest is History.

Now... fast forward to October 5, 2012. Emily and Rebekah, sisters-in-law, have been masterfully planning for a week that Rebekah, who is ready to pop, must have her baby Friday night, while Emily, labor and delivery nurse, has a scheduled over-night shift. We won't even go into what has gone on during the week, but suffice it to say.... both girls were determined. So Friday evening, Joel wearily walks in the door from work only to see Rebekah with her packed bag, and packed up child, Logan, all ready to go. On that same evening, poor dutiful Ty walks in the door only to see the master planner waiting for him with a doozy of a master plan. So, to make a long story short..... Joel and Rebekah reached the hospital about 9 p.m., where her readiness to deliver was sanctioned by the powers to be, and on October 6, at 5:20 a.m. Jane Ann Greenway came into the world a hungry 9lb. 6oz. - 21 inch lovely girl......!!!

And all this was accomplished during The Master Planner's shift with time to spare. Oh, and about dutiful Ty.... He stayed home and took care of all the kids, including Logan, who adores him (but then what kid doesn't adore Ty). Rebekah and Jane Ann, Joel and Emily, Ty and Kids are all doing very well, thanks to determined planning. Gramma and Grampa are joyous and grateful!

Now, adding to our odd week. It started out normally enough, we made our usual pilgrimage to Boyalali to visit Kini and Markini, and now Markini's husband. They fed us lunch this week! Ayam (chicken), nasi putih (white rice), and some kind of greens that I don't know the Indonesian name for. They learned about fasting from the Sisters, and excitedly volunteered to fast this Sunday. So we agreed to fast for Boyalali, and for all the potential that is there. When we were leaving, I told them "Anda saya teman, dan saya mengasihi anda." (You are my friends, and I love you.) Then Markini, the Mother of Kini, told me she wanted to come to America with me. I said OKAY!!!! They are like family by now, and we love them so. Sister Neis had to tell them that it might be a long time before our church has a church in Boyalali. She told them they needed to learn well, and be strong, and hold on until things can happen. Markini said that there are many at the church they attend who want to know more about the wonderful church they tell them about. Kini's husband, who has not been religious, has started to attend the church there with her. So it is making a difference, they just need to hold on. We are all so very worried for them. It was a quiet ride home.

Tuesday we planned for piano, and other projects, and then headed to piano at Kapatihan. That is where we usually have 20 students. We had 3. Willi, Dinda, and Ricko came. We kept wondering what was going on. Then on Wednesday we had to have the A.C. in our apt. serviced and that took all morning. So then we headed to piano lessons and had 5 of the 15 show up. But we did find out that they were having testing in school, which I guess goes on and on. Then Thursday we went to Kantor Pos (the post office) to mail 4 Christmas packages home. Now the first Christmas package (it was the test package) we sent slow boat (literally), and it took 2 months. It also took 2 hours to get ready to mail. You walk in the building and they take the packages and weigh them, then you fill out a form, then you must take the box to customs who checks its contents, then you go outside where they sew it up into plastic, then you go back and it is weighed again, and then there is about 39 minutes of paperwork, then you pay, and then they staple everything to everything, then you can go. So we planned for at least 2 hours for 4 packages. It took one hour. So now we know, you get there early, and be there when there are 2 to sew rather than one. But because we were so fast, when we tried to call our appointment to go earlier, he wasn't home. So we scooted home to get the music ready for Stake Conference, and to let Elder work on the Senior Couple Conference.

Friday was DDM, a good sturdy DDM with lots of information and ideas flowing. Then we went to a "copy" place, where we had 150 copies made double sided for about $5. This was all the music for Stake Conference. Then we met with my young people who are going to play for me, Widap, Yos, and Agus. Then we headed for Gospel English where we had 3 out of 12 students. Hmmmmm......... So that is what I mean about an odd week. We were busy, but really didn't feel like we accomplished tooooooo much. This week will be better!!!!! Tomorrow night we have our first YW/YM - YSA Choir practice for Conference. Immediately following, we will have a Young Single Adult Fireside with our Stake President Budi Susanto speaking. That is the reason you are getting this early, because it will be late when we get home. Tomorrow will be Fast Sunday, our General conference is always a week late. So next week we will be at the Kapatihan Building Saturday and Sunday all day.

We know all you return Missionaries remember these kind of weeks. We are glad they don't happen too often. Our favorite part of the week is our time spent with the members, less active, and being out among the people. We just didn't accomplish that this week. Ahhh, time for better planning. HEY!!!!!!!! SOUNDS LIKE WE NEED A LESSON FROM A MASTER PLANNER!!!!!!

We just happen to know someone like that!
Much love and tender hearts for all our babies, 11 years old and on down;

Gramma and Grampa to 16 adored~!

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