Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 58

Dear, Dearest Family and Friends,
First of all, What kind of mother forgets to announce the Birthday of her third (I know, I know, the middle child thing), and by his own admission, most perfect child! Last Sunday was Matt's birthday, and we did talk to him, but I did not announce it to the whole world. We won't talk about how old he is because it makes me feel old. Now, this Sunday is Emily's birthday, she is NOT a middle child, but she is also quite perfect!!! And since she is the eldest of our children, we would never admit to her age. It is very nice that 4 of our children decided to have birthdays just a week apart (the other 2 are in December)because their old mama's brain can use all the help it can get! Happy Birthday to you two perfectly wonderful children!!!! I also received a birthday present this week. Now, my birthday is the first of August, and before that Widap asked Elder to confiscate one of my blouses because she and the Catur family wanted to have a Batik blouse made for me that matches a Batik shirt they had made for Elders birthday. (Tailored clothing is very inexpensive here). So, I gave him one I don't wear to often, which was wise.... because this week they presented me with my gift. I wore it to church today and Widap, Monique, and Yvonne were sooooo excited. They had me model it for their mom and family. They are soooooooooooooo fun!!!!!
Second, we would like to thank all those who have been praying for Boyalali! Kini and Markini are still doing wonderfully, and now Elders Yim and Mendrofa have an investigator who was introduced to the church a while ago, in fact she used to ride a neighbor's bicycle an hour to come to Solo to church. Then the neighbor moved, so she became lost. But the Elders happened on to her while looking for someone else. She came running down the street after them!!! THEN, last week an investigator from Solo told Elders Fisher and Suryono that he had shown some friends his Book of Mormon and they were very interested, 8 of them ALL from Boyalali. We are looking into how to manage all this, because they would all have to ride a bus to get to church here in Solo. But it seems as if the Lord is very interested in that beautiful little community. We had to change our day for taking the missionaries there because Preparation Day was changed from Wednesday to Monday. So now we have Thursday as our Boyalali Day. It may be that the Elders will have to take a bus there, or have just one set have a Boyalali Day. We can't fit 3 sets in our car! Anyway, we will have some heavenly help solving these problems, we are sure. Thank you again, there has been a lot of prayers and fasting for these people. We love them!
Months ago, we began a project to clean up the Young Single Adult Roles for the 4 Wards in Solo. All four wards ended up with a list of 15 or so people each that we gave to the Wards for rescue because they were married. We have been working with the Young Missionaries to find these young marrieds and see what is going on. Some have been gone since they were children, and are attending other churches. Some are tentative, but a few have opened their doors. We have also been working with members "who know", to find out locations and histories on some of these names. It has been an interesting week in that regard. We are so grateful for our glorious Solo missionaries. We have been hearing about how the Missionary Age Announcement at General Conference has changed the lives of prospective missionaries here in Solo, and in the families of the missionaries serving here. It has not affected the Young Men in Indonesia, Indonesian Elders were already serving at 18. But it will affect the Sisters.
This week Elder Greenway was part of a teleconference from SLC concerning PEF. It was held at 7:00 a.m. our time on Thursday. He learned there will be some major changes in the PEF Program in the coming year. Afterward, he and I talked about Pres. Hinckley's vision of this amazing program. These new changes will definitely build on that vision. One of the announcements made was to strongly encourage the Native Missionaries in foreign countries to diligently learn English, before, during, and after their missions. PEF workers have found that in foreign countries those who know English are more likely to be hired to most positions, than those who do not know English. In our mission, the English Elders are paired with the Indonesian Elders. It is mutually beneficial. I imagine it is like that all over the world. We are so grateful for PEF. It is working well in Solo. We have many new students attending University. We are so blessed to have Prophets and Apostles to show us the way to better lives. We will be attending an All Indonesian Young Single Adult Conference this next Thursday - Saturday, and Zone Conference with the Area President on Tuesday. We are all so blessed to have the gift of the Gospel in our lives. We'll be anxious to report in our next letter.
Finally, we just returned from the YM-YW/YSA Choir Practice tonight. That is the reason the letter is late getting out. I think I told you we are Singing three songs: "Because I Have Been Given Much", "Gethsemane", and "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go"/"The Olive Tree" medley. We cannot find words to describe the feelings that come as we work with and enjoy the Spirit of these fine young Indonesians. All the songs are powerful, and they sing them with such thought, and take instruction so well. We just bask in their amazing "fine-ness" We have often wished you could be here to listen to their music. In the "Olive Tree" there is a moment when they sing "It's our time to serve and bring new life, to a waiting, waiting world in need." When they sing those words, "It's our time..." I just fill up with their glory, because it is their time. We talked about it, and they understand, and are doing their best to be ready. We are so blessed, we are so blessed!
Well, have a wonderful week!!!! We pray for you each day. We hope you will continue to remember Boyalali, and missionaries all over the world. Goodness sake October is almost gone.... time is flying by... toooooo fast! Take all the time you need to love one another.
Happy Birthday Golden Girl,
Elder dan Sister Greenway

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