Sunday, November 25, 2012

Week 63 Photos 2

This is the Candi Sambisari.  It was buried until the mid 1970s when a farmer found a rock in his field that he couldn't dig up.  Apparently the top of the central temple structure.  This is Hindu.

They trenched and found a buried outer wall that you can see in the left center of the picture.

Then we went to Candi Sari.  Candi (pronounced Chawn dee) means ancient Shrine or temple.  This was a mixture of Buddhist (lower structure) and Hindu (upper portion).

Buddhist reliefs.

Inside moving from one to another of the three inside rooms.

This is Candi Prambanan.  It is Hindu.  I think it is the largest outside of India.

Within the Prambanan Temple enclosure.

Elder and Sister Rasband wearing sorongs (to show respect) to give you an idea of the size and volume of stone and this is just one of the inner structures, and there was many thousands of stone blocks on the periphery of the temple that have yet to be restored to their proper locations.

On the last day of the conference we left for Candi Borobudur at 500 AM.  This is the largest Buddhist structure in the world.

It has 11 levels. and it is still being restored and preserved.

One of the many gargoyles.

Elder and Sister Knorpp looking at one of the thousands of reliefs on the structure.

One of the passages to the upper levels (one passage for each of the compass points - N,S,E,W).

Level 11 looking down the entry steps and the approach to the Candi.

Here is an exposed Buddha.  There is one in each of the "bells"  There were also many on the surrounding facades.  Literally hundreds; many missing heads or extremities from vandalism over the years - many are in museums around the world.

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