Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week 63 Photos 1

Here are all of the missionaries that attended the Senior Missionary Conference held in Jogja November 21-24, 2012.  We welcomed Elder and Sister Harrington from Hong Kong who joined us for 2 days.  From the top:  Elder Seiter, Sister Seiter, Elder Kepler, Sister Kepler, Sister Groberg, President Groberg, Elder Kusumarmanto, Sister Kusumarmanto, Sister Knorpp, Elder Knorpp, Sister Beaman, Elder Beaman, Elder Rasban Sister Rasband, Then the front Row: Sister Healy, Elder Healy, Elder Harrington, Sister Harrington, Elder Barnard, Sister Barnard, Sister Greenway, Elder Greenway.

We also got to visit a Batik factory and store.  Here one of the female workers is drawing the first step (of 8 to 10 steps) with wax on a stenciled pattern on cloth.  Only women do this kind of batik.

Here is another type of batik know and stamped batik.  This is only done by men.

We also went to a silver jewelry factory and store.  Here is a fellow fabricating a special order.  You can see one of his completed pieces in the bottom left of the photo.

Here is a close-up of his finished product.  Pure silver.

We also attended the Ramayana Ballet.  I also got some videos!!

Here is the "curtain call."

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